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Published by: Archana Diwakar Ranjish on Jan 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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- Oriental Astrology -
- True Local Solar Time -
Explorations with Heluo
Explorations with Heluo is a series of articles by Heluo on the subject of Time, Space and Destiny
Read about the all important subject of Equation of Time
This is a chapter from Heluo’s Four Pillars of Destiny workbook (550 pages).It is freely spread over www – unedited - to the benefit of astrologers.
- Please read disclaimer on last page -
True Local Solar Time
In this article we will be introducing
Equation of Time
, a yet critical factor that youshould yet incorporate in your calculations to obtain True Local Solar Time for anybirth chart. Equation of Time is not to be ignored as it will have you add or takeaway minutes from the time of birth and this can thus mean the difference betweenbeing born into one Chinese hour or the next.Your birth certificate merely shows the time that was read from the clock on thewall at the moment you took your first breath. Although this information may be initself quite interesting - especially when at family gatherings your mother thenlaughingly tells the people how you were born exactly around coffee time -, forastrological purposes this information becomes utterly useless.For astrological purposes we need yet distinguish between ‘moment’ and ‘time’.While you are having a telephone conversation with a person living just a blockaway but to the East from where you live, you may be sharing the
same moment 
with this other person, but while this person tells you: ‘the sun is now positionedexactly overhead my roof’, you may instead tell him ‘the sun will only arrive overmy roof in one minute’. Yet, and despite this fact, the clocks on your wall indicatethe same agreed upon time. Agreed upon, because clock time has you share thesame
with all others within your Time Zone, which is not synonymous tobe sharing the same time, i.e.
Solar Time
. The sun, in order to arrive over yourroof, would still have to travel East-West.While you still share the same clock time with this person, you do not live in thesame Solar time with people who live even less than a mile away from your home.To solve this problem – and for reasons of sorts - agreements were once made toarrive to identical clock times between people within a certain given East-Westarea.By agreement, our globe divides into Time Zones and Time meridians – each one of these Time Meridians 15 degrees apart – and your
of birth will thus bealways located exactly on a Time Meridian or anywhere in between two TimeMeridians. Please note that we used
of birth, which can be a roof. We didnot use
of birth, because eventhough your city of birth may be generally givenas 0 degrees – so exactly on a Time meridian or 15 degrees – again exactly on aTime meridian – your city of birth as a whole will still geographically translate to acertain East-West width, hence minutes and seconds of sun movement and theexact location you were born may therefore be yet significantly away (inastrological terms, in terms of True Sun) from the location the Longitude for yourcity was perhaps conveniently given.Your clock time will be no more than just True Solar Time, but not so much as foryour locale, but overhead either of these agreed upon Time Meridians, dependingwhich of these two Meridians your city was once allocated to. You now need toknow which is the
Time Meridian
– not the Time Zone - for your city of birth andhow many minutes away you were born before or after the time at this Meridian.In other words, if you live between two Time meridians, one to your left, one toyour right, you need first establish exactly which one of the two was allocated toyour city. For as long as you did not establish this, you cannot perform astrologicalcalculations.
-We divide the 360 degrees circumference of our globe into twenty-four 15degrees North-South lines, called Time Meridians (Longitudes).*-We select a certain Meridian and we proclaim that for this exact Longitude orTime Meridian, the true Solar position found over this Time Meridian becomestranslated to clock time.-We then pronounce the clock time for this appointed Time Meridian valid also forregions somewhat more to the East and West, which will then keep to identicalclock times.-In order to calculate whether the exact position of the sun over our roof coincides with the true position of the sun over this Time Meridian, or how ourhouse is before or after this clock time, we need to calculate back the clock timeto True Local Solar Time to arrive at the exact Solar Time at our locale.-True Local Solar Time gives the true position of the sun over our house. Weneed however go over several steps in order to arrive to the correct time.
*Actually there are twenty-five Time Meridians, i.e. Greenwhich Time Meridian, which is setat 0 degrees, and twelve Time Meridians East and twelve Time Meridians West of Greenwhich.

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