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med surg final jeopardy

med surg final jeopardy

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Published by athlete1369

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Published by: athlete1369 on Jan 26, 2011
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- Condition of penis with edema of the retracted uncircumcised foreskin.Paraphimosis Treat by pulling foreskin back over shaft after inserting- Definitive Diagnosis for Prostate CancerWhat is Needle or aspiration biopsy (review other diagnostic tests)PSA-prostate antigen assay ( can be elevated with BPH and prostatitis)TRUS-transrectal ultrasound-to differentiate between BPH and cancer- Client has CBI following a TURP-What is appropriate nursing intervention if volume of output decreases and client reports feeling an extremeneed to urinateWhat is irrigate with 50ml sterile water using toomey syringe. Contact HCP if not able to resolve the issue. Prevents occlusion of CBIgoal iskeep blood clots out of system- Commonly associated with infertility; cluster of dilated veins from on the spermatic cord that is painful-What is Varicocele. Often a cause of infertiltiySide effect commonly associated with Proscar (Finasteride)What is Erectile Dysfunction (takes 3 months for this medication to shows signs of decreased in BPH)-This is the Screening test for ovarian cancerNOT one, yearly bimanual exams should be doneHigh risk patients need: CA 125, yearly pelivc exams and abdominal ultrasound-Back pain and decreased urine output after a hysterectomy may indicate this complicationWhat is ureter ligation. Decreased urine output should be reported post op-Surgical breast reconstruction surgery using abdominal muscletransverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous (TRAM) flapAbdominal muscle brought up through chest to form new breast tissue-Best time for premenopausal women to conduct monthly Self breast examsKnow the screening recommendations for breast: yearly HCP exam and mammogram for over 40, 21-39 every three years HCP exam. Allmonthly SBEAt the completion of the menstrual cycle or first 5-7 days of new cycle-Medication used to treat estrogen receptor positive adnocarcinoma tumor of the breast, for all stages of breast , used for 30 yearsWhat is tamoxifen(Nolvadex)-This procedure is often done on burn patients to restore circulation: incision through the full-thickness escharescharotomy Can be done on extremities and trunk, deeper than fasicotomy, restores circulation and prevent necrosis-Procedure done to diagnosis skin cancer Can be done on thorax and extremities, deeper than fasciotomy, and prevents ischemia and necrosisWhat is punch or excision biopsy-Ischemic lesions of the skin and underlying tissue caused by external pressure that impairs the flow of blood and lymph-pressure Ulcers- how do you prevent them-Type of anemia that can be caused by small bowel resectionWhat is Vitamin B12 deficiency (Shillings test-give radioactive B12 injection and then check urine for amt of B12) Cant absorb Vit b12 due tolack of intrisic factor lacking from GI surgery (parietal cells)Check urine for Vit b12 after oral administration Can be caused by vegetarian diet as well. Foods high in Vitb12-dairy, eggs, protein Need vitB12 for life if pernicious anemia s/s: Glossitis, numbness and tingling, pallor-Disease in which the patient has pancytopenia (decrease of all blood cell types and hypocellular bone marrowWhat is aplastic anemia (often idiopathic, may be congenital or caused by chemo)-Lab value used to measure Heparin effectiveness is Activated Partial Thromboplastin time (PTT)-Refers to the decrease in neutrophil countNeutropenia. Neutropenia precautions: monitor for s/s infections, culture wounds, strict hand washing, reverse isolation, avoid invasiveprocedures, no fresh flowers or fresh fruits that cant be peeled prior-Common side effect of chemotherapy that would require teaching about brushing with soft tooth brush, monitoring for dark stools, andavoiding certain medicationsWhat is thrombocytopenia Platelets less than 100,000-Postoperative complication of partial thyroidecotmy; numbmess and tingling of Hands and face Hypocalcemiapositive Chvosteks sign andTrousseaus-Hyperfunction of adrenal gland cortex causing elevated serum cortisolWhat is cushings syndrome-Surgical procedure to remove the pituitary gland done through upper lipWhat is hypophysectomy (Nursing implications- no tooth brushing for 10 days, hob elevated, send clear drg for glucose)-Endocrine disorder that causes concentrated urine (increased urine sodium) and diluted blood (serum sodium low) What is SIADH Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone(what is opposite-DI)

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