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DSN Newsletter Issue # 2

DSN Newsletter Issue # 2

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Published by: Four Worlds International Institute (FWII) on Jan 26, 2011
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December, 2010
This Issue:
DSN Turning the CornerP. 1DSN Training a Hit in JakartaP. 2Digital Library LaunchedP. 2P. 3
New DSNsCome Online
 A list of new DSNs than cameonline since the last newsletter.
www.trunity.net/infidjakarta INFID stands for the InternationalNGO Forum on Indonesian Devel-opment and was established inJune 1985. INFID is an open andpluralistic network of NGOs fromIndonesia and various membercountries of the ConsultativeGroup for Indonesia as well as of international organizations andindividuals with an interest in andcommitment to Indonesia.
(Friends of the Earth Indo-nesia)www.trunity.net/sawa Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indo-nesia (Indonesian Forum for theEnvironment) was founded in1980 and joined FoEI in 1989.WALHI is the largest and oldestenvironmental advocacy NGO inIndonesia.
www.trunity.net/hrwg Human Rights Working GroupIndonesia network created duringour DSN training in Jakarta.
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By Deloria Many Grey Horses, Four Directions DSN Coordinator 
The Deep Social Networking project has been in ac-tion since March 2009 and is turning the corner
thanks to it’s training the trainers concept.
The sameparticipants that have been the cornerstone of thisproject since the beginning, have now become thetrainers, capable of conducting all four phases of DSN to a range of ages, technical skills, and in multi-ple languages (English, Thai, Bahasa, Burmese,Khmer, Filipino, Lahu, Kayan, Igorot and the list isgrowing).
Multiple DSN trainings will be conducted by formerDSN participants simultaneously through out South-
east Asia…
…In Thailand
four of our top DSN participants fromKNGY (Kayan New Generation Youth) will be holdingweekly trainings for the Saw High School in MaeSot. All of the participants are Burmese refugees andwill receive all of their DSN training in Bur-mese, there will be no need for a translator sinceour former participants are Burmese as well. SaveLahu in Chiang Dao led by Mr. Maitree is in the proc-ess of developing a school for 20 orphans that wouldallow for regular schooling, as well as, DSN trainingsduring the evenings and weekends.
…In Indonesia
Budhie Himawan has been conductingfollow-up DSN support for the Human Rights Work-ing Group and affiliated organizations that attendedthe initial training in Jakarta. Budhie will be holding aphase 1 DSN training with AMAN (Archipelago inwhich a dozen participants from AMAN will learn allfour phases of DSN and conduct trainings for thenearly 100 members of AMAN.
….in Cambodia
DSN trainings will be held by bothCIYA (Cambodian Indigenous Youth Alliance) andMYN Cambodia (Mekong Youth Network) in the de-velopment of websites and social media in order to
empower the youth of Cambodia and all of it’s Indige-nous Peoples’.
….And in the Philippines
DSN follow-up trainings inSocial Activism Blogging will be held with students inBontoc and Tadian in the Cordillera Region withMPSPC (Mountain Province State Polytechnic Col-lege). Currently six of our Indigenous DSN partici-pants from Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippinesare attending a week long youth video/filming train-ing camp in Baguio City, Philippines.
DSN Turning the Corner
Lessons Learned
I’d like to start by thanking Chief 
Phil Lane Jr., whose inspirationmotivates us learning and imple-menting Deep Social Networks. Iwould not forget your great effortsin supporting me during the criticalsituations.I'd like to sincerely thank Melinda,Michael and SEARCH for spendingyour valuable time coming to thetraining, ensuring everything istaken care of and sponsoring thetraining.I'd like to truthfully thank Cliff andJoakim for providing the best plat-form for Deep Social Networks. Inparticular, I want to thank Cliff Lyonfor introducing me to this wonder-ful team. I would also like to thankJon Ramer and Tom. I stole withpride some of your materials.Each participant has their own tal-ent. We were very happy teachingeach other sharing our knowledgeand expertise. There were someoccasions however, when we haddifficulty with internet connection.But I would consider it as valuablelesson for future projects.With all of our enthusiasm, t
heparticipants created 15 sites
, whichare: some organization sites, somenetworking sites and some per-sonal sites. Although they are notfull fledged sites, they formed agood groundwork.Deloria, Franco and I see somepotential future Deep Social Net-works.I would like to take this opportunityto thank everyone directly or indi-rectly involved in the training.
 A report filed by Budhie Himawan,Four Directions DSN Coordinator Indonesia, in October 2010 
