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The Bunologist Jan 11

The Bunologist Jan 11

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Published by Karen At Boing
Happy New Year! The January issue features: myxo news, Radical Rabbit's myxo campaign, council shuts bunny closure, Year of the Rabbit news and Life at the Do Hop Inn
Happy New Year! The January issue features: myxo news, Radical Rabbit's myxo campaign, council shuts bunny closure, Year of the Rabbit news and Life at the Do Hop Inn

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Published by: Karen At Boing on Jan 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January 2011
Myxo in Melbourne
Myxo campaign
Rabbit Runaway closure
Five bantam bunnies
2011 Year of the Rabbit
Caution: pet rabbit craze
Life at the Do Hop Inn
Mosquito born epidemic
9 January 2011 – The Age Newspaper (Australia)MELBOURNE'Spet rabbits areunder threat froma suddenoutbreak ofmyxomatosis thatis strikinghutches acrossthe city.Vets who have not seen a case in 10 years are seeing sickrabbits, or getting calls from clients reporting deaths, everyday. There is nothing to do but put them down.The ''white blindness'', as Richard Adams called thedisease in the book
Watership Down 
, has no cure. ''I'veseen three this week,'' says Dr Caitlin Horwood at theMaribyrnong Vets' Clinic in Footscray. ''It really is anepidemic; I've seen more in a month than I've seen in 15years.''She and her colleague, Dr Adrian Choi, blame the increasein the mosquito population, noticeable to anyone who findshimself out at dusk, thanks to warm weather and bouts ofrain. ''When it's hot and wet, the mozzies come out andinfect the rabbits and then rabbits infect each other.''At the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic in leafy, burrow-friendlyFerntree Gully, Dr Narelle Walter says she is taking 15 to20 calls a day from worried pet owners. ''We usually seesome myxomatosis in October to May but, with theincreased rain, it has spread a lot more. There were hotspots a couple of years ago, on the peninsula for example,but this year … it's everywhere.''Myxomatosis was introduced to Australia in 1950, in anattempt to eradicate the rabbits that were at plagueproportions. Estimates on numbers vary, but there werebetween 600 million and 1 billion rabbits in the wild.In Victoria, rabbits are our third favourite pet after cats anddogs. Increasingly, Dr Walter says, they are kept by adultsrather than children, hopping about indoors while theirowners are at work.Dr Horwood suspects that people dote on their bunniesmore than they used to, which means more people arereporting their deaths or taking them to the vet when they'reill than they would have bothered to do 10 years ago, whenthe disease flourished. But there is a spike in cases.Dr Horwood advises owners to keep their bunnies indoors,if possible, especially at dawn and sunset. Outside, amosquito net over the rabbit hutch and run can make adifference.Vaccines for myxomatosis exist in Britain and elsewhere,but are banned in Australia. The fear is that a ''live''vaccine, which inoculates the rabbit with a weak strain ofthe disease, could be accidentally released among the wildpopulation, thus neutering the disease as a weapon.Dr Peter Kerr at the CSIRO estimates that 90 per cent ofadult rabbits are infected with myxomatosis but show nosymptoms. ''It's nothing like 1950, when nearly 100 per centof affected rabbits died, but it probably still kills 40 to 50 percent of those infected,'' he says.
Myxo Campaign
Please join Radical Rabbit’scampaign to demand the myxovaccine. We want you to help usmail one million toy bunnies to theMinister for Agriculture, Fisheries& Forestry to arrive by the 3
 February 2011 (continuingthroughout the year) to help ourpet bunnies.Please visit Radical Rabbit’s website, sign our onlinepetition or print out our hard copy and ask your friends& family to sign. There are some common questions &answers about myxo to help you.Too many bunnies have died this year from thispreventable, introduced disease.
Rabbit Farm goes bust
7 Oct 2010 -http://sunshine-coast.finda.com.au/ (Aust)
The NSW Border Range Rabbit Farm has financiallycollapsed due to “disease problems” on the farm (myxo wesuspect).A Sunshine Coast businessman who established the rabbitfarm has also been accused of losing millions of dollarsfrom investors.(many rabbit farms in Australia would have been hard hit bymyxo this year. Sadly so many innocent bunnies died butat least they will not suffer at this farm any longer – BOING)
Fur flies over fate ofrabbit refuge
3 January 2011 – The Age Newspaper (Australia)In the soft and fluffy corner are Judi and Bryce Inglis, akindly couple who have set up a pet rabbit refuge in thegarage of their home in Stanley Street, Olinda.On the other side are several neighbours and localcouncillors who think the Inglises are harbouring potentialferal nuisances.The simmering dispute is now headed for the Victorian Civiland Administrative Tribunal after complaints that the refugehas brought too much extra traffic to the narrow, unpavedstreet, described as a ''goat track'' by one resident, and anargument over whether such a refuge is appropriate in alandscape scarred by rabbits.Judi and Bryce Inglis have been operating their RabbitRun-Away Orphanage for the past 18 months. The devotedanimal lovers take in unwanted pet rabbits and attempt tofind them new homes.But Yarra Ranges Council ruled last month that theirshelter must close, permitting them to keep no more thantwo pet rabbits on their property.The couple, who have 16 rabbits in their care, six of whichare pets, fear they will be forced to send the animals toother shelters, where they are likely to be destroyed.The Inglises say their neighbours have fed the councilmisinformation.''The neighbours have had this vendetta going for 18months,'' Dr Judi Inglis said.''They consider the rabbits to be feral pests. They don'tconsider them to be domestic house pets. The picture theypainted of us is so far from the truth it's not funny.''Shire