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Suzumiya Haruhi Volume 2 - The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi

Suzumiya Haruhi Volume 2 - The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi

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Published by: Renan Fazolatto Basilio on Jan 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Suzumiya Haruhi: Volume Two
: The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi
Colour IllustrationsThese are color illustrations that were included in volume 2.
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 Haruhi seems like the kind of person who shouldn't have any worries. But, she does. Only thething that's bothering her is that "The world is too mundane."To her, the "Non-mundane things" are any kind of supernatural phenomena, meaning she oftenthinks things like "I can't believe there's not even half a ghost appearing before me."I should also let you know that the word "ghost" can be replaced with "aliens", "time-travelers",or "espers." However, it is common knowledge that these things only appear in fiction novels.They simply don't exist in reality. Which means, as long as Haruhi continues to live in thisworld, she will continue to be bothered by this fact. The world is supposed to be like this;nothing out of the ordinary. However, recent events in my life have made it very hard for me tohave confidence in this fact; I'm also bothered.Because I know these aliens, time-travelers, and espers do exist."Listen to me, I need to tell you something very important.""What?""Haven't you always wished for the existence of aliens or time-travelers or espers?""That's right. So what?""In other words, the purpose of our SOS Brigade is to find these people. Right?""Not only to find them, we have to be able to play together. Just finding them isn't good enough,I want to participate in the act, not just be part of the audience.""But I always wish I was watching from the sidelines... sigh, whatever. But have you everthought that these aliens, time-travelers, or espers might be surprisingly close to us?""Ah? What do you mean? Don't tell me you mean Yuki, Mikuru, or Itsuki? If it's them, thenthat's not really a 'surprise'.""Umm... actually I meant to tell you that it was them all along."

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