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Footy Analysis A-League 10.11 spreadsheet

Footy Analysis A-League 10.11 spreadsheet

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Published by Nick Xenos

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Published by: Nick Xenos on Jan 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No Date League Home Team Away Team Pick1 5/8/2010 A-League Melbourne Heart Central Coast 12 6/8/2010 A-League Adelaide United Newcastle Jets 23 6/8/2010 A-League Perth Glory Nth Queensland 14 7/8/2010 A-League Sydney FC Melb Victory 15 8/8/2010 A-League Brisbane Roar Gold Coast Utd 16 8/8/2010 A-League Brisbane Roar Gold Coast Utd Ove7 13/8/2010 A-League Wellington Gold Coast Utd 18 13/8/2010 A-League Newcastle Jets Melb Heart 29 14/8/2010 A-League North Queensland Sydney FC 110 14/8/2010 A-League Melb Victory Perth Glory 111 14/8/2010 A-League Melb Victory Perth Glory Ove12 21/8/2010 A-League Brisbane Roar Sydney FC 114 27/8/2010 A-League Brisbane Roar Wellington 115 29/8/2010 A-League Gold Coast Utd Melb Victory 216 29/8/2010 A-League Melb Heart Perth Glory 217 4/9/2010 A-League Melb Heart Nth Queensland Ove18 5/9/2010 A-League Newcastle Jets Brisbane Roar 219 10/9/2010 A-League Central Coast Melb Heart 120 11/9/2010 A-League Wellington Sydney FC 121 18/9/2010 A-League Nth Queensland Melb Victory 122 19/9/2010 A-League Gold Coast Utd Central Coast 126 24/9/2010 A-League Adelaide United Perth Glory 127 25/9/2010 A-League Brisbane Roar Melb Heart 128 26/9/2010 A-League Sydney FC Gold Coast Utd 129 29/9/2010 A-League Sydney FC Nth Queensland 130 1/10/2010 A-League Gold Coast Utd Wellington 131 2/10/2010 A-League Central Coast Nth Queensland 132 8/10/2010 A-League Melb Heart Melb Victory 239 15/10/2010 A-League Nth Queensland Perth Glory Ove40 23/10/2010 A-League Melb Heart Gold Coast Utd 241 23/10/2010 A-League Brisbane Roar Melb Victory 147 29/10/2010 A-League Melb Victory Adelaide Utd Ove48 30/10/2010 A-League Sydney FC Brisbane Roar 249 3/11/2010 A-League Perth Glory Melb Heart 250 6/11/2010 A-League Melb Victory Gold Coast Utd 151 6/11/2010 A-League Brisbane Roar Adelaide Utd 153 10/11/2010 A-League Nth Queensland Melb Heart 254 12/11/2010 A-League Gold Coast Utd Sydney FC 155 13/11/2010 A-League Wellington Central Coast 156 13/11/2010 A-League Newcastle Jets Adelaide Utd 157 14/11/2010 A-League Melb Heart Brisbane Roar 258 19/11/2010 A-League Melb Heart Adelaide Utd 160 20/11/2010 A-League Newcastle Jets Wellington 161 21/11/2010 A-League Sydney FC Perth Glory 162 21/11/2010 A-League Sydney FC Perth Glory Ove63 21/11/2010 A-League Central Coast Gold Coast Utd 264 24/11/2010 A-League Newcastle Jets Central Coast 165 24/11/2010 A-League Brisbane Roar Perth Glory 166 26/11/2010 A-League Adelaide United Gold Coast Utd 167 27/11/2010 A-League Wellington Melb Victory 269 28/11/2010 A-League Central Coast Brisbane Roar 270 28/11/2010 A-League Nth Queensland Perth Glory 172 1/12/2010 A-League Gold Coast Utd Nth Queensland 2
73 3/12/2010 A-League Melb Victory Brisbane Roar 276 4/12/2010 A-League Central Coast Sydney FC 179 4/12/2010 A-League Nth Queensland Newcastle Jets 280 5/12/2010 A-League Wellington Adelaide Utd 28/12/2010 A-League Melb Heart Newcastle Jets 111/12/2010 A-League Melb Heart Melb Victory 211/12/2010 A-League Melb Heart Melb Victory Ove12/12/2010 A-League Sydney FC Brisbane Roar 215/12/2010 A-League Newcastle Jets Gold Coast Utd 118/12/2010 A-League Melb Victory Perth Glory 118/12/2010 A-League Nth Queensland Brisbane Roar 222/12/2010 A-League Central Coast Nth Queensland 123/12/2010 A-League Sydney FC Melb Heart 227/12/2010 A-League Nth Queensland Wellington 131/12/2010 A-League Central Coast Melb Victory 22/1/2011 A-League Adelaide United Brisbane Roar 23/1/2011 A-League Newcastle Jets Sydney FC 13/1/2011A-League Gold Coast Utd Perth Glory 25/1/2011A-League Wellington Melb Victory 17/1/2011A-League Brisbane Roar Perth Glory 18/1/2011A-League Sydney FC Gold Coast Utd 29/1/2011A-League Central Coast Wellington 111/1/2011A-League Newcastle Jets Nth Queensland 112/1/2011A-League Central Coast Brisbane Roar 114/1/2011A-League Gold Coast Utd Nth Queensland 115/1/2011A-League Sydney FC Melb Victory 115/1/2011A-League Perth Glory Melb HeartOver 16/1/2011A-League Newcastle Jets Central Coast 219/1/2011A-League Perth Glory Central Coast 221/1/2011A-League Adelaide United Nth Queensland 122/1/2011A-League Gold Coast Utd Newcastle Jets 123/1/2011A-League Wellington Perth Glory 1A-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-LeagueA-League