councillor Noel Cliff, who voted to reject the Inglises'permit application, said the couple's cause was noble, butmisplaced.''It's been a really sad saga - nice people, really big hearts,wrong place,'' Cr Cliff said.''Olinda Creek Landcare Group is battling rabbits. We'venow got black rabbits running around in the forest whichhave escaped; they were domestic once.''We're spending millions poisoning rabbits because of thedamage they do in Australia.''Dr Inglis says that after Cr Cliff inspected their refuge, hecommented that one of their rabbits would ''make a goodstew''. Cr Cliff denies that he said this.The council considered the objections of nine residents,who cited the road's poor condition, increased waste andrunoff, odour, and fears the rabbits would escape and turnferal.Suspicions were also raised that the couple were secretlyoperating a business, with reference made to a ''bunnydating'' service listed on the orphanage website. TheInglises deny they are running a business, or that any oftheir rabbits have escaped.Neighbour Barbara Setchell has led the residents' push toclose the rabbit refuge. Ms Setchell is a member of theOlinda Creek Landcare Group, but insists the road is thesole reason for her opposition. In her submission tocouncil, she attached several photographs of parked carsblocking the street. ''It appears applicants [Judi and BryceInglis] are totally oblivious to the impact they have had ontheir neighbours and they have offered no apologies,'' shewrote.But some neighbours support the Inglises. Inga Phillipssaid the couple ''are and always have been, very goodpeaceful neighbours'' and the neighbours' complaints were''malicious''.The Inglises accuse the council of bungling the permitapplication process, and are preparing their case for VCAT.Dr Judi Inglis said she regretted informing the council oftheir plans. ''When we came here we were quite openabout what we wanted to do. That was our mistake.''
Five bantam bunnies
21 January 2011 – The Dominion Post (New Zealand)A clucky hen at a wildlifepark near Upper Hutt hastaken an unlikely broodunder her wing – five babybunnies.The silkie bantam is the talkof the Staglands WildlifeReserve since the helplessand hairless rabbits werefound in her nest this week.A young mother, at just eightmonths old, the hen was veryprotective of her new family,Staglands wildlife assistant Jayson Davis said."She has definitely bonded with them. She'll fluff right upand try to peck anyone who gets too close."The two mums have worked out a shared-custodyarrangement: Mother Rabbit has continued to feed heryoung, and seems happy to let Mother Hen do the child-minding.
The Year of the Rabbit!!!
 The history of the Chinese zodiac says that Buddha invitedall of the animals in the world to join him for the New Yearcelebrations, but only 12 animals bothered to turn up. As agreat reward, Buddha named a year after each one of themand they actually run in the order that the animals arrived tocelebrate with Buddha, starting with the rat and ending withthe last guest, the pig.The Chinese believe that those born during a year of aparticular animal would inherit some of the good and badpersonality traits of that animal.Also, each Chinese year is influenced by whatever animal itfalls in. The Year of The Rabbit begins on February 3rd2011. Most Rabbit years are quiet, positive and inspiringand 2011 looks to be heading in this direction – arefreshing change after the fast-moving and quite dramaticYear of the Tiger.
Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit
Box Hill celebrations29 January 3 pm to Sun 30 January 3amCorner of Station St and Whitehorse Rd Box Hill
Sunday 6 February10am-8pmChinatown, Melbourne, VictoriaFREE ENTRY
 Chinatown will be abuzz with drums, firecrackers, music,singing & food with families celebrating the Year of theRabbit.
28 January – 13 FebruarySydney will be hosting a number of events to celebrate theYear of the Rabbit. See the link below for information:http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/cny/  Every city will be celebrating the Chinese New Year andreveling in the Year of the Rabbit for 2011 (even inQueensland!). Check your local newspapers & websites tofind out what is happening near you.
Animal activists cautionagainst pet rabbit craze
9 January 2011 – Taipei Times
Animal rights activistscalled for people torespect animal rights andnot abandon pets,especially rabbits, aheadof an expected increasein demand for the animalsin the upcoming Year ofthe Rabbit.Rabbits are expected to be the latest pet craze as this yearis the Year of the Rabbit on the lunar calendar. Bunny salesat pet shops are expected to jump, and animal shelters areworried about a wave of abandoned pets as aconsequence.“A lot of people buy rabbits because they assume they aresmall and easy to raise and some parents chose rabbits aspets for their kids under this impression. We’ve seen manyabandoned rabbits around schools and neighborhood parksand we could find more abandoned rabbits this year,” saidLiao Shue-ping (
) of the Taiwan Homeless BunnyProtection Association.“We are concerned about more people buying rabbits forgood luck on impulse this year in the Year of the Rabbitand later abandoning them,” she said.
Deadly start to Year ofthe Rabbit
21 January 2011 – CNNDead rabbits are showing up in Chinese mail boxes as petsordered for the Year of the Rabbit aren’t surviving theshipping process, the Shanghai Daily reports.The Year of the Rabbit commences on February 3 underthe Chinese lunar calendar and bunnies are in demand tocelebrate it. One online search showed more than 600vendors selling rabbits at prices from 15 to 2,000 yuan($2.25 to $300), Shanghai Daily reported.But, the paper said, the rabbits can spend five days inshipment and many have suffocated or frozen to death inthe small boxes in which they are sent.
Rabbity collectables
Instead of collecting real rabbits, check out some of the funstuff that’s around to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit!

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