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Court Survival Guide

Court Survival Guide

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Published by alanbwilliams

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Published by: alanbwilliams on Jan 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. This Survival Guide is offered as educational materialonly, and is by no means complete nor all-inclusive. Thereis a wealth of information here which can be applied to anycase where a government agency is bringing a criminalaction against a Citizen, such as traffic and IRS cases,the information in total may or may not apply to you. Andthere will always be more details and knowledge whichapplies to your case, and you are obliged to collect asmuch information as there exists for your purposes, fromall sources. There are just too many parameters in thelegal process, to adequately cover all possible scenariosfor a given situation, in one manual. Hence,this guide is general at best, and cannot be expected or beheld to suffice as 'legal advice' at the level expectedfrom 'licensed' attorneys. The main advantage here,however, is that the guide tends to illuminate much of whatthe judges and attorneys do not want you to know. You cancut right to the chase, if you want, and eliminateconsiderable time and confusion to win your case.
2. If you have successfully followed the guidelines in theVehicle Survival Kit and/or the Citation Refusal Kit, youmay not need a Court Survival Kit, by virtue of not havingto appear in court on some phony traffic charge.
3. There is a lot to this guide, because each case isdifferent; however you may focus on the easy and quickmethod which requires only 1 court appearance. The rest ofthe guide covers other cases that have somehow slipped thruthe cracks.
4. We get a lot of calls from people who first getthemselves into a traffic court, and then decide to findout about Sovereignty (i.e. the cart before the horse). Sowe have published this guide to offer help with these casesas well.
5. The fact that you have obtained this guide, suggeststhat something has gone awry in your path of Sovereignty.Either you have not been able or allowed to follow theprocedures which keep you out of court, such as found inthe Vehicle Survival Kit (VSK) or the Citation Refusal Kit(CRK), or someone you know has managed to get into a jambefore establishing your Sovereignty. This guide addressescases such as these, to help empower the People who arecoming from an obviously disadvantaged legal position, asthere is no completely fool-proof technique to always beatthe system. So here we are attempting to improve the oddsconsiderably.
6. The purpose of the Court Survival Kit is to help youeffectively handle any court confrontation in which yourisk losing more of your rights, money, freedom, and/orproperty. It is assumed that you are somehow obliged toappear in court for something, and you want to protectwhatever rights you have left. This guide containstechniques that can help in any traffic case, tax/IRS case,or any case brought against you by a government agency.
7. Although much of the information herein may also help incases where you are the plaintiff/prosecutor who has fileda Common Law Suit against a public official, this guide isinstead written from the perspective of defending yourselfagainst a prosecutor who is going after you, because ofcharges that you know are inherently fraudulent.
8. If you really want to minimize your total risk, and bedone with your case ASAP, then you might consider justacting sorry and poor, and plead guilty to the charges Thisis what the court expects, and this is what it is designed
for. The only problem is that you will be obliged to re-integrate yourself back into the oppressive system oftraffic slave laws that put you in court to begin with; youwill be expected or perhaps even ordered to abide by therules of the system. You will lose the game by not standingup for your rights, but you will have minimized yourimmediate cost, financial and emotional. So, in this guide,we assume that you want to WIN your case. If you haven'tmuch to lose, then you have an advantage over the court,which has much more to lose than you do.
9. Keep your Court Survival Guide in a safe place where youcan easily get to it when you need it. Maintaining acomplete kit is vital for showing up in court as fullyprepared as you can possibly be. This Survival Guide isintentionally written as briefly as possible so that youcan easily access and use it. Knowledge of the Truth is agreat tool here, but the more skillfully you can apply itin court, the more empowered you will be, in any case thatchallenges your freedom. Remember, this is a situation inwhich the knowledge alone is not enough. You must also beable to perceive things as they are happening, and to thinkon your feet, so that you will instantly know what optionsare yours to use, when you have the opportunity.
10. MOST IMPORTANT: Mere knowledge of these techniques and Truths will not be enough. Just by mentioning such thingsin court will not, of itself, help you win your case. A piece of paper is not by itself an automatic shield. Youcannot depend on the court to police and correct itself. Itis up to us, We the People to detect and demand correctionto the court's errors and fraud. You must be able to thinkon your feet and stay on top of each argument as it comesdown, so that you can logically steer the judge into acorner. You will be going head-to-head with judges who arevery slippery, or who may be ignorant as to the real law,and how fraudulent their system of 'justice' is; you willhave to do your homework.

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