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Published by sonia_rach

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Published by: sonia_rach on Jan 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘One Second’By Sonia Rach
FADE IN:BLACK SCREEN – ‘S R PRODUCTIONS Presents One Second’FADE TO WHITE IN TO:INT. SARAH’S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM (DAYTIME)Sarah (18) and Rick (20) are cuddled up on the sofa andare shown to be smiling and giggling, having a good time.CROSS FADE:Same shot with Rick (20) kissing Sarah (18) on the cheek.BLACK SCREEN – ‘Everything was PERFECT…’EXT- OUTSIDE SARAH’S HOUSE (DAYTIME)Sarah (18) walks out of the house and hugs Rick.BLACK SCREEN – ‘Until…’INT. RICK’S HOUSE – BEDROOM (DAYTIME)Rick (20) is lying on the bed with his hands on his facereminiscing about his girlfriend.EXT. OAKS LANE – LONG PATH (DAYTIME)Rick (20) is walking down a long path where he has beenbefore and therefore reliving the memories of him and hisgirlfriend.There is then a close up of this same shot.EXT. OAKS LANE – PARK (DAY TIME)Sarah (18) is on the swings which is imaginary as it isRick’s thoughts.INT. RICK’S HOUSE – BEDROOM (DAYTIME)Rick has his hands on his face and has a stressed look toshow that he is unable to sleep and has several worries.EXT. OAKS LANE – PARK (DAY TIME)Sarah (18) is on the swings which is imaginary as it isRick’s thoughts. Over the shoulder shot as she turnsaround and smiles.INT. RICK’S HOUSE – BEDROOM (DAYTIME)Rick (20) is sitting on the edge of his bed with his headin his hands as he begins to reminisce again.EXT. OAKS LANE – PARK (DAY TIME)Rick (20) and Sarah (18) are sitting on the swings andSarah is on her lap.BLACK SCREEN – ‘One Second changed EVERYTHING…’

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