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Sexy Bad Girl 2

Sexy Bad Girl 2



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Published by lilian
Who is the sexy guy???
Who is the sexy guy???

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Published by: lilian on Jan 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Hello,I'm Riley. Nice to meet you Beautiful.” He said a smile playing on his very lush lips and shook my hand.Desire rippled through my body and a rush of wetness hit my panties.His eyes seemed to cloud, ah he wanted me too.
 Everyone please be seated, we are getting ready for take off.
We quickly broke eye contact and buckle our belts.I decided that I was too tired to do anything, so I told him not to bother me.
“Rose? Where are you? Rose I think I’m lost! Help me!”“Silly Bella! I'm right here” She said. I turned around to find her, but instead of the little girl I knew, I saw a hot Blond that had a bodyanyone would kill for.“Like my boyfriend? Where's yours? Oh wait James was just your fuck buddy.” She laughed at me and took the man's hand and left, well she disappeared.“No!”~~~~~
“Bella? Dude stop screaming.” I was woken up by the sexy boy.“What?” Was all I could come up with.I looked around and people had somehow found a way to see what was going on.“You scared the crap out of these people.” He said looking intently at me.“Oops!” I said and started laughing.“Are you mental?” He asked me.“No, I had a nightmare, nothing serious.” I said and bit my lip and looked down.He cleared his voice and spoke, “Want something?” He had put a double meaning, but I let it slide.“Yes, some water please.” I said with a smirk.He called the hostess and she said she'd be right back.When she came back she gave him a opened bottle of water and she left with a flirty smile.“Here you go.” he said and I touched his thigh.I shouldn't have done that.He was surprised and ended up dumping the whole bottle on my lap and shirt.“What The Hell!” I yelled.“I'm so, I didn't mean to, sorry.” He said in a jumble.Well, there goes my jeans and t-shirt.I excused myself and grabbed my bag and went to change.The only things that were in my bag were 2 skirts and 2 skimpy shirts.Oh well, this fault.I changed and went out, every male in the plane followed me with their eyes and all the women enviedme.I stood by his seat and cleared my voice, he looked up and I swear his his eyes bulged out.He stood up and I sat down, bad choice, my skirt was already too small on me,it rode up that you couldalmost see my thong.The rest of the flight I was wake, afraid someone might touch me.His eyes never left my body, either on my legs or on my breasts.The plane landed and as soon as we could leave, he asked me, “Where are you heading?”“Forks” I all but spit out.“Wow, me too! What's a hot girl like you doing here, especially if your from Phoenix?” He asked meeyes on my very low cut shirt.“My mom thinks this will be a nice punishment.” I said and walked off the plane leaving him there.I came out with the rest of the passenger, looking for Charlie, my dad.
Last time I'd seen him, he was growing a mustache, so that was the only reference of change I had fromhim.I saw no one and felt like an idiot.Charlie probably forgot or something, now what the hell was I gonna do?I went to find the rest of my bags and stood there.“Bella? You got a ride home?” Riley asked me.Why was he so interested.“No, well, my so called father was suppose to be here, but he was a no show.” I answered.“Well, I wouldn't mind sharing my ride with you...But I'm stopping at different places.” Riley said.“Yeah, that be awesome, might as long meet new people today.” I said.“Okay lets go, my ride texted a couple minutes ago.” He said while he grabbed my arm.“Hey! Wait my bags!” I said.I let go and ran to get my bags, and ran back to him and we locked elbows and went towards theentrance of the airport.As we came out, I felt the wind and wet touch my legs and bare arms, and shivered in protest.“You cold? That skirt must not do a good job at keeping you warm.” Riley said looking me up anddown.“Shit! I totally forgot! This is why I hate this hell hole! Well, that just means that I have to get use toit.” I exploded.“Hey, hey, hey! This so called “hell hole”, is my home, so don't diss it!” Riley defended.“Whatever. Where's your ride?” I asked.