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Basic Unix

Basic Unix

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Published by Mahesh Nekkanti

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Published by: Mahesh Nekkanti on Jan 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 This is a list of UNIX utilities as specified by IEEE Std 1003.1-2008, which is part of the Single UNIX Specification (SUS). These utilities can be found on UNIX Operatingsystems and most UNIX-like operating systems.[edit]ListIEEE Std 1003.1-2008 utilitiesNameCategoryDescriptionFirst appearedadminSCCSCreate and administer SCCS filesaliasMiscDefine or display aliasesarMiscCreate and maintain library archivesasaText ProcessingInterpret carriage-control charactersatProcess ManagementExecute commands at a later timeVersion 7AT&T UNIX
awkText processingPattern scanning and processing languageVersion 7AT&T UNIXbasenameFilesystemReturn non-directory portion of a pathnamebatchProcess ManagementSchedule commands to be executed in a batchqueuebcMiscArbitrary-precision arithmetic languagebgProcess ManagementRun jobs in the backgroundc99C ProgrammingCompile standard C programscalMiscPrint a calendarVersion 5 AT&T UNIXcatFilesystemConcatenate and print filesVersion 1 AT&T UNIXcdFilesystemChange the working directorycflowC ProgrammingGenerate a C-language flowgraphchgrpFilesystemChange the file group ownershipchmodFilesystemChange the file modes/attributes/permissionsVersion 1AT&T UNIXchownFilesystemChange the file ownershipVersion 1 AT&T UNIXcksumFilesystemWrite file checksums and sizes4.4BSDcmpFilesystemCompare two filesVersion 1 AT&T UNIXcommText ProcessingSelect or reject lines common to two filesVersion 4AT&T UNIXcommandShell ProgrammingExecute a simple commandcompressFilesystemCompress data4.3BSDcpFilesystemCopy filesVersion 1 AT&T UNIXcrontabMiscSchedule periodic background workcsplitText ProcessingSplit files based on contextPWB UNIXctagsC ProgrammingCreate a tags file3.0BSDcutShell ProgrammingCut out selected fields of each line of a filecxrefC ProgrammingGenerate a C-language program cross-reference table
dateMiscWrite the date and timeVersion 1 AT&T UNIXddFilesystemConvert and copy a filedeltaSCCSMake a delta (change) to an SCCS filedfFilesystemReport free disk spaceVersion 1 AT&T UNIXdiffText processingCompare two filesdirnameFilesystemReturn the directory portion of a pathnameduFilesystemEstimate file space usageVersion 1 AT&T UNIXechoShell programmingWrite arguments to standard outputedText processingThe standard text editorVersion 1 AT&T UNIXenvMiscSet the environment for command invocationexText processingText editorBSDexpandText ProcessingConvert tabs to spacesexprShell ProgrammingEvaluate arguments as an expressionfalseShell programmingReturn false valuefcMiscProcess the command history listfgProcess ManagementRun jobs in the foregroundfileFilesystemDetermine file typeVersion 4 AT&T UNIXfindFilesystemFind filesVersion 1 AT&T UNIXfoldText processingFilter for folding linesfort77FORTRAN77 ProgrammingFORTRAN compilerfuserProcess ManagementList process IDs of all processes that have one ormore files opengencatMiscGenerate a formatted message cataloggetSCCSGet a version of an SCCS filegetconfMiscGet configuration valuesgetoptsShell ProgrammingParse utility options

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