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1918 the Watchower and Herald of Christ's Presence

1918 the Watchower and Herald of Christ's Presence

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Published by Timothy Riches
The Watchower and Herald of Christ's Presence. Edited by Franklin Rutherford, second president of the Watch Tower Society. The magazine is now entitled The Watchtower and published by Jehovah's Witnesses.
The Watchower and Herald of Christ's Presence. Edited by Franklin Rutherford, second president of the Watch Tower Society. The magazine is now entitled The Watchtower and published by Jehovah's Witnesses.

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Published by: Timothy Riches on Jan 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(c) Copyright 2001 Research Applications International. All Rights Reserved.
Val. XXXIXJANUARY [No. 1.SEMI-MONTHLYA. D. 1918--A. M. 6046CONTENTSViews from The Watch Tower3The Coal Famine3Labor Seeks Control.4"That International Nuisance 4Church Federation5A Day of Decision¯6Prospects Before Us .7"Our King Is Marching On" ([~oem)7Jesus Forgiveth Sin
8Basic Principles ~f God’s Government8Jesus Lord of the Sabbath9The Weekly Day of Rest9Jesus Chooses the TwelveI 0Paul Succeeds Judas.I0Report of South African BranchI I"Come, Follow Me" (Poem)IISome nteresting Letters
Good Hopes for 191813Interesting Questions
T"I will stand WpOm m~ ~¢h, and ,will set my foot upontheower, and will watch to ~er what He ~ill say unto me,andwhat answer 1 shall make to them that oppo## me."--Hab.
"~--=-~ ": ~W.T.BA.S.----
~ .~;,
Upon the earth distress of notions ~th perl~lexity; the sea and the wave# (the rexilcs$, d~scontented) roaring." men’s hearts fadllng them for fearand for looking forward to the things coming upon the earth (society): for the ~owers of th ¯ heavens (ecclesia~ticism) #hall be ehahan ......When ye see these things come to pass, then know that the Kingdom of God is r, igh at hand. Look ~p, li (t up your heads, reioice, for your r#-
aemption araw#th nigh,~Luke
This Journal is one of tile prime factors or instruments m the system of Bible Instruction, or "Seminary Extension," nowbeing presented in all parts of the civilized world by the WXTCUOWF~ IBLE& Tuner SOCIETY, chartered A. lY~ 1881, "For thePromotion of Christian Knowledge." It not only serves as a class room where Bible Students may meet in the study of the Di-vine War¢l, but also as a channel of communication through which they may be reached with announcements oi the Society’sConventions and of the coming of its traveling representatives styled "Pilgrims," and refreshed with reports ot its Conventions.Our "Boreas Lessons" are topical rchearsala or reviews c4 our Society’s published STUDI~S, most entertainingly arranged,and very helpful to all who would m-erit the only honorary degree which the Society accords, viz., Verbi Dei Minister (V.D.M.),whtch, ~ranslated into English, is
Minister of the Divi~Word.
Our treatment of the International S. S. Lessons is specially far
older Bible Students and Teachers. By some this feature ie considered indist)ensable.This Journal stands firmly for the defense of the only true fotmd~tion of the Christian’s hope now being so generallyrepudiated~Redemptzon through the prec pus blood of the Man .....hrist Jesus, who gave himself a
[a correspondingprice, a aulmUtute] for all." {1 Pet. 1:19; 1 Tim. 2:6) Building up on this sure foundation the gold, szlver and preciousstones (1 CoL 3:11-15; 2 Pet. 1:5-tl) of the Worcl of God, its further mission is to--’TIake all see wha~ is the fellowshipthe M:ptery which ....has been hid in God, ....to the intent that now might be made known by the Church the manl-fold w~dom of Ood"~which in other Ages was not made known unto gne sons of men as it is now revealed."~Eph. 3:5-9, I0.It stands tree item all parties, sects and creeds of men, while it seeks more and more to bring its every utterance into full-est subjection to the will of God in Christ, as expressed in the Holy Scriptures. It is thus Sree to declare boldly whatsoever theLord hath spoken--according to the Divine wisdom granted unto us, to understand¯ Its attitude is not dogmatical, l~lt confident;for we know whereof we affirm, treading with implicit faith upon the sure promises of God. It is held as a trust, to be used onlyin His service; hence our decisions relative to what may and what may not appear in its columns must be according to our judg-ment of His good picture, the teaching of His Word, for the upbuilding of His p eopIe in grace and knowledge. And we not onlyinvite but urge our readers to prove all its utterances by the infallible Word to whlch reference is constantly made, to facilitatesuch testing.
That the Church is "the Temple of the Living God"--peculiarly ’ His workmanship ;" that its constr~ction has been in progressthroughout the Gospel Age---ever since Christ became the~world’s Redeemer and the Chief Comer Stone af His Temple,through which, when finished, God’s blessing shall come ’to all people," and they rind access to Him,--1 Per. 3:16, 17;Eph. 2:20-22; Gem 28:14; Gal. 3:29.That meantime the chiseling, shaping and polishing of eonsecr.qted believers in Christ’s Atonement for sin, progresses; and whenthe last of these "livm¢ stones," ’~Elect and precious," shall have been made ready, the great Master Workmanwill bringall together in the First Resurrestion; and the Temple shall be filled with His glory, and be the meeting pt~e betweenGod and men throughout the Miilcnnium.~Rev’. 15:5-8.That the Basis of Hope, for the Church of the World, lies in the fact that
