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Table Of Contents

How AdWords Targets Audiences
How Ads Are Ranked
AdWords Costs and Payments
Ad Formats
About the Search and Display Networks
Ad Performance and Monitoring
Common AdWords Terms Review an elearning
Creating an AdWords Account Review an elearning
AdWords Account Access
Activating an AdWords Account
AdWords Account Guidelines
Creating Accounts for Others
Finding an Agency or Contractor
Working with an Agency or Contractor
Getting Help to Create Ads
Key Concepts of AdWords Account Management Review an elearning
Managing Client Accounts
Navigating an AdWords Account
About Billing Preferences and Billing Summary
About Account Preferences
Try it Now: Account Preferences
Monitoring AdWords Accounts
Try it Now: Set an Alert
Troubleshooting AdWords Account Issues
AdWords Account Best Practices
Understanding the Components of a Campaign
Setting up a Campaign
Monitoring Campaigns
Campaign Best Practices Review an elearning
Creating New AdWords Campaigns
Editing Existing Campaigns
Try it Now: Edit at the Campaign Level
Managing Campaigns for Clients
Key Concepts of Ad Group Management
Creating Ad Groups
Editing Ad Groups
Monitoring Ad Groups
Troubleshooting Ad Group Issues
Try it Now: Ad Group Level Data Interpretation
Ad Group Guidelines & Policies
Ad Group Best Practices
Text Ad Key Concepts
Creating Text Ads
Integrating Text Ads into Campaigns
Image Ad Key Concepts
Creating Image Ads
AdWords Video Ad Basics
Video Ad Key Concepts
Creating Video Ads with Display Ad Builder
Integrating Video Ads Into Campaigns
Mobile Ad Key Concepts
Creating Mobile Ads
Try it Now: View Mobile Ad Formats
Integrating Mobile Ads Into Campaigns
Mobile ads
iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers
Rich Media Ad Formats Key Concepts
Creating Rich Media Display Ads
Integrating Rich Media Display Ads Into Campaigns
Text Ad Guidelines and Policies
Writing Targeted Ad Text
Text Ad Best Practices
Try it Now: Writing Effective Ad Text
Image Ad Guidelines & Policies
Image Ad Best Practices
Video Ad Guidelines & Best Practices
Video Ad Policies
Video Ad Creation Best Practices
Video Ad Performance Best Practices
Try it Now: Find Options for Video Ad Types
Mobile Ad Guidelines & Policies
Mobile Ad Best Practices
Rich Media Display Ad Guidelines & Policies
Rich Media Display Ad Best Practices
1: Set effective bids and budgets
2: Customize your ad
3: Try different display options
Measuring the Impact of Rich Media Display Ads
About the Google Network
About Search Targeting
About Display Network Placements
Device Platform Targeting
Try it Now: View Page for Mobile Targeting
About Keyword Match Types
About Broad Match Keyword Targeting
About Phrase Match Keyword Targeting
About Exact Match Keyword Targeting
About Negative Match Keyword Targeting
About Embedded Match Keyword Targeting
Developing and Maintaining Keyword Lists Review an elearning
Monitoring Keywords
Try it Now: Quality Score
Overview of language and location targeting
Setting and enabling language and location targeting
Try it Now: Set Language and Location Targeting
Choosing Languages to Target
Ad Text Using Double-Byte Characters
About Country / Territory Targeting
About Region / City Targeting
Accuracy of Region / City Targeting
About Customized Location Targeting
Monitoring Language and Location Targeting
Troubleshooting Language and Location Targeted Campaigns
International Targeting Strategies
Best Practices for Language and Location Targeting Review an elearning
Key Concepts of Display Network Placements
How Keywords and Automatic Placements Work Together
About Contextual Targeting and Placement Targeting
Pricing for Keywords and Automatic Placements
Setting up Automatic Placements in a Campaign
About Managed Placements
How Keywords and Managed Placements Work Together
Pricing for Keywords and Managed Placements
Selecting Managed Placements
Try it Now: Add and Edit Placements
Monitoring Placement Performance
Excluding Placements from Display Network Targeting
Try it Now: Add Placement Exclusions
Try it Now: Add Game and Feed Placements
Overview of Best Practices for Placement Targeting
Introduction to Location Extensions
Location Extensions Key Concepts Review an elearning
Enabling Location Extensions
Location Extensions Guidelines & Policies
Location Extensions Best Practices
How AdWords Bidding Works
Bidding Options
Impact of Bids on Ranking
Setting AdWords Bids
Tools for Managing AdWords Bids
Overview of Best Practices for Bidding
How Budgeting Works with AdWords
Types of AdWords Budgets
Setting Budgets in AdWords
Tools for Managing AdWords Costs
Try it Now: Change the Budget for an Ad Campaign
Overview of Best Practices for Budgets Review an elearning
Types of AdWords Policies
Impact of AdWords Policies
Double-Serving Policy
Third-party Ad Serving Policies
AdWords Screened Products Content Policy Overview
AdWords Editorial Policy Overview
What is a trademark?
