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Evidence of State Department cover-up of Obama's birth story

Evidence of State Department cover-up of Obama's birth story



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Published by Pamela Barnett
Here is the appeal to DOS for Obama's mother's passport and consular records. Many hours of research of Department of State and National Archive policies, procedures and history strongly suggests that the federal government agency illegally and intentionally destroyed Obama's mothers 1965 passport application and possible prior applications in an attempt to cover up Obama's birth story and whether he is a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution.

Here is the appeal to DOS for Obama's mother's passport and consular records. Many hours of research of Department of State and National Archive policies, procedures and history strongly suggests that the federal government agency illegally and intentionally destroyed Obama's mothers 1965 passport application and possible prior applications in an attempt to cover up Obama's birth story and whether he is a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution.

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Published by: Pamela Barnett on Jan 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pamela Barnett2541 Warrego WaySacramento, CA 95826(415)846.7170January 19, 2010Chairman, Appeals Review Panel,c/o Information and Privacy Coordinator/Appeals Officer,U.S. Department of State, A/GIS/IPS/PP, SA-2Washington, DC 20522-8100
RE: Case No.: 200900535 - Consular and Passport Records for StanleyAnn Dunham (aka Obama) for the years 1959-1962
Mr. Chairman,This is an urgent appeal of national importance in response to the Department of State’scorrespondence to me dated Dec. 10, 2010, from Alex Galovich.I being duly sworn depose and say under penalty of perjury the following fromSacramento County, California. I am a U.S. citizen over 18 years of age, and I am aretired military officer with over 14 years experience working with federal governmentpolicies and procedures. In the event of my untimely death or mental incapacity Itransfer all legal rights associated with this FOIA request to Christopher Strunk ofBrooklyn, NY, who has an active lawsuit against the DOS to obtain Stanley AnnDunham’s passport records. My summarized updated more detailed demand forrecords appears at the end of this appeal request. This appeal letter will be publicized.To be legally eligible to be President of the United States both parents must be U.S.citizen and the child must be born on U.S. soil according to past Supreme Court rulingsas well as U.S. historic definition. The DOS has not made a reasonable effort to locaterecords requested after two long years of obstructing the release of records that wouldhelp prove whether or not Barack Hussein Obama (
aka Soebarkah, according to hismother’s passport records
) (Exhibit 1) was born in Hawaii in 1961 as he states andalso prove who his biological father is and what his citizenship was. The DOS has NOTmade a good faith effort to locate records to fulfill my FOIA request and I fear unknownagents with access to DOS records have engaged in selective document destruction ofdocuments that would have satisfied my request and helped confirm whether or notObama was born in the United States and who his father was on his official birth andpassport documents.I urge you to order U.S. Marshalls to immediately secure all of the remaining paperpassport and consular documents, microfilms, and indexes regarding records for
Stanley Ann Dunham (aka Obama, further on to be referenced as SAD) before theydisappear as well. The processing of my original FOIA request is not complete as myrequest for SAD’s consular and passport records was not addressed at all by the DOS.Copied from my FOIA online request:
“I request all United States Passport and all consular records for Stanley AnnDunham aka Stanley Ann Obama aka Ann Dunham aka Ann Obama for the yearsof 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962. Stanley Ann Dunham (Name variation could beAnna),who was born in Wichita, Kansas, on November 29th, 1942.”
The DOS mailed to me six SAD (aka Soetoro) passport related documents that I didNOT request, and they do NOT address my original request.In the letter from Jonathan M. Rolbin, Director, he states that these documents were
“responsive to your request.“ 
I think this is an attempt to by Rolbin to try to try toplacate me for DOS’s complete lack of response to what I requested because of thevery unreasonable two years of waiting for documents of monumental importance.Rolbin also stated
“Many passport applications and other non-vital records from that period were destroyed during the 1980s in accordance with guidance from the General Services Administration.” 
This generalized, uncorroborated statementcreates more questions than answers.Rolbin’s statement greatly concerns me for many reasons:1.
Calls passport applications non-vital, when they clearly are, as they are thesupporting documentation behind the issuance of a passport and are consideredClass A documents and contain evidence of proof of citizenship.2.
DOS states “that period”. What period is this? They provide no time frame.3.
Where’s the proof of the supposed destruction? Where’s the chain of title forthe destruction of millions of citizen’s personal passport documents withoutnotice? Where is the original policy document/directive that outlines this alleged“document destruction program?”4. If this alleged documentation destruction program was instituted, why is it notreflected in the DOS Records Schedules? (Tasha M. Thian, DOS RecordsOfficer confirms that this destruction is not reflected in the DOS RecordSchedules.) Why did the DOS attorney Rolbin not produce a directive or policyletter that outlines this alleged destruction?The DOS entered an unsworn, uncorroborated alleged “communication” that discussedan alleged “purge project” into federal court in response to the lawsuit
Strunk v.State Department 
DCD 08-cv-2234 (RJL). (Exhibit 2) I bring this to your attention because thisalleged correspondence and alleged “purge project” affects my FOIA request directlyand DOS entered it into evidence in a court of law. However, I am not surprised that this
document was not sent to me by DOS, because it is highly suspect as to its authenticity.According to research (much of which is from DOS and National Archives and RecordsAdminstration (NARA) policy and procedures), there was no such program to destroy“many passport applications”. (See Exhibit 3 affidavits that discredit this DOS alleged“purge project” program and alleged resulting “communication” from 1985.)In addition to the attached affidavits, I provide additional questions and supportingdocumentation that further discredits the alleged “purged project” and alleged resultingcommunication.First of all, I question the peculiarity of the “communication” based on who it issupposedly to; Beirut and Kabul Embassies. Why just these two embassies when theyare in different diplomatic regions and both had wars waging around them along withbombings? Why would DOS list two different embassies together on the“communication” when they were going to two different locations? Why not acommunication addressed just to Kabul and another addressed just to Beirut? Kabuldidn’t even have an “official” embassy in the 1980s according to the Afghanistanembassy. Routine correspondence is not a record type that requires long term storingas you can verify with the Passport Record schedules. It would be highly unlikely for aroutine “correspondence” to not be destroyed before 25 years. (Exhibit 4)According to this alleged “purge project correspondence” the passport records that DOSwanted to destroy were located at the FRC before they moved them to an undisclosedlocation to be destroyed. Passport records after 1925 are maintained by PassportServices until they are scheduled to be transferred to National Archives at 50 years ordestroyed at 100 years according to Records Schedules on DOS’s website. (Exhibit 5)If this alleged communication were factually correct, this would have meant that therewas an unscheduled transfer of passport documents from DOS to the “FRC”, because amove to an FRC or WNRC is not included in the Passport Record Schedules. (Exhibit 5)
In order to transfer unscheduled records to an FRC, agencies must:
Inform NARA's Life Cycle Management Division (NWML) in writing prior to the transfer.
This can be done by sending NWML a copy of the SF 135 submitted for FRCapproval before transferring the unscheduled records to the FRC
. (Exhibit 6)Consequently, there should be paperwork that documents the unscheduled transfer ofdocuments. Today the form is known an SF135, however I am not sure if is the sameform that would have been used in the early 1980s but it has a Rev. 7-85 date on it.(Exhibit 7) Another odd problem with the mention of the FRC (I’m assuming the FederalRecords Center, but does not mention which one.) is that the alleged communicationstates “the more than 125 million records which had accumulated at FRC since 1925.”According to the FRC website the FRC started in 1950. (Exhibit 8) The WNRC, theFRC closest to Washington, D.C., was dedicated in 1966 and the DOS Passport

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