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Atheists Among Us

Atheists Among Us



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Published by UK
There are atheists among us.
There are atheists among us.

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Published by: UK on May 08, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Atheists Among Us
There are atheists among us. They believe in no god. They worship nothing. Their worldview precludes the supernatural and includes only the natural. They view God as anadult's fairy tale. They look at those who spend Sundays at church and think what a waste of time. They believe in one life and one life lived well.There are atheists among us. You will see them on the street, in the supermarket, in themall. You will meet them at work and at parties. You will meet them in the restroom and atthe gym. You will not know who they are. You will not know them by their fruit. All you canknow is that they do exist and that they do influence you, your city, your state, your country,and, slowly but surely, your world. Atheists matter.There are atheists among us. They are scattered in every corner of the earth. They influence politics, education, science. They have their materialistic hands in everything.Everything they touch turns to naturalism. Everything they touch turns to realism. Everythingthey touch turns to reality.There are atheists among us. Most hide, but more and more are coming out. More andmore are witnessing of religion's deceit. More and more are evangelizing trust in logic andreasoning and common sense. More and more are telling others to grow up, to get with theevolutionary program, and to stop pretending that a single book, a hodgepodge of wishfulthinking, solves the world's problems. More and more are coming to grips with life instead of avoiding it.There are atheists among us. What will you do about it? Will you try to convince themthat your religion is right? Will you try to convince them that you alone know the truth? Will you try to prevent them from speaking and using their minds? Or, will you simply ignore

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