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Coping With The Crime Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment

Coping With The Crime Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment

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Coping With The Crime Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment
Coping With The Crime Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment

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Published by: Vatican Assassin. / M Jones on Jan 25, 2011
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Eleanor White
Page 1 (Oct 26, 2010 12:43)
LIST OF SECTIONSPage numbers are not given here, as this booklet will be updated frequently when newinformation becomes available.General
“How Can I Get This Stopped!?”2. Lower Your Expectations But Don't Lose Hope3. Avoid Discrediting Yourself 4. Network5. Restrict What You Say to Professionals6. Get Serious About Health and Nutrition7. Exercise Helps a Lot8. Wildlife Interaction - Inexpensive and Rewarding9. Sleep Tips10. Endless Churning11. Ignoring Perpetrator Attacks12. The Strong Likelihood of Decoying13. Shielding14. Defending Against False Diagnosis of Mental Illness15. Forming OS/EH Target Communes16. Implants17. Satellites18. Mind Reading19. Classified Technology and Coping20. “The Phone Call”21. “You Don't Have Any Evidence”22. Your Social Life23. Mask Your Voice to Skull24. Sabotage in the Workplace25. “Broken” Equipment26. How the Perps Get You to Discredit Yourself 27. Telling Your Family28. Coping With Dissolution of Memory29. Unwitting PerpetratorsA1. Gathering Evidence: GeneralA2. Gathering Evidence: PhotographicA3. Gathering Evidence: VideosA4. Gathering Evidence: Suspected Surveillance DevicesA5. Gathering Evidence: Signal DetectionA10. Group Stalking StatisticsA11. Chapter 4 (OSATV): Through-Wall Electronic WeaponsA12. Earning Attention Span Success Story
Page 2 (Oct 26, 2010 12:43)
There are many different ideas and opinions within the organized stalking and electronicharassment community as to how to cope with this crime. This booklet presents the opinionsof the author, Eleanor White, who at time of writing has been a target for 29 years. Becausethis crime includes tactics outside the widely recognized crimes, including classified (secret)technologies, nothing in this booklet is guaranteed to help in any particular case.This collection of coping ideas is provided on a “for what it may be worth” basis.One aspect of coping is experimenting with countermeasure and detection methods for theelectronic harassment. That is beyond the scope of this booklet, however, a collection of information on such experimentation is available in this booklet:http://www.multistalkervictims.org/oscd.pdf Note: This book is not intended for the general public, however, I doubt it would do any harmif members of the public were to see it.For a booklet on handling OS/EH information see:http://www.multistalkervictims.org/osih.pdf For a booklet about technology terms and concepts, see:http://www.multistalkervictims.org/ostt.pdf For a booklet describing OS/EH designed for the public see:http://www.multistalkervictims.org/osatv.pdf For further coping tips from the Stop Covert War web site:http://www.stopcovertwar.com/(Enter, then look for the bottom of page menu item saying “Countermeasures.”)For a booklet describing OS/EH activism history ee:http://www.multistalkervictims.org/osah.pdf This blog contains additional suggestions for coping (listed October 2009):http://www.wiseti.blogspot.com
1. “How Can I Get This Stopped!?”
“How Can I Get This Stopped!?” is, naturally, the number one question on the mind of everytarget of organized stalking and electronic harassment (OS/EH).The short answer is that because this crime appears to have taken over all the world'sgovernments and most relevant non-government organizations, and seems to have virtuallyunlimited funding and power, it's going to take a while, and we don't have a method which has
Page 3 (Oct 26, 2010 12:43)

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