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Published by pam911
This mentoring letter deals with the problem of Christian fellowship in endtimes.
This mentoring letter deals with the problem of Christian fellowship in endtimes.

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Published by: pam911 on Jan 21, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the perilous, deceptive times in which we live, we ALLface a serious human dilemma relative to a need forbelonging, acceptance and sociability that challenges ourcommitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and our fulfillment of what He has called us to do. The truth is that built into thehuman frame is a desire to be liked, accepted as well asapproved of.We seek to fulfill that innate need through people pleasing.I watched a movie written and directed by Lawrence
Fishburne this week that graphically makes my point.Called "Once In the Life" with two of my favorite actors----Fishburne and Eamonn Walker as the main characters,---these two men played the part of the closest of friends
from "back in the day." In fact, they had developed anintimate alliance from having shared the same prison cellwhen they had been jailed for the crimes they hadcommitted as street hoodlums. "In the life" is acolloquial phrase used by pimps and prostitutes, gamblersand those who "do what they do" behind closed doors and inthe darkness of night in unsavory places.Once these two were released from prison, Fishburnecounted on that friendship to his own destruction, forWalker had lied to him and said that he had left the life of dope dealing and crime. In fact, Walker's character was sent to kill Fishburne for a dope deal gone bad andFishburne gullibly dropped his defenses, not believing that his best friend would be the one to kill him. Walker not onlyshot Fishburne while they were in an embrace, he pouredgasoline all over the hideout and burned it down along withFishburne's dead body.
The point of the movie is in its title. "Once IN the life," thereis no getting OUT! Like the mafia, life in the underworld is aprecarious place where even your best friends can becomeyour worst enemies. The Lord Jesus Christ has spoken to Hiselect in like manner:"AND A MAN'S FOES SHALL BE THEY OF HIS OWNHOUSEHOLD!" (Matt 10:36)How does this scripture play out today among Christians?Some who may fundamentally agree with our position andeven our beliefs can still be our worst enemies because theyrefuse to face the truth themselves. Here is an example of such a case from my own experience this past week. Ananonymous person ---who I sensed to be a man--- sent me acomplimentary email about my second book,---a book that I
have attempted to take off of the market, to no avail. So thefirst thing I did was suggest that he read the re-write, "ComeOut of Her, God's People." I also explained to him why I nolonger promote "the Making of a Prophet."In the course of our interactions back and forth, the "man"made the following statement:
I too am a prophet of God and I do not hear from the devil. Every word that I receive is fromthe Lord and the voice of a stranger I will not ollow 
." In response, I made ONE simple statement that 
went something like this."
 ANYONE who does not believe that they hear from the devil is deceived already. If the devil had the nerve to speak to the son of God Himself, he will certainly  speak to us." 
Well, My readers, "the man" went email berserk, sendingmultiple emails, each within mere minutes of each other.The religious demon in him was very easy to discern.Ultimately, he yielded to that spirit by allowing himself to beused to attack me where the demon wrongfully believesthat I am most vulnerable--- the demon used this man tosend me the spirit of rejection.Here is the final word that a perfect stranger who claims tobe a Christian prophet wrote to me, word for word, in touchwith me for only ONE day:"
"Why are you so concerned about what a stranger does or doesn't think that you can't walk away from the matter w/out needing reassurance from me that you will NOT receive.
Certainly you yourself - social worker, counselor and all your credentials - couldn't have an issue when someone doesn't "receive" you. No - that could absolutely not be it - but that isthe root of the matter. I'm ending the discourse because I 
don't like argumentative SPIRITUALLY-PRIDEFUL people - and that is the truth of the matter. I thought we could havediscourse as "peers" but that is not possible - you read intoeverything a person writes. I don't have time for this nor will I waste my time in this way. I was hesitant to approach youbecause I know many like yourself - your knowledge or what 
ou PERCEIVE as knowledge has PUFFED you up so that youare UNAPPROACHABLE! 
In fact, many have removedthemselves from you because of your persistent and ARGUMENTATIVE speech. 
nd that is FROM the Lord.
I am blocking your e-mail - so there is no need to reply - youhave not respected that I said I have a migraine right now aswell - but I have been gracious to answer in a timely manner.
The Lord showed me your "many words" stem from
"insecurity" - if you are so SURE of what you think you know,why do you defend yourself in SO MANY WORDS. God is your defense, not your protestations or accusations." THIS STRANGER WROTE 10 MORE EMAILS AFTER HE CLAIMEDTHAT HE WOULD END THE COMMUNCATION, demonstratingwith each one of them how severely demonized and tormented he actually is. The obsession/compulsioncontinued because he actually could not stop himself from
writing them, until I stopped trying to reason with this man
and I wrote directly to the demon INSIDE OF HIM with the following statement:RELIGIOUS DEVIL, EACH TIME YOU SEND ME AN EMAIL, I AM GOING TO CONFRONT YOU WITH THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH." In one of the earlier emails, he wrote "I agree with your 

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