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Util and Bldg Tech Compilation

Util and Bldg Tech Compilation

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Published by glenford23

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Published by: glenford23 on Jan 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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: Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. Mark only one answer for each item byshading the box corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided. STRICLY NO ERASURES ALLOWED.Use pencil no. 1 only.MULTIPLE CHOICE:1.It is the branch of physics pertaining to the phenomena and law of sound including the study of regulating sound and itsreflecting properties.A.reverberationB.acousticsC.echoD.attenuation2.The person who signs and seals plans for electrical for the purpose of obtaining a building permit.A.master plumberB.professional electrical engineerC.sanitary engineerD.structural engineer3.An equipment for transporting people or things vertically or up and down the buildingA.escalatorB.stairwellC.dumbwaiterD.elevator4.A process of treating air so as to control simultaneously its temperature, humidity, cleanliness and distribution within aninterior space such as room or building.A.air conditioningB.coolingC.heatingD.ventilating5.A pipe, sheet metal or conduit fitting having a bend usually 90 degrees.A.elbowB.nippleC.teeD.wye6.A duct used to transfer air from one location to another.A.aqueductB.ductileC.viaductD.air duct7.A water outlet valve; also called a cock.A.globe valveB.gate valveC.faucetD.union8.A unit of luminous intensityA.candelaB.lumenC.brightnessD.light9.A nipple having no shoulder and having the shortest possible length permitted by standard practice.A.1” nippleB.close nippleC.open nippleD.3” nipple10.In a plumbing system, a branch in the shape of the letter YA.tee-wye branchB.tee branchC.wye branchD.split branch11.Color-coding of plastic pipes and fittings for electrical conduitA.redB.orangeC.blueD.gray12.A power-driven, inclined continuous stairway used for raising or lowering passengersA.escalatorB.stairwellC.stringerD.elevator13.What does the letter “U” in UPVC mean?A.unsaturatedB.undersizedC.unglazedD.unplasticized14.A low, basin-like fixture on which the user sits, used to wash the posterior parts of the body.A.urinalB.bidetC.lavatoryD.slopsink15.A stream of high-velocity temperature-controlled air which is directed downward, across an opening.A.curtain wallB.air curtainC.windD.breeze16.A unit of flow of electric currentA.ampereB.voltageC.resistanceD.hertz
17.A valve for controlling the flow of a liquid or air at right angles to the direction in which it enters the valve.A.check valveB.globe valveC.angle valveD.gate valve18.An over-current protective device consisting of a metal strip, ribbon or wire which is designed to open an electriccircuit by melting if a predetermined current is exceeded.A.cut-outB.filamentC.breakerD.fuse19.An artificial reservoir or tank for storing water at atmospheric pressure such as rainwater collected from a roof foruse when requiredA.septic tankB.catch basinC.area drainD.cistern20.A structure, usually on the roof of a building, over which water is circulated so as to cool it evaporately by contactwith airA.cooling towerB.condenserC.evaporatorD.radiator21.A short internally-threaded section pipe, used to join two pipes or conduits.A.flangeB.connectorC.nippleD.coupling22.A lamp from which light is emitted when tungsten filament is heated to incandescence by an electric current.A.fluorescentB.incandescent lampC.tungstenD.halogen23.A device that redirects light or sound by reflectionA.reflectorB.filterC.filamentD.dimmer24.…to circuit conductors is madeA.utility boxB.junction boxC.panel boxD.fuse box25.Elisha Graves Otis is known for the technology of A.curtain wallsB.door closersC.elevatorsD.lifts26.What is the maximum angle of inclination of an escalator?A.35 degreesB.30 degreesC.20 degreesD.40 degrees27.The flow of electric current in a circuit expressed in amperesA.voltageB.wattageC.amperageD.resistance28.The flow of water or other liquids in a direction opposite to the natural or intended direction of flow.A.suctionB.backwashC.siphonageD.splash29.A cutout box containing the fuses for an electric circuitA.circuit breakerB.panel boardC.junction boxD.fuse box30.A valve which is placed in a water or gas service pipe of a building near its junction with the public wate mainA.meterB.corporation cockC.gate valveD.water main31.The rate at which electricity flows in the same directionA.ampereB.electric currentC.coulomb32.Electric current which always flows in the same directionA.directB.alternating currentC.drop33.The force that makes electron move in a circuitA.resistanceB.electromotive forceC.electric power
34.The ratio of output into inputA.capacitanceB.efficiencyC.power factor35.Opposes the change in magnitude of an alternating current and makes the current lag the voltageA.inductanceB.frequencyC.cycle36.A large single panel frame or assembly of panels in the form of a single panelA.panelboardsB.switchboardsC.service entrance37.The unit of the quantity of lightA.foot-candleB.lumenC.candle power38.Connection which were merely pushed onto the conduitA.slip connectionB.pin gripC.loop system39.Heat flows to a cooler surface through space in the same way in which light travelsA.convectionB.radiationC.conduction40.Materials used to stop the transfer of heatA.caulkingB.insulationC.water stripping41.Heat is produced when electricity passes through resistance wiresA.solar heatB.electric heatC.steam heat42.Blanket insulation consists of materials made of A.thin sheetsB.flexible sheetsC.rigid sheets43.In this heating system, the main loss of heat is through the windows outside the walls.A.perimeterB.radiantC.concentrated44.A device that keeps the house at a constant temperature regardless of the loss of heat through walls.A.regulatorB.compressorC.thermostat45.A system that takes the moisture from the damp air and passes it over cold coils.A.heatingB.humidificationC.ventilation46.Air-conditioning system absorbs the heat from the house and transfers it to a liquid refrigerant calledA.carboB.freonC.steam47.A component of elevator, consisting of a flyball device designed to stop an elevator if the speed becomes excessiveA.modulatorsB.conductorsC.governors48.A mechanical system consisting of a boiler, water-circulating piping and pump and radiators.A.hydronicB.tractiveC.resistive49.A cylindrical device that turns on an axis around which a firehose is wound and connected.A.radiantB.hose reelC.drum50.An electric friction that tends to prevent electrical current from passing through a wireA.resistanceB.short circuitC.convection51.The process of treating air so as to control simultaneously its temperature, humidity, cleanliness and distribution tomeet the requirements of the conditioned space.A.air-conditioningB.humidificationC.filtering

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