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Published by Sikkandar Sha

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Published by: Sikkandar Sha on Jan 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Task 3 – OLTP Vs. OLAP (27 marks)
Write a 2500 word report on the operational data using OLTP and analytical data using OLAP.The report should include the following:a. Overview of OLTPb. Overview of OLAPc. Four advantages and Four disadvantages of the OLTPd. Four advantages and Four disadvantages of the OLAPe. Give your reasons for which type of organization you would recommend OLTP or OLAP.
INTRODUCTIONOLTP and OLAP systems are transaction and analytical systemsrespectively. They are the branches of information systems. OLTP systems aretransaction based systems which provide the source data and OLAP systems areanalytical system which are used to analyze the data. Here in OLTP systems, atransaction is a logical task which must be finished of aborted, in this case,intermediate states are not accepted. An analytical system is capable of analyzinglarge amounts of data. OLTP systems are used to handle large amounts of shortonline transactions. The operations performed by a OLTP system are insert, updateand delete. OLTP systems maintain data integrity and they also provide fast queryprocessing in environments having multiple access. Transactions per seconddetermine the efficiency of this system. The current and detailed data is stored as anentity model in this type of system usually 3NF. The databases in this type of a systemmostly contain transactional data. OLAP systems have low number of transactionwhen compared to a OLTP system. OLAP systems store historical data. The responsetime determines the efficiency of this system. Queries from this type of systems aremore complex. Data mining techniques also use OLAP application. These systemsstore data in a star schema in their databases.DEFINITION OF OLAPOLAP is computer processing that enables a user to easily and selectivelyextract and view data from different points of view. In other words OLAP is a term thatdescribes a technology that uses a multi dimensional view of aggregate data toprovide quick access to strategic information for the purpose of advanced analysis. Tofacilitate this kind of analysis, OLAP data is stored in a multidimensional database.Whereas a relational database can be thought of as two-dimensional, amultidimensional database considers each data attribute as a separate "dimension."OLAP software can locate the intersection of dimensions and display them.
OVERVIEW OF OLAPOLAP system can handle any number of queries at the same time. There are two typesof OLAP systems, they are multi dimensional and relational which are in short calledas MOLAP and ROLAP. OLAP systems are mainly used to process multidimensionalqueries and are used mostly in business related fields because they have efficientbudgeting. OLAP is defined as multidimensional cubes which uses matrix to representthings to analyze and calculate. OLAP is also used for discovery of relationships andalso in data mining. It is not necessary that a OLAP database should be as large as adata ware house. Data can be imported from existing relational databases to createmultidimensional database using a open database connectivity. Hyperion Solution'sEssbase and Oracle's Express Server are leading OLAP products which are designed formultiple-user environments. Pre-calculation and storage is necessary because thedata is stores in multi – dimensional arrays. Relational database works directly withrelational OLAP. In here aggregate information is kept by creation of relational tableand the values being stored respectively. Here the relational part holds more data andthe specialized storage holds lesser data. There is also an other type of OLAP which iscalled as hybrid. The hybrid is like a combination of relational and specialized space, inother words hybrid is a blend of both multidimensional and relational OLAP which ismore efficient and useful than the other two types. But I consider relational is better inperformance that the rest. The other types are Web-based OLAP, desktop based OLAPand Real time OLAP, and these are not most prominently used.

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