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Dead SULs | Excerpt 1 | 1/25/11

Dead SULs | Excerpt 1 | 1/25/11

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Published by Kirstin Butler
Dead SULs is a novel-in-progress about identity in the age of Facebook. Find out more at www.deadsuls.com!
Dead SULs is a novel-in-progress about identity in the age of Facebook. Find out more at www.deadsuls.com!

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Published by: Kirstin Butler on Jan 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Waking up on the bed under his tab, wholly adrift. The room was dark. The tabwas dark. He shifted his hips, a pelvic quiver, and saw the screen alight. Its flare aninstant beacon calling him back to duty, his services required.Chilbert lifted the surface until he was holding it a few inches from his face whilewondering, in passing, how much sperm he’d killed off by falling asleep with it on hislap. He wasn’t sure which count was lower, that or his Friends.Both giving him anxiety.He tilted the tab a half inch away from himself then back and watched as thestream refreshed. The heartbeat quickening, surge from the adrenal to the cortex. Joltedinto alertness. Top Updates algorithmically drawn from 1,131 people, most of whom heknew in name only, having met them some distant day at an event way beyond recall.Chilbert lay there, held in the stream’s indifferent thrall. His need to peecompeting with everyone’s outcries. An inchoate mix of signals, heraldic of humanity’sconstant need, recurrent diurnal revolution. The best of life he’d missed in the last hour and a half.
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Beth KilgustEverything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself. –Rumi
14 mins ago
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12 minutes ago
Linnea WalentinI don’t care if it is a Birkin. That brown bag still doesn’t go with your black outfit. Phew... glad I gotthat off my chest!
23 mins ago
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Natalie Kim I’m not so sure Lin: it’s still a Birkin! If I had one I’deven wear it with my bathing suit!
31 minutes ago
Linnea Walentin I have no problem with that as long as it MATCHES yourbathing suit ;-)
36 minutes ago
Deb Jackson-CampbellFirst time breathing in 3+ hrs. 7-6 Diamondbacks. Hester shut em down
41 mins ago
3 otherslike this.Laura NelsonAlmost gave me a heart attack!
38 minutes ago
Samuel Gagné(AFP) Deadly Violence Erupts in Ivory Coast: At least three people were shot dead aftergunfire broke out in the country’s capital. Witnesses say violence in the crisis-strickencity of Abidjan is the result of post-election tensions, when supporters of the man whoclaims to have won...
about an hour ago
Andrew HobbsQuite sad to see what’s been happening since we were last there. Have youheard from Cam yet?
7 minutes ago
Tulsi KadamAtCoco de Ville(755 N La Cienaga Blvd, Central LA) withRex KravetsandJaren Gonzalez
about an hour ago via HTC
Kyle Morgan Stolzf uuuuuuuuuu. super jealous!
25 minutes ago
He had to pee.Back maybe a minute later. No 3 minutes, according to the stream, whichdisplayed a fresh wave of updates. Only now upon his return noticing that the tab had been playing music the whole time. Now it was a song he didn’t recognize from a personcalled Bashir Siddiqi’s station, radionowhere. Whatever it was sounded like Daft Punk  put through a de-electronifying filter, out the other side of whatever worm hole they’doriginally come. Chilbert was moved, though he wouldn’t have been able to say why or how, by its aleatory blend. He Liked it.Lying back down he lifted the screen overhead once again, its light contracting his pupils. This time he flipped over to the list he so obsessively followed these days, the3

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