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What next ..... placement or career?

What next ..... placement or career?

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Published by pv.pathi
This paper describes the preparations a Management Student
should take in order to ensure
good placement and a successful career.
This paper describes the preparations a Management Student
should take in order to ensure
good placement and a successful career.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: pv.pathi on Aug 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WHAT NEXT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PLACEMENT OR CARREER ?
At the end of the 3
semester all Management students will fasten their seat beltsand get set for their careers to take off. They will find that they do not have muchtime to celebrate the completion of their 3rd semester examinations. With campusplacements round the corner, every student’s eyes will be on the placement celland the profile of companies coming in.Campus placements assume a greater importance and criticality for all the years.With an unstable job market in the face of global recession and constant rumoursabout job cuts and downsizing students will find themselves in a tight spot.Placement agencies say that for fresher’s who do not get through placements andland up in he inexperienced category, the job market will be rather dim. Severalcompanies are reportedly looking at cutting costs and they may try to reducetraining costs by focusing on hiring experienced candidates. Some experts say thatthe stakes for students going through campus placements just got higher.SUITABILITYIn my view, students in the final year must try their best to get through in thecampus rounds because they will later find it very difficult to get a job. Once out of college they will compete with experienced candidates and with the job market in aslump it will be extremely difficult for them to make it. Further, several placementagencies confirmed this trend and advised students to give the campus rounds theirbest shot. Placement officers from top colleges also voice the same concern andthough the number of companies which have promised to visit their campuses in July has not declined, they fear that the numbers they recruit may be on the lowerside. The campus placement rounds usually involve following:>aptitude test> a group discussion> a personal interview.1
Some companies may avoid the Group Discussions, but the personal interviewwhich may feature technical as well as HR questions is mandatory. Companies,based on their profile and requirement, will look for different sets of features. Whileproduct development based job profiles will look for aptitude and soft skills, theservice-based job profile may emphasize on sound technical knowledge. Withseveral companies working in line with a global market, especially in productdevelopment, companies look for good communication skills and efficient writingand presentation skills.FIND A WAYInitially find how good your soft skills are; the aptitude test is without doubt yourfirst and most important hurdle. Though several institutes offer aptitude training,experts say that the best thing would be to solve as many papers as possible. Someexperts say that students can also study from books that help train for CAT andsolve puzzles. According to top executives of many companies, the skills requiredare quite similar: Analytics, Reasoning, Data Interpretation and so on. Studentsmust practice as many papers as possible. Puzzle books by authors such as GeorgeSummers and other eminent authors will give you an idea of what to expect.Several websites provide question papers (with answer keys) of various companyentrances for free download. By the by seniors are the best database in this matter. Talking to them gives you an idea of exactly what each company expects and whatcan be done to tackle those tests. Even with interviews, each company sticks to acertain pattern. If you do your homework you will be able to face these interviewswith confidence. However, several of these websites are unprofessional and mayprovide wrong answers and guidance.CONTACTS HELPStudents can also put up their resumes on job portals well in advance. HR personssay that students are often irresponsible and do not even bother to write a coveringletter which puts off the recruiter. Talking to your teachers and networking withstudents from other colleges will help you a lot.Students must try making their brochures and taking things into their own handsinstead of waiting for their college. It will be easy for them to network with othercolleges and set the ball rolling. Internationally, students run placement procedureson their own and do not depend on the colleges. Colleges in Karnataka in general dovery well in terms of placement. Expert placement officers feel that students mustconcentrate on clearing the aptitude test. Academic records matter first andpersonality and communication skills are equally important.STRONG WILL2
 Today on Academic side, which is important - a rank or the percentage? Competewith yourself to better your scores each time. Always aim should be, to be good atyour work. Hard work makes one better than everyone else. There could be several reasons for someone not being selected for a job. One maybe that he is not suitable for the job he applied for. If he is not being called for theinterview itself, it could be that his CV has not been written effectively. Then,contact a person who helps in CV writing. On the other hand if he is being called forthe interview but failing to get through, here are a few tips one could keep in mind:>Prepare him by having at least one practice interview that anticipates the obviousquestions. >Improve spoken/written English>Research the organization and the job. This will give more confidence to face theinterview.>Wear appropriate clothes, which make one look smart.>An interview is a social occasion – handle it in such a way that one should makethe interviewers feel comfortable. Basically one needs to enjoy the interview.>Do not give long winded answers, which could bore the interviewers into losingpatience.>It is better not to negotiate salary and working conditions at the interview (unlessspecifically asked). This could be done after you have actually been offered the job.>Make sure that one has appropriate skills set. For e.g. many want to get a job in acall centre but fail to do so as their communication skills are very poor. Marks,percentage, the college you have graduated from are not the only criteria for beingselected. Please look at the overall picture.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:Finally I thank Dr. T.Thomas, Director, Department of Management Studies, BellaryEngineering College, BELLARY – 583104for inspiring me to publish this paper.3

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