With the great efforts and sup-ports from all parties, we success-fully completed the Deep SocialNetwork Training for Trainers inJakarta.
The training was attended by 13participants from 12 organizations(AICHR, HRWG, SEAPC, HRRCA and8 other NGOs). In addition to that,Kris Merginio from Working Groupfor an ASEAN Human Rights Mecha-nism (Philippine) also joined thetraining.The training went smooth. All par-ticipants are computer literateeven some of them have IT role intheir organizations.Additionally, all of them have deepknowledge about their own organi-zation and most of them wereready with their contents.
DSN Training a Hit in Jakarta
Our thanks must also go to Mr.
Rafendi’s and his team who have
worked so tirelessly to make it allsuch a success and especially Kiky& Dhini who made sure every-thing ran so very well.Above all, however, I'd like tosincerely thank Deloria & Francowho guide me before and duringthe training. I really appreciate
your presence. It’s been great,
fun and enjoyable working withyou both.The training was just a kick start.The real work is waiting ahead. Iwill contact each organization,visit and assist them building asustainable Deep Social Net-works. I would certainly needyour continuous support.Thank you.
By Tom Litchfield, DSN IT Staff 
The IT team is proud to announcethat it has completed the planningand development of the SEARCH/FWII Digital Library website, athttp://www.trunity.net/digital-library This website will contain literallyhundreds of audio, video and docu-ments for learning and reference.The Digital Library is designed to bea dynamic online resource of Hu-man Rights, Indigenous Peoples,Human Development and Sustain-ability materials,
FWII Digital Library Launched
continuously expanding as re-sources are updated and newmaterials added.There are hundred more videos,documents and other media thatare waiting for inclusion to thenew library. These will be addedto the library in the coming weeksas they are currently being re-viewed for proper cataloging. TheIT team is helping coordinate thiscolossal effort.With new materials being addeddaily, please check the site peri-odically for updates.
For us there is no doubt the extratime and attention makes a keydifference in training sessions, andwe are extremely proud of theresults!
Lesson #2
: Outreach Benefits for Rural and Isolated Communities
 Social Networking can bring re-sources, tools, and connect iso-lated communities with the rest of the world.In addition to accessing onlineresource materials that can benefittheir community, participants areencouraged to use the Internet toreach out to individuals outside of their geographic region.This outreach can inject new ideasand assistance to community issuesthat need attention. The participa-tion of others outside of the regioncan inspire and energize the localcommunity.
Lesson #3
: Participants Should beequipped to Teach and Share what they Learn with others in their com-munity 
This makes the DSN project scal-able and sustainable, and allowsonline communities to continuegrowth long after workshops.
Lesson #4
: A Strong Foundation isneeded in Digital Competency and Digital Literacy for this Digital Fu-ture.
Participants will gain an edge intheir future careers by under-standing how Internet and commu-nication tools are beneficial.By developing their skills in Inter-net services integration, VoIP andtelecommunications and basicwebsite contraction and design,participants may be presented withmore economic opportunities thanwithout this knowledge.
While conducting DSN workshops,
our team’s education was just as
important as the skills we taught to every group. We have summa-rized some key observations in four lessons learned.Lesson #1
: Quality over Quantity 
 It is always better to focus on fewerorganizations and offer a series of trainings ensuring that those or-ganizations involved can developtheir websites and social media toits greatest potential.Instead of jumping from one work-shop to the next, and rushing par-ticipants through the program, wefound that spending more timewith each group and making surethere was ample follow upstrengthened the skills taught.We have participants who are notonly skilled in DSN, but are nowteaching DSN to others in theircommunity!
New DSNsCome Online
KontraS (The Commission for
“the Disappeared” and Victims
of Violence) was established onMarch 20, 1998 by activistswho concern for the increasingnumber of victims of statesponsored violence.
www.trunity.net/SeAPC Southeast Asian People's Cen-ter
Paralegal LBH Jakarta
Jakarta Legal Aid Institute
Prakarsa Rakyat
People Initiative - Learning-Together Forum
www.trunity.net/sbmi Organization of MigrantWorker Indonesia
Yayasan Pemantau Hak Anak
www.trunity.net/YPHA Children's Human Rights Foun-dation
By Deloria Many Grey Horses, Four Directions DSN Coordinator 
DSN participant Maitree receives his graduation diploma from Phil Lane Jr

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