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Are Ahadith, The Second Source of Islam???

Are Ahadith, The Second Source of Islam???

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Published by rahenijaat1
Can anyone prove these books "Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim", a source of Islam on Allah's Quraan? Take it as a challenge!---
Can anyone prove these books "Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim", a source of Islam on Allah's Quraan? Take it as a challenge!---

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Published by: rahenijaat1 on Jan 25, 2011
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Are ahadith, The Second Source of Islam?
People of the last ummah try to prove that unauthorized man-made books of ahadith, forwhich Allah never gave His approval, are the 2nd source of Deen. The undeniable fact isthat these unauthorized books have been declared as hadith of the Messenger (S) byghairullah (imaams, shiekhs, ulama).But---Allah The Most Wise Authorizes Al-Quraan as the Hadith of His Messenger(SAW).
"Indeed , This (Quraan) is the Saying (Hadith) of a Noble Messenger(S)" (Al-Haqqa-40)
With Allah's Decision that Al-Quraan is The Hadith of a Noble Messenger (SAW),everything is changed, our direction is changed, and we are directed towards Al-Quraanonly. If someone reads all those Verses, that the bukhari-followers quote to prove man-made books of ahadith as the second source of Islaam, and then the person comes to theabove quoted Verse
, he will be perplexed and think that Bukhari andMuslim are hadith of the Messenger (S) according to ghairullah's decision (imaams,sheikhs, ulama), but Allah is giving His Decision that Al-Quraan is the Hadith of a NobleMessenger (SAW).
"Indeed , This (Quraan) is the Saying (Hadith) of a Noble Messenger(S)" (Al-Haqqa-40)
Remember one very important point, and that is, what Allah is saying, the Messenger isalso saying that. Again, what Allah is saying in His Quraan, the Messenger is saying thesame while conveying The Quraan.So Allah's Sayings, and the Messenger's Sayings are indeed, one and the same thing, andthat is Al-Quraan only. Allah's Words are Allah's Words, and Allah's Words are theMessenger's Words. What Allah revealed, the Messenger conveyed. No difference at all.A momin must have Imaan in it.So, what Allah said, the Messenger said. And what the Messenger said, is what Allahsaid.So, when we say, "Allah is saying in His Quraan", it means "the Messenger is saying inhis Quraan".So, read again, and see what the Messenger (SAW) himself is saying about his Hadith.
"Indeed , This (Quraan) is the Saying (Hadith) of a Noble Messenger(S)" (Al-Haqqa-40)
So, the Messenger is saying, this Quraan is my Hadith. It means the Messenger ownsAllah's Quraan, as his Hadith.-----He didn't own Bukhari, Muslim and other man-made
books of ahadith, as his sayings.The Messenger never knew that after more than 200 years, some people, without Allah'sAuthorization, will compile books of ahadith using his name.And if on The Judgement Day, he is told about this act, that some people of your ummahwere not satisfied at all with The Book you said was your Hadith, he will be grieved andsue against those people and their followers in the court of Allah:
"The Messenger will say, "My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran." (Al-Furqaan-30)
-----and they had written their own qurans, many qurans.Again, see what our dearest Messenger (SAW) is saying,---and also see,----- do we obeyor disobey what our Messenger is saying
"Indeed , This (Quraan) is the Saying (Hadith) of a Noble Messenger(S)" (Al-Haqqa-40)
Do the last ummah today, obey the Messenger (S) and have Imaan in what the Messenger(S) is saying? No, not at all. They don't obey the Messenger (S) at all. They ignorantly,stubbornly and arrogantly disobey the Messenger (S) and say Bukhari and Muslim are theahadith of the Messenger (S). So sad, the Messenger (S) owns Al-Quraan as his Hadith,and never owned Bukhari and Muslim as his Hadith.Is it not a fact? Is it not a fact?The whole ummah today, is disobeying the Messenger (SAW), yet they shamelesslyclaim that they love the Messenger (SAW) very much, and shamelessly say that the "Ishq-e-Rasool" will save them from Hellfire.
