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Victor Thorn-911 Evil

Victor Thorn-911 Evil

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Published by Freedom Fight
victor thorn 911 evil israel mossad aipac jews spies terrorism terrorist
victor thorn 911 evil israel mossad aipac jews spies terrorism terrorist

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Published by: Freedom Fight on Jan 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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9-11 Evil
9-11 EVIL
Directly following the horrors of 9-11, a picture appeared onthe Internet showing a devil's face leering from the smoke andflames which emanated from WTC 2 only moments after ithad been struck by Flight 175. This photo was later proven tobe a hoax, but the sentiment still stands. The diabolicalmonsters that lurk within an insanity-laden cabal - the sameones who unleashed these attacks upon America - epitomizewhat we define as evil. In fact, as I watched these surreal,almost Hollywoodesque events unfold across my televisionscreen on the morning of September 11, 2001, the lines froman old Black Sabbath song (War Pigs) kept resonating throughmy head:
Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black 
masses Evil minds that plot destruction Sorcerers of death'sconstruction
That's what we are now confronted with (and have beenfacing for the past century via World War I, II, and manyothers) ... Sickness ... the sickness of warped, twisted,villainous minds right out in the open; revealed for the worldto see like the stripped-bare characters in the movie TheyLive. Now. waging a full-scale war that had been prophesiedby such luminaries as Samuel P. Huntington and ZbigniewBrzezinski was an Israeli-inspired cartel of neo-con "crazies"who had finally been commissioned by their New World
9-11 Evil
Order overlords to stage a terror attack like the world hadnever seen before.
One of the most ironic aspects of this psychotic calamity wasits comparison to Germany's Reichstag fire in 1933; whilelater President George W. Bush was compared to Adolf Hitler. But even though Bush's grandfather Prescott didlaunder money for the Nazis during WWII, this symbolic juxtaposition was nothing more than one of many distractionsused to divert attention away from the real driving forcebehind this assault. The Bush-swastika emblem adorning somany anti-war protest posters was actually a smokescreenused to conceal a far more sinister sign - the Star of David.
9-11 (similar to the JFK assassination) has been blamed on avariety of different culprits, including Osama bin Laden, alQaeda, oil, the Taliban, imperialism, the Illuminati, terrorism,and even Donald Rumsfeld's famous handshake-partner.Saddam Hussein. Yet once again, these influences wereperipheral at best and red herrings at worst; for the cancerouscrux of this bona fide conspiracy resides in an occult heart of darkness which is capable of plotting the most heinous,inhumane crimes known to mankind. Or. more specifically,should I say that these diablos were the grand wizards behind9-11; those four simple syllables that have been permanentlyimprinted on our collective consciousness. Like the GreatFlood so many eons ago; or the atomic bombs decimatingHiroshima and Nagasaki; this "New Pearl Harbor" broughtwith it such a brutal, debilitating dose of reality that the onlyway we can avoid it is via a deliberately-induced case of amnesia.

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