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Fact Check: Dem Claims on ObamaCare Repeal Don’t Ring True

Fact Check: Dem Claims on ObamaCare Repeal Don’t Ring True

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Published by Darla Dawald

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Published by: Darla Dawald on Jan 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FACT CHECK:Dem Claims on ObamaCare Repeal Don’t Ring True
Posted by Kevin Smith on January 17, 2011Americans want a step-by-step, common-sense approach to health care reform thatlowers costs, not the job-crushing, government takeover of health care that was rammedthrough Congress last year. And this week, House Republicans will keep their pledge topass legislation to repeal the law and work on common-sense policies that actually lowercosts for families and small businesses, expand access to affordable care, and protectAmerican jobs. But that hasn’t stopped Democrats from making claims about the GOPrepeal effort that don’t pass the straight-face test. Here are just a few examples:
Dem Claim
: On January 6, 2011, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)released a statement implying that ObamaCare creates jobs by panning the GOPrepeal effort. The statement was entitled: “GOP Bill To Repeal Health Reform IsA Job-Killer."
: By piling more debt onto the backs of our kids and grandkids, andimposing a costly maze of taxes, penalties, and mandates on job creators,ObamaCare will lead to fewer jobs. The
 New York Times
reported this weekendthat “[e]conomists tend to agree that the law could lead some employers to hirefewer low-wage workers.” In an op-ed for
USA Today
, the president of theNational Center for Policy Analysis notes that as firms now consider droppinghealth insurance for their employees, “The next step will be to drop their jobs.”Bottom line:
analysis by theHeritage Foundationconcludes that "The bestway to prevent further erosion of the economy is to repeal the new law.”
Dem Claim
: GOP repeal bill would leave Americans with pre-existing conditionsvulnerable.
: In the last Congress, Republicans offered a better, market-based solutionto guarantee access to affordable health care for those with pre-existing conditions – all without job-crushing government mandates. The proposal fully funded andreformed high-risk pools and reinsurance programs to guarantee that allAmericans, regardless of pre-existing conditions or past illnesses, have access toaffordable care – lowering costs for all Americans without piling more debt ontoour kids and grandkids. (H.R. 4038, Title I, Introduced 11/6/09; Summaryavailablehere.
) House Republicans will be looking at similar reforms this year.
Dem Claim
: GOP repeal bill would take away insurance coverage for childrenthrough age 25 who stay on their parents’ policy.
: The plan offered by Republicans included the same proposal, allowingyoung adults through age 25 to remain on their parents’ policies. Republicans willcontinue to support this reform. (H.R. 4038, Title II, Introduced 11/6/09;Summary availablehere.)
Dem Claim
: GOP repeal bill will leave seniors vulnerable who are counting onthe “donut hole” to be closed.
: The Democrats’ ‘fix’ was a backroom deal with PhRMA that will raiseprescription drug costs and cost taxpayers tens of billions. This backroom dealmay have helped enrich PhRMA’s bottom line, but the Congressional BudgetOffice (CBO) has confirmed that the new health care law will increase premiums

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