“Oh, see that black car over there? That's our ride.” He answered.I looked over where he pointed and my mouth popped open.You...you mean the Black Jeep Commander?” Choked out.“Yep, my bro's dad gave it to him for his birthday. Let's go.” He demanded and grabbed my hand and pulled my stunned self to the shiny black car.“Dude! What the hell!” You never said she was this hot!!!” Said a freakishly guy as he climbed out the jeep.He was tall and had muscles.“Em! You scared her!” Riley said.“Sorry, I'm going to make better!” He said and hugged me.I swear I felt like he was squishing the life out me.“Can't- Bre-Help-” I cried out.“Dude, stop!” Riley demanded.Em guy dropped me.“Sorry, I'm Emmett!” He said cheerfully!“Bella.” I said and extended my hand and he shook it slowly and carefully as if to break me.“Okay, come on, We need to go.” Riley said and hopped in after me.The interior of the car was amazing. Black leather seats and shiny sliver wheel.“Em” and Riley chatted about their summers and I looked out the window.I felt depressed and then I though how much my mother must be enjoying the warm air and the citylights.Argggggg!“Bella? We need to stop by over a a friends house. K?” Riley asked.“Yeah, sure.” I sighted.We rode another five minutes and came to a sudden stop.Both Riley and Emmett hopped off.“You coming?” Emmett asked me.“Can I?” I asked unsure.
“Yes, Of course.” Emmett said.The house was grand, it had a southern touch to it.Instead of going to the front door, both boys went through the side path and I found that it lead into the backyard.Then was a boy, blonde, shoulder long hair and small girl that seemed to be twelve on his lap kissinghim. He had a cigarette in one hand. He didn't look like a pedophile, but the girl seemed so...young.Beside me, Riley cleared his throat, both the girl and the guy turned to face us.Holy Fuck!The guy was hot and the girls shirt was ripped up, didn't seem so innocent anymore.“Riley! Em! And who is this y'all?”The guy asked looking at me with a lust filled glance.The girl stiffen enough for me to notice and her sweet face turned sour.“Oh, hey Alice. Jasper and Alice this is Bella” Riley said and Em quickly worked his way to a glassdoor leading inside.“Bella, this is my friend Jasper and her friend.” Riley said, the way that Riley had referred Alice madeher sour face to angry, and she climbed off Jasper and sat next to him on a chair. I also noted Jasper didn't care what she felt.“Hello, lovely.” Jasper said with his southern drawl which made my lady parts tingle.He didn't wait for a response and came up to me in hugged me.My body set on fire, his smell, so musky and he was built, not like Em.“Hi, how are you?” I whispered seductively in his ear making him shiver and let go.“Great actually, Alice brightens up my mood.” He said and smiled at her.Her mood change in a flash and she beamed at Jasper.This guy had her wrapped a round his finger.“Dude, your mom was like, “Hi Em, how was your summer?” and I was like, “Good Mrs. Whitlock.”And the she was like, “Rose is upstairs taking a shower, please let finish.” Em said.“You know mom doesn't like to know what you and Rose do. She also doesn't like it that your afucking manwhore.” Jasper said getting angry.“Likewise, she's your stepsister, I bet you wish you could fuck her.” Em hollered.“Stop, we have two ladies in our presence.” Riley said.Both Em and Jasper cooled down.“Why are you here?” Jasper said sitting down.My arms and legs were freaking, so was my ass.I have to get use to it. I told myself.“The package.” Was all Em said and Jasper whispered something in Alice's ear she jumped up and raninside.Mean while Jasper's eye practically undressed me and both Riley and Em looked annoyed.“Here!” Alice cheered.“Thanks, we better get going, she needs to go home.” Riley said and started towards the door andgrabbed my had softly.I knew Jasper was now probably checking my ass out.“Tell, Edward, to go fuck himself.” Jasper growled.Both Em and Riley laughed and I felt so out of the loop.Once we were inside the car, I saw them open up the box.I was amazed at how much weed they had there.Fuck Renee she thought that she was going to ship me to a new town and I was going to be surrounded by good too shoes.Ha! She was gonna wish she never sent me here.I looked around the houses, this Forks didn't look so old anymore.They had built new houses and some renovated.

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