Christ, by the grace of God, tasted death for
man," "a Ransom for all," and will be "the true Light which lighteth
every ma~, that vomvth i~to the world,"
"indue time."--Heb. 2:9; John 1:9; 1 Tim. 2:5. 6.That the Hope of the Church is that she may be .like her Lord, "see Him as He is," be "partaker of the Divine nature," and~hare His glory as His joint-heir.~l John 3:2; John 17:24; Rein. 8:17; 2 Pet. 1:4.That the present mission of the Church is the perfecting of the saints for the fuimre work of service; to develop in herself everygrace; to be God’s witness to the world ; and to prepare to be kings and priests in the next Age.~Eph. 4:12; Matt. 24:14;.
Rev. 1:6;
That the hope for the World lies in the blessings of knowledge and (~pportunity to be brought to al~ by Christ’s MillennialKingdom~tbe Restitution of all tl~at was lost in Adam, to all the willing and obedient, atthe hands of their Redeemerand His glorified Church~wben all the wilfully w~cked will be des$~yed.~Acts 3:19-23; Iss. 35.
Brooklyn, N. Y., U. S. A.
The Watch Tower Edltorial Committee:
Thin journal is published under the supervision of an EdltorLal Com.mlttee, at least three of whom ave read and approved aa truth eachand every article appearing in these eolumn.¢. The names of the
Committee are: J’. F. RU~CnZaEORD,. E. VaNAMIUROI~,F. H, RORISON,Ee. H. FxSr~ER,W. E. PACZ.
TGrm: o the Lord’s Poor as follows~A]!
Bible Students who, byreason of old age or other infirmity, or adversity are unable to pay forthis journal, will be supplied ~REE f they send a Postal Card each Maystating their case and requesting its continuance. We re not only willingbut anxious, that all such "be on our list continually and in touch withthe STUVZES,tc.
remember thatas a rule we no lon~er send a card of acknowledgment for a renewalor for a new subscription. Receipt and entry of renewal are indicatedwithin a month by change in date of expiraVion of the subscription onthe TOWERwrapper."~Vhen
change of address, please give old address as wellas new. This is very importanL saving us muc~ ime and unnecessarycorrespondence.
I, B S A.
Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan.
2-6: This five day convention ~ill beserved by many Pilgrim brethren. A good attendance is ex-pected. Election of the Soc~T~"s officers for the ensuing yearwill be held on Satnrday, Jan. 5th. Brother Rutherford "willaddress the pnbIic in Princess Theatre at 3 p. m., Sunday, Jan.6th, on
Fall of Babylon." Address R. H. Bricker, 1323Goebel St., N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa.OANADIA~ :KRA~OH~n view of the disturbed conditions and the difficulty ofreaching the various classes and serving them throughout theProvinces of Canada. we have decided to open a branch office ofthe WxTc’r~ TOWER
Winnipeg,Manitoba¯ Competent brethren will be placed in charge to man-age the work. All Canadian correspondence, orders, subscrip-tions to THEWATCHOWE]~, tc., will be cared for by that of-rice. A more detailed statement will be given later.IN RE 2r/rJ9 FAI~ OF BABYLONDue ~ the congestion in both freight and express shipping,it is possible that some of the friends may not receive theirshipment of B. S. M. No. 99 in time for the Dec. 30th distrlbu-tion. Without doubt, however, mobt classes will receive thepapers on time. In event your shipment is delayed, we sug-ges~ that you arrange to make distribution on the followingSunday after its drrival, making the witness as general andfar-reacl~ing as possible in one day.
ItUSSELL’S SIIEMONSTh~se are now in stock at our printers, in cloth and leather,and s, large shipment is now en route to Brooklyn. We are surethe friends will greatly appreciate this volume. Many of thesermons have never before been published, but were dictated byBrother Russell for personal use on various occasions. The bookcontains several full-page halftones. Cloth $1; leather, $1.50postpaid.
POOKET MANNABThese seem to have supplied a long-felt want on the part ofthe friends. They are only 2~x5~ in size, and bound in flexi-ble covers, round corners. Cloth, red edges, 30c; leather,, giltedges, 75c postpaid.
Foreign stamps of all kinds are not usable in the UnitedStates and must be sold at large discounts, if salable at all.Therefore do not send us foreign stamps for remittances.British Postal l~%tes are not payable in the United Statesand must be returned to London for collection. Private chequesare not collectible and dr~fts on London banks are subject toheavy discounts. Remittances by regular Government postalmoney orders are payable at face value.British friends are requested to send their renewals forTHE WATCHOWER irect to London office, This saves expenseand liability of loss in forwardihg to Brooklyn and having tobe returned again to London. Reports of all subscriptions areforwarded to us promptly from London; hence there will bebut very slight delay in our recording your subscriptions.IN 1~E PUBLIO ~TINGSWe strongly recommend the classes everywhere to arrangefor one public meeting when a Pilgrim visits your class¯ Se-cure a well-located hall and announce an up-to-date subject,such as, "THE WORLDHAS ENDED--Millions now Livingmay never die!" and give a good public witness to the Truth.Local brethren wllo are able to give lectures should be used toaddre~ public mectAngs on Sundays. Let us give as wide apublic witness as possible¯ Evidences are increasing rapidlythat the dark night is fast approaching when no man can work.Let each and every one bestir himself, doing with h,is mightwhat his hands find to do while it is yet called day.

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