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Bryan Lynch 32ndWard RVJ-Inside Questionnaire

Bryan Lynch 32ndWard RVJ-Inside Questionnaire

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Published by Samantha Abernethy

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Published by: Samantha Abernethy on Jan 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bryan P. Lynch RVJ-Inside Survey Response – Page 1 of 4
Roscoe View Journal – Inside Publications
32nd Ward Aldermanic Candidates Survey
Survey deadlines were 11:59 p.m., January 20, 2011. A complete list of surveys can be found at www.roscoeviewjournal.com/32ndwardcandidates
Bryan P. Lynch
Candidate Birthdate:
Home Address:
1362 N Hoyne Ave, 60622
Campaign Phone Number:
Campaign Contact:bryan@lynch2011.com
 2006 W Webster Ave 3rd Floor, 60647info@lynch2011.comwww.lynch2011.com
Campaign Manager:
Rudi Patitucci
Marital Status:
Kelley Hoehn Lynch
Your Occupation:
J.D. from The John Marshall Law School, B.A from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, graduate of Addison Trail High School
Please list civic, professional, fraternal or other types of Organizations to which you belong.
Illinois State Bar Association, Past Elected Assembly Member Illinois State Bar Association,Member, Real Estate Section Council Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association, Member Illinois Bar Foundation, Fellow Cook County Justinian Society of Lawyers, Member CatholicLawyers Guild, Member The John Paul II Newman Center, University of Illinois - Chicago,Former Member of Board of Directors Ukrainian Village Preservation Society, Past counselIrish Fellowship Club of Chicago, Member 
Have you held elective or appointive political office or have you been employed by anybranch of government?
Bryan P. Lynch RVJ-Inside Survey Response – Page 2 of 4Yes, I worked for the City of Chicago for seven years, and very briefly worked for the Village of Gurnee on a short-term project.
Please list jobs or contracts you, members of your immediate family or business partnershave had with government.
I worked for the City of Chicago as an attorney in the Department of Law, as an AssistantCorporation Counsel, and as an Assistant Commissioner in the Department of Buildings,Demolition Bureau. I also worked on a small legal job involving title review for the Village of Gurnee. My mother has been a public school teacher for CPS and District 4 in Addison. Myfather is an elected trustee for the Village of Addison.
What, in your view, is an alderman’s job?
An Alderman's job is to ensure that the residents and businesses within his/her ward arereceiving the top-notch services that they pay for in taxes, while responding to local concernsfrom individuals and neighborhood groups and ensuring these concerns and needs are beingaddressed by City Hall.
If elected, what would be your immediate priorities for your ward?
1. Improving Constituent Services – We pay an extraordinary amount of taxes and I do not think we receive the services that we deserve. The City’s 311 system is a good way to track issues, but not to deliver services. I am familiar with the City from having worked in and with variousdepartments bringing services, addressing issues, and solving problems. I understand how toaddress an issue from the inception to the resolution, and will utilize this knowledge to theward’s benefit once elected Alderman. 2. Promoting and Encouraging Small BusinessGrowth – Currently the red tape and obstacles make it extremely difficult to open a business,and the present Alderman does not have a knowledge base to guide prospective businesses or operating businesses to streamline the process and offer knowledgeable guidance. I want to notonly remove obstacles, but make it easy to open the right type of businesses in the 32nd Ward.I want the 32nd Ward to be known as an area that promotes and actively assists business so thatsmall businesses are inclined to come to the ward and open their businesses. More businessesmean more tax dollars, and more tax dollars means more services. These increased servicesmeans better streets, streetscapes, lighting, and neighborhood amenities, which in turn makesthe neighborhoods more desirable, more sought after, and helps preserve and bolster propertyvalues. People want shops, restaurants, coffee houses, kids’ stores, clothing stores; if these businesses exist in the ward it is a more attractive place to live and raise a family. 3. Partner with the police to deter crime and keep people informed and safe- I worked for the city andwith the Chicago Police Deparment in Municipal Prosecutions for approximately seven yearsaddressing quality of life issues. I understand how to collaborate with CPD and make our neighborhoods stronger. I would work to prevent the removal of police from the Districts thatserve the ward and actively engage in a review to determine how the 32nd Ward can securefunds for additional resources to increase patrols. The Alderman also needs to keep itsresidents informed about crime in the ward so that people can make informed decisions.
If elected, what would be your immediate priorities for the city?My immediate priority for the city would be to address our current budget deficit andfigure out how to bridge the current gap between City revenue and City expenditures. This
Bryan P. Lynch RVJ-Inside Survey Response – Page 3 of 4
would include pension reform and allowing Inspector General oversight of Aldermanicoffices. The other priority would be to ensure that enough revenue is allocated to: 1) fixthe current citywide police officer staffing shortage, and 2) provide adequate funding forour public schools to successfully educate our children.
Should Tax Increment Financing districts be eliminated? Why?
Tax Increment Financing districts should not be eliminated as a whole, as TIF funding plays anessential role in the economic development of underdeveloped parts of the City. However,certain TIF districts should indeed be eliminated, as certain TIF districts can no longer be calledunderdeveloped, resulting in millions of dollars that could be going to other city services likeeducation or police going unused in a TIF coffer.
In what way can the City Council improve its oversight responsibility for government?
The City Council can allow their Aldermanic offices to be under the purview of the Inspector General, and can create an Independent Budget Management body that will play a role infinalizing City budgets.
Would you hire family members for staff or a city government job? Explain your answer.
 No, I would not hire family members for staff or city government jobs. This practice, whether family members in question are qualified or not, is one that does not pass the "smell" test and is arelic from a different day in Chicago government. Such an action would undermine mycredibility with my constituents, and for me to do my job as an Alderman effectively, it helps tohave my constituents understand that their own interests come before mine.
Would you support a property tax increase? Explain.
 No, I would not support a property tax increase. Chicago residents and property owners alreadyface a significant tax burden, and many elderly home owners can barely afford their current property tax bills. At this time, a property tax increase is not a prudent type of revenue generator for the City.
City and teacher pensions are underfunded and city revenues are down. Do you supportmoving worker pensions from defined benefit to defined contribution plans?
An analysis should be undertaken to make changes in the current system. Defined benefit planswere created to provide for greater compensation for individuals that were compensated at alower rate over the course of their career. However, recent salary trends make warrant the Cityconsidering switching to a defined contributions plan, as some such plans do exist in the city.This would provide a defined savings amount so that people could gauge the amount of moneythey would have in retirement.
The Lincoln and Belmont intersection is vastly underdeveloped and the development forold LaSalle Bank building is bankrupt while the PD is set to expire in 2011. What wouldyou do to improve the area’s prospects?
The City should engage the parties and lender to try to create a catalyst for this stagnate project.However, the investment climate is the biggest obstacle to any project and the ability of the Cityto investment money or incentivize the project may be limited in the years ahead.

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