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The pyramid was built by human engineers

The pyramid was built by human engineers

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Published by omkar
The document states that the pyramids were built by human engineers.
The document states that the pyramids were built by human engineers.

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Published by: omkar on Jan 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Eloquent Peasant
An Egyptologist’s blog about everythingancient Egyptian
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Why the aliens did NOT build the pyramids
August 24th, 2007 byMargaret
It has always
pained me a great deal that somany people all over the world are genuinely
fascinated by ancient Egypt and yet they are sowoefully misinformed by
sensationalist media,
called documentaries based inpseudoscience, and the
fantasy world of Hollywood. No other ancient civilization is souniversally
recognized and yet so thoroughlymisunderstood. Sadly, Egyptologists are often
so frustrated by this that theywant nothing to do with the situation; it
s not
 just a matter of educatingpeople, it
s completely reeducating them
trying to
reverse the damagecaused by
The Mummy’ and even the Discovery
Channel.When I tell people that I
m studying Egyptology, people always
assume thatthis means pyramids and mummies, the only things they know about
Egypt.In fact these areas are so popular that they are overrun by untrained
The Eloquent Peasant
Blog Archive » Why the aliens did NO...1/12/2011http://www.eloquentpeasant.com/2007/08/24/why
and most Egyptologists shun them rather than tackling all of the
misinformation. Sometimes I can hardly blame them
even as a lowlystudent, I was
once approached at a conference by a man who wanted toshow me the home
experiments that he
d carried out, pulling miniaturepyramid blocks in his
backyard! The sad thing though is that many peopleprefer madcap theories to the
truth, especially when genuine research ispresented in dry academic speak 
rather than the exciting Indiana Jones
of tv.Once I was actually
asked in all seriousness for my professional opinion onwhether alien build the
pyramids. The man said:
s so muchdiscussion of the alien theory that
there must be something to it, right?
Well, my short answer would be,
There isn
t anything to it at all.
’ My
longer answer will follow, with a
thorough dissection of the centralarguments of the alien theory and why they
are wrong. I think the mainreason the theory is so popular is that people like
to believe in things, thingsthat are much bigger than themselves, whether it
god or aliens. But oftenpeople also want proof and they seek to find it in the
pyramids and otherancient monuments. It
s no wonder that the pyramids are
incredible enoughthat they inspire people to believe the unbelievable. I myself 
t think there
s anything wrong with postulating that there might be other
life outthere in the universe, but I also don
t believe in robbing humanity of 
pride inits achievements.I think it
s rather more inspiring to think 
that human beings, our ownancestors, created such spectacular monumental
achievements. However,some people see the concept of civilization as
progressive, that humans onlycontinue to improve upon the past, so they think 
that just because we areuncertain about how the pyramids were built and we
ourselves wouldstruggle to replicate their achievement, it is impossible that
humans of thepast could have done it.They say that since the pyramids of 
Giza were built about 4500 years ago,people back then couldn
t have been
skilled enough to do it. However,
re ignoring that numerous remarkable
developments were happening allthose millennia ago. There are many things that
were discovered in thedistant past that still serve us today. The Egyptians
made many brilliantinnovations (something I will have to write more about in
another post)
The Eloquent Peasant
Blog Archive
Why the aliens did NO...1/12/2011http://www.eloquentpeasant.com/2007/08/24/why
simple things that we still use today, which have barely changed
over themillennia since they first conceived, from the earliest forms of paper
andink, to the 24 hour day.People say that since we wouldn
t be able to
build pyramids today, that theEgyptians couldn
t have done it, but it
s not
 just building of the pyramidsthat couldn
t be replicated today. It
s hard to
imagine ever being able to pulltogether the resources, power, money, skilled
craftsmen, and architectsneeded to build one of the great gothic cathedrals in
this day and age. It justcouldn
t happen. This isn
t something to be ashamed of 
though, we simplyuse different technologies and have different priorities these
days. While wecouldn
t build another Notre Dame Cathedral or Great Pyramid,
modernstructures like the Eiffel Tower or the Gherkin wouldn
t have been
possibleback then either. Pyramids
possible simply because the entireeconomy, resources, and population of the
Egyptian civilization was underthe control of a single omnipotent ruler, who
could mobilize them all into amonumental building project.To argue that
 just because we don
t know every detail about how thepyramids were built would
be a logical fallacy
an argument fromignorance
and does not prove that aliens
must have built them. We have somuch evidence that strongly indicates that the
Egyptians themselves wereresponsible for building the pyramids. We have
archaeological evidence of their construction
remains of the quarries, roads,
tools, records of theworkers and the towns in which they lived. We know
they built themand we can even observe
their lengthy and imperfect evolution before theyreached their architectural
peak with the Great Pyramid.To properly address the issues out there, I
will cite from a number of websites that support the theory that aliens built
the pyramids and some of the comments that individuals have posted there, and
explain why they areincorrect. I randomly chose a number of sites from the top
Google searchhits for aliens and pyramids. I don
t want to single anyone out or
anything,so I won
t use any names attached to the comments. The various
websitesfrom which they derive are listed at the end of this post.
I am
no great pyramid expert myself, so I must acknowledge an enormousdebt to the
work of Mark Lehner and Dieter Arnold, from whom most of myPage
The Eloquent Peasant
Blog Archive
Why the aliens did NO...1/12/2011http://www.eloquentpeasant.com/2007/08/24/why

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