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The Glory of Africa Part 3

The Glory of Africa Part 3

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Jan 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Glory of Africa  Part 3 
Africa is home of the rise of the entire human race. All in inhabitants of the world directly orindirectly has a definite, transparent connection to
the Motherland of Africa. BlackAfricans are the first humans on Earth.
My past is from Africa and I will forever cherishand respect my own black ancestry. I'll always love my blood. Now, in the 21st century, we live ina more complicated world atmosphere.
In the past few months, my mind expanded innumerous subjects pertaining to black culture. This growth has enabled me to be moreopposed to the white supremacist system and its slick tactics
Long term, our people willbe stronger and better, but we will have to fight evil in the process of becoming moreenlightened in our consciousness
. Here, more issues will be shown about Africans worldwide.I am an African that was born in America. We are the first people in existence. That is why we asblack people have been strong, resilient, precious, and a gift to the entire human race. Real BlackQueens and Black Kings have done excellent work for humanity in general. I will never omit noromit these gems of truths.
Since this is 2011, more information about our present conditionswill be presented from education, relationships, and to life in general. With God's help, Iwill be a better human being myself. That's a promise. I'm nearing 30, so my perspectives
on life are more focused like a telescope lens.
Disagreeing with white supremacism hasnothing to do with
mind control or perpetual, unjust antagonism
. The powers that be wantblack people to ignore issues of oppression, injustice, and institutional racism continuingtoday (like the events from Hurricane Katrina to the death of Sean Bell. These incidents arerecent not centuries ago) to keep the status quo going forth. Standing up for the essence of your cultural identity has nothing to do with adhering to the concept of racial hatred.
Thisact of standing up relates directly to the precise and concrete goals of asserting ournatural human rights and preserving our excellent legacy
. Sorry, but more and more blacksaren't buying into some fake propaganda like colorblindness & groveling at the feet of theestablishment (to seek acquiescence). I respect the real truth, but not cultural elimination.You don’t beg another man for your freedom. You demand freedom in a firm fashion. It isalso important to never use the truth about
the greatness of Africa
as an excuse to promoteunjust hatred of any human being that is a different background or creed.
If a human beingsincerely & honestly seeks to have resolution, cooperation, to embrace the
fight againstinjustice or prejudice
, and possess a true measure of ending tensions, then thathuman being ought to be respected regardless of their background or color. Yet, it’s fineand legitimate to promote Black Unity and Black Power. The real interests of the BlackRace ought to be respected. We can’t unite with some racist, or some interloper trying toexploit people. We should never respect either some deceiver.
My soul and heart arestill though intact and natural. Again, I am an African who happens to live in America
I can be limited in what I can do by myself. Yet, if I and others work together in acollective effort, I can do more to build education, health services, businesses,etc. I like to rebel against evil. Forget that politically correct piece of lies that theestablishment promotes on a daily basis. The truth is a much more sufficientantidote to the situations in mine’s and others’ lives. Since people like this seriesof African issues so much, I will create a part 4 really soon in 2011. You know, thesister Beka Shakur certainly gave more motivation to talk plus write about theseissues since she provided a lot of history on real black pioneers.
The contributions and gifts of the black African people are found in a multiple amount of ways. The black soul is strong. These gifts are found in the means of creativity, music,architecture, intellectual pursuits, oratory, dance, art, and spiritual enlightenment, resilienceagainst obstacles, the love of family, athletics, and other realms of human living. The futureis here.
2011 is here. It's a new time with culture flowing, technology rapidlyadvancing, and more controversial topics coming up (relating to politics,sexuality, race, gender, class, and other themes). It's a great time to alive. It'salso a time that we have that right to discuss more of the truth in a truth seekingtype of fashion. This work is controversial and I like it like that
. The reason is that Iam controversial and I make no bones about it. It's important to keep my conscience clear,but it's time to lay the truth out there for as many people as possible to witness. Life isn'tabout being colorblind, but color respectful. Not to mention that the world can't punk me.
The world can never limit or cripple the strength of a black man or ablack woman.
I’ve been growing in my intellect after all these years. I’m just getting started inmy life. Hopefully, I can keep on doing what I’m doing and take things into that next level in theyears and decades ahead in the future. Learning new information is a long journey. It never stopsand I like to learn about issues, especially about controversial matters.
I’m 27 now.
Life is likechess not checkers in that you can win in life, but you should be conscious of the moves that you
In the end, good will triumph over evil and Black people will still behere within the Universe. We don’t war against each other. We fight againstthe evils in society and white supremacy.Thank God I woke up and I’veseen the Light about these topics. A person has got to keep it real.Anything else would be uncivilized. I act the same and treat people thesame in private and in public. This work is much more politically incorrectand honest. It shows exactly how I feel on certain issues without apology. Ihave to tell all of you that this is the fastest read work on this issue that I’veshown here. This work really resonances with people. I do like to thank theancestors for their strength and I will never forget what my ancestors hadto suffer, so I could live here in the 21
century. The memory of myancestors will never be forgotten.
Unsung Heroes
We know about Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and other great black leaders inhistory. The unsung heroes in some cases did more for black people than well knownblack leaders that we know from school, the newspapers, books, and other forms ofcommunication. That is why the unsung heroes ought to be known for a regular personcan make differences in our daily world. There is nothing wrong with being a regular blackman or a regular black woman having love for your people in contributing to theadvancement of black people in general.
Mary McLeod Bethune is an original black hero. She lived from 1875 to 1955
. She became agreat educator, a Presidential advisor, and did a lot of work for her people. Shewas famous for being a civil rights advocate and one of the most influential black

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