My brothers and sisters, The Messenger (S) is connected with "The Message".-----Hebrought "The Message" as his sayings, and indeed, he brought "The Message" as Allah'sCommandments. He did not bring Bukhari and Muslim as his sayings.If extra-Quraanic sayings of the Messenger (S) had been of any importance in The Sightof Allah, then who would have been better than Allah Himself, to decide their necessity.But in The Sight of Allah the extra-Quraanic sayings of the Messenger (S) are notimportant. Nobody can ever prove that Bukhari and Muslim are the second source of Islaam. Allah's Quraan is the only Source of Allah's Deen.If man-made ahadith are also the source of Islaam, then why did Allah not take them inHis Protection? Why?-----Think that Allah took in His Protection The First Source of Islaam, Al-Quraan-----but leftthe second source of Islaam at the mercy of the imaams, sheikhs and allaamas? This onething is quite enough to prove that man-made books of ahadith are not the second sourceof Islaam.Who would know best how to explain The Quraan, and make The Quraan easy-to-understand and make It understandable to humankind better than The Creator Himself?
Therefore, man-made ahadith, tafseer or any human teacher is not at all needed to explainAllah's Quraan. Allah's Quraan is Allah's, not Bukhari's or Muslim's or allaama's.So, it is very much clear that Allah Himself is enough to explain His own Quraan. Theterminologies "Quraan-o-Hadith" and "Quraan-o-Sunnah" are not in Allah's Quraan, andnot authorized terminologies. These are man-invented terminologies. If you areperplexed, read Allah's Quraan yourself and then you will come to know the realities. Allthe ulama of the ummah stop people to read Allah's Quraan alone, directly withoutahadith, tafseer or man-written books, because these ulama know that they will not beneeded anymore. And they will be unveiled.Think again, The Messenger is a Messenger, because he has "The Message".Remember, without "The Message", the Messenger is not a Messenger.And again remember, that without Bukhari and Muslim, still the Messenger is aMessenger, because he has "The Message".The Messenger (SAW) was the Messenger of "The Message" (Allah's Quraan only)revealed to him. He was not a Messenger of Bukhari or Muslim. And also he was not aMessenger of his own explanations of Al-Quraan.One more Quraanic point keep in mind, and that is, that in The Sight of Allah, HisQuraan is the Hadith of the Messenger (SAW).-----So, when we say Allah is saying in HisQuraan, it means the Messenger is saying in his Hadith (and his Hadith is "Al-Quraan").The ummah is ordered to follow the Example of the Messenger (SAW).Read the Hadith of the Messenger (S) in Allah's Quraan.
"Certainly, there is for you in the Messenger of Allah a good example for anyonewhose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and who remembers Allah much." (Al-Ahzaab-21)
Yes, the above quoted Verse is in fact the Real Hadith of the Messenger (S), and not theunauthorized books of ahadith, Bukhari and Muslim.What is the Good Example in the Messenger of Allah that we should follow?---Indeed,The Quraan, and only The Quraan, is the Example of the Messenger (SAW), because theMessenger (SAW) followed The Quraan and nothing but The Quraan.Read more Ahadith of the Messenger (S) in Allah's Quraan.
"Say (O Muhammad), "I am not something new (different) among the Messengers.I have no idea what will happen to me or to you. I only follow what is revealed tome. I am no more than a profound warner." (Al-Ahqaaf-9)"Say (O Muhammad): “It is not for me to change it on my own accord. I follow notbut that which is revealed unto me. Indeed, I fear, if I were to disobey my Lord, thepunishment of a Great Day.” (Younus-15)"Say (O Muhammad): “I do not say to you that with me are the treasures of Allah,nor that I know the Unseen (Ghaib). And I do not say to you that I am an angel. I

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