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History of Man's Corruption in the Bible

History of Man's Corruption in the Bible

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Details about contamination & Corruption of Bible
Details about contamination & Corruption of Bible

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Published by: Universal Brotherhood on Jan 21, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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History of Man's Corruption in the Bible.
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We must first of all know that the entire Bible is corrupted and unreliable and is mostlyfilled with man-made laws and corruption! GOD Almighty Said:"`How can you say, "We [the Jews]are wise, for we have the law of the LORD," when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled itfalsely?'(From the NIV Bible, Jeremiah 8:8)"See AlsoDeuteronomy 31:25-29where Moses peace be upon him predicted the corruption/tampering of the Law (Bible) after his death.The Book of Moses predicted that the Law (Bible) will get corrupted. The Book of Jeremiah whichcame approximately 826 years after did indeed confirm this corruption. Most of the articles on this page were sent to me by my two dear friends
;may Allah Almighty always be pleased with them. Most of them originally come from Brother Al-Kadhi's work, and the rest of them come from other brothers' and sisters' work which I mentioned theirnames on their articles. The sections that don't have author's name on them are Brother Al-Kadhi's work.The following links are articles on this page combined together:Is the entire Bible truely the Word of GOD? The lie of 1 John 5:7. The lie of 1 John 5:7 and Timothy 3:16. The invalidity of the Trinity belief from the Theologians' views. Who were the real authors of the Bible? Is the Bible 100% faultless and untampered with by the Church? Where did our modern Bibles come from?
http://www.answering-christianity.com/sake.htm (1 of 88)11/7/2006 4:57:41 PM
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History of Man's Corruption in the Bible.
Is the entire Bible truely the word of GOD?
No credible Biblical scholar on this earth will claim that the Bible was written by Jesus himself. They allagree that the Bible was written after the departure of Jesus peace be upon him by his followers. So, if the authors of the Bible were people other than Jesus, then did they have Jesus or the Holy Spirit in themguiding their hands and dictating to them word for word what to write? As it happens, once again theanswer is no. Who says so? The majority of today's credible Christian scholars do. For example:Dr. W Graham Scroggie of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, a prestigious Christian evangelicalmission, says:"..Yes, the Bible is human, although some out of zeal which is not according to knowledge, have deniedthis. Those books have passed through the minds of men, are written in the language of men, werepenned by the hands of men and bear in their style the characteristics of men....""It is Human, Yet Divine," W Graham Scroggie, p. 17Another Christian scholar, Kenneth Cragg, the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, says:"...Not so the New testament...There is condensation and editing; there is choice reproduction andwitness. The Gospels have come through the mind of the church behind the authors. They representexperience and history...""The Call of the Minaret," Kenneth Cragg, p 277For example, we read in the Bible the words of the author of "Luke":"It seemed good to me (Luke) also, having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first, towrite unto thee in order, most excellent Theophilus, (Luke 1:3)"If you consider the Bible the word of GOD, well, it is quite obvious that Luke decided to write hisGospel because he wanted to please the president or theleader at that time Theophilus. This however has several problems: (1) It compromises GOD becausethere is a biger purpose than GOD to write the Gospel, (2) It shows that Luke wouldn't have written hisGospel if it wasn't for that leader, and (3) Luke was not inpired when he wrote his Gospel because hesaid that he decided to write it after he had full understanding of it, which means that he wrote it with hisown human words and thoughts and not GOD's.
http://www.answering-christianity.com/sake.htm (2 of 88)11/7/2006 4:57:41 PM
History of Man's Corruption in the Bible.
For a closer look at reliability of the NT and its development dont forget to check outIs the NT really reliable ? Its a nice direct answer to the highly visited "Christian Think Tank" site.Is the Bible a Guideline for Human Morality? 
The lie of 1 John 5:7verse. It was later discovered to be a man made corruption inserted into theBible:
This section was forwarded to me by my brother in IslamHaleem, a new convert to Islam; may AllahAlmighty always be pleased with him. This page is located athttp://wings.buffalo.edu/sa/muslim/ library/jesus-say/ch1.2.2.5.html 1 John 5:7
 The only verses in the whole Bible that explicitly ties God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in one "Triune"being is the verse of 1 John 5:7
"For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and thesethree are one."This
is the type of clear, decisive, and to-the-point verse I have been asking for. However, as I wouldlater find out, this verse is now universally recognized as being a later "insertion" of the Church and allrecent versions of the Bible, such as the Revised Standard Version the New Revised Standard Version,the New American Standard Bible, the New English Bible, the Phillips Modern English Bible ...etc.have all unceremoniously expunged this verse from their pages. Why is this? The scripture translatorBenjamin Wilson gives the following explanation for this action in his
"Emphatic Diaglott."
Mr. Wilsonsays:
"This text concerning the heavenly witness is not contained in any Greek manuscript which was writtenearlier than the fifteenth century. It is not cited by any of the ecclesiastical writers; not by any of early Latin fathers even when the subjects upon which they treated would naturally have lead them to appealto it's authority. It is therefore evidently spurious."
Others, such as the late Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong argued that this verse was added to the Latin Vulgateedition of the Bible during the heat of the controversy between Rome, Arius, and God's people.Whatever the reason, this verse is now universally recognized as an insertion and discarded. Since the
http://www.answering-christianity.com/sake.htm (3 of 88)11/7/2006 4:57:41 PM

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