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Petition: Save the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Petition: Save the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

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Published by Sabrina Brennan
We the undersigned do not support paving asphalt trails at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. We ask the County to significantly reduce the proposed width of the Dardenelle trail and bridge over San Vicente Creek.
We the undersigned do not support paving asphalt trails at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. We ask the County to significantly reduce the proposed width of the Dardenelle trail and bridge over San Vicente Creek.

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Published by: Sabrina Brennan on Jan 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Michael Schaller, County of San Mateo  Re: Neg Dec PLN 2010-00093We the undersigned ask the County of San Mateo to emphasize ecological sensitivity whenmanaging the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve; one of the richest, most biodiverse environments inCalifornia.Paving a road through the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and building a massive bridge over asmall creek would have negative impacts on wildlife, plants, trees and the Native AmericanArcheological site near San Vicente Creek. When considering the impacts on water quality weask the County to give consideration to the harmful and toxic effects of Polycyclic AromaticHydrocarbons.
The proposed Fitzgerald Marine Reserve asphalt trail (14' wide) and bridge (12' wide x 60' long)would drain directly into San Vicente Creek and increase the pollution already documented inwater quality reports.San Mateo County 2009 Beachwater Contamination Results are the second worst in the state.Los Angeles County is the only County in California with more beach closing/advisory days thanSan Mateo County.The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve had 59 water contamination closing or advisory days at SanVicente Creek in 2009.In 2008, the California Coastal Commission issued a detailed water quality assessment reporton the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and the creeks flowing into it.The Half Moon Bay segment of the California Coastal Trail was coated a few years ago with ablack, shiny emulsion and the vegetation near the trail was covered in the black messy coatingfor months. Sealcoating runoff is toxic to mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, invertebrates, andplants and should not be allowed to drain into San Vicente Creek."Collaborative studies by the City of Austin and the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) haveidentified coal-tar based sealcoat the black, shiny emulsion painted or sprayed on asphaltpavement such as parking lots as a major and previously unrecognized source of PolycyclicAromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) contamination.""PAHs are toxic to mammals (including humans), birds, fish, amphibians, invertebrates, andplants. Aquatic invertebrates, the insects and other small animals that live in streams and lakes,are particularly susceptible to PAH contamination, especially the bottom dwellers (benthicinvertebrates) that live in the mud where PAHs tend to accumulate. They are an important partof the food chain and are often monitored as indicators of stream quality (analogous to thecanary in the coal mine concept). Possible effects of PAHs on aquatic invertebrates includeinhibited reproduction, delayed emergence, sediment avoidance, and mortality, and possibleadverse effects on fish include fin erosion, liver abnormalities, cataracts, and immune systemimpairments."
The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is a biologically sensitive area and has regional, state, andnational significance, as recognized by:
- Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
- Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary
- Golden Gate National Recreation Area
- Area of Special Biological Significance (ASBS)
- Central California Coast International Biosphere Reserve
- California Critical Coastal Area (CCA)
Compliance with ADA does not require the trail be wider than three to four feet, nor does ADArequire an asphalt surface.Trail Surface: The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Master Plan (page 60) specifies: "all trails andpaths shall be surfaced with pervious materials such as decomposed granite".The US Access Board, an independent Federal agency devoted to accessibility for people withdisabilities was created in 1973 to ensure access to federally funded facilities. The AccessBoard is a leading source on information on accessibility design and they have the following tosay about trail surface, "ADA Trail Surfaces are not limited to asphalt."A16.2.1 TRAIL SURFACE"Trail surfaces are required to be firm and stable. There are a spectrum of surfaces consideredfirm and stable and appropriate surfaces are not limited to surfacing materials such as asphaltand concrete. Many naturally occurring surfaces, such as crushed aggregate or soils containingsome clay and a spectrum of sieve sizes, are considered firm and stable.""Other natural surfaces may also become firm and stable when combined with a stabilizingagent. Wood planks, stone, grass, and packed dirt may also be considered accessible. Thedegree of firmness and stability may vary depending on the intended use and the expecteddirection and length of travel."We
the undersigned
do not support paving asphalt trails at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Weask the County to significantly reduce the proposed width of the Dardenelle trail and bridge overSan Vicente Creek.
1.Sabrina BrennanMoss Beach, CAThe Dardenelle Trail exactly the way it is!2.PanagiotisRigopoulosPatras, Greece3.Andrea OefingerNewtown, CT4.JeanAnn HurstFresno, CA
5.Simon RobsonGlenfield, UnitedKingdom6.AlexandraLysenkoArlington, VA7.Matthew PintarCanonsburg, PA8.Jens LoehnerHof, Germany9.Bill KnappLititz, PA10.Jean LordCliffwood Bch, NJ11.Fred FallCherry Hill, NJ12.Florence StanleyBrisbane, Australia13.Olga KolesovaPerm, RussianFederation14.SA PrangerSimpsonville, SC15.Savannah AlliDiamond, Guyana16.Elizabeth PorterBarboursville, VA17.Adam PodlasinskiWarszawa, Poland18.ElizabethO'HalloranKettering, UnitedKingdom19.Hester Low-, Singapore20.Sue HarringtonPiedmont, CA21.Bettina LorenzRhede, Germany22.Elaine BrienzoAcushnet, MA23.Kathleen ColeCircleville, OH24.Birgitta SiponenOulu, Finland25.Llew TaylorNew Castle, PA26.Tammy SmithDavenport, IA27.Bobbie TseGlendale, AZmust every square inch of earth be paved??? ENOUGH !!!!28.Merissa SheppardKonigstein ImTaunus, Germany29.Intz WLincoln City, ORStop! Get an environmental impact report. Do not disturbor kill of this much natural environment for a road. Hikerscan find ways around without roads and surely in dryCalifornia, there is no need for a bridge over a creek. Don'tkill the animals and disturb their habitat in order to makework for some humans. This money could be spent morewisely in human populated areas or support areas of theWildlife Reserve.30.Sherry BreznickiSouth Euclid, OH31.Derek BennettSway, UnitedKingdom

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