Google Trademarks
Trademark Policy Across Different Regions
What is a Copyright?
Google's Copyright Policy
Copyright Claims Procedure
Overview of Ad Approval Process
Common Reasons for Ad Disapproval
Reacting to Ad Disapprovals
Exception Requests for Disapproved Ads
Best Practices for Ad Approval
How Ad Quality Is Defined
Introduction to Quality Score Review an elearning
Introduction to Landing Page Quality
Impact of Quality Score
How Quality Score Is Determined
Overview of Landing Page Quality
Improving Your Landing Page and Site Quality
Types of Websites That Receive Low Landing Page Quality Scores
Tools for Landing Page and Site Quality
Monitoring Your Quality Score
Try it Now: Keyword Analysis
Improving Your Quality Score
Overview of Invalid Clicks
Common Reasons for Click Increases
Common Reasons for Multiple Clicks from One Source
How Google Combats Invalid Clicks
Identifying Possible Invalid Clicks
Reporting Invalid Clicks to Google
Overview of Payment Methods
European Union VAT
Taxes for Non-EU Countries
Overview of Postpay Options
Overview of the "Make a Payment" Feature
Postpay Debit and Credit Card Definition
Postpay Debit and Credit Card Best Practices
Direct Debit Definition
Direct Debit Best Practices
Overview of Prepay
Prepay Debit and Credit Card Definition
Prepay Debit and Credit Card Best Practices
Bank Transfer Definition
Bank Transfer Best Practices
The Value of Display Advertising on the Google Display Network
Benefits for Brand and Direct Response Advertisers
Display Inventory and Ad Formats on the Google Display Network
Media Purchase Options on the Google Display Network
Overview of Video Targeting on the Google Display Network
The Value of Planning Ahead
How to Plan a Display Campaign
Researching Sites with Ad Planner Watch a video
Researching Themes with Wonder Wheel
Best Practices for Direct Response Campaigns
Display Ads
Rich Media Ads
Video Ads
Display Ad Builder Overview
Basic Display Ad Builder Functions
Display Ad Builder Templates
Select and Preview Ad Sizes
Choose Images and Colors
Create Multiple Ad Variations
Include Clear Messaging
Consider Your Goals
Google Display Network Display Ad Policies
Display Ad Approvals
Introduction to Creating a New Campaign
Bidding and Budgeting Options
Advanced Campaign Settings
Managed Placements
Enhanced Online Campaigns
Select Your Bids
Why Measure Performance?
The AdWords Performance Management Environment
General Campaign Performance
Quality Score and Campaign Performance
General Campaign Review Best Practices
Success Metrics For Direct Response Campaigns
Success Metrics for Branding Campaigns
Linking Campaign Performance to Conversions
AdWords Report Center Overview
Campaign Reports
Ad Group Reports
Placement Performance Report Watch a video
When to Make a Change
Using Google Display Network Controls
Extend Your Reach
Bid Optimization Best Practices
Ad Scheduling
Conversion Tracking
Conversion Optimizer
Demographic Bidding
Optimizing with Ad Planner Watch a video
Wonder Wheel
Google Analytics
Why YouTube? The World's Largest Video Sharing Community Watch a video
The Value of YouTube Display Advertising Watch a video
Understanding Where Ads Run on YouTube
YouTube Ad Formats and Page Types
YouTube Media Purchase Options
The Video Targeting Tool Watch a video
Overview of Reserved Media Placements on YouTube
YouTube Contests and Brand Channels
The YouTube Homepage
Search and Browse Pages
Reserved Media on YouTube
Targeting Tools and Options for Video on the Google Display Network
YouTube Homepage: Mastheads
YouTube Homepage: YouTube Video Ads
Setting Up Your Auction-Based vs. Reservation Campaigns
Location Targeting
Language Targeting
Using the Placement Tool and Video Targeting Tool Watch a video
In-Stream Ads Through AdWords Watch a video
In-Video and Companion Ads Through AdWords Watch a video
CPM vs. CPC Bidding
Bidding Strategies For Auction-Based Campaigns on YouTube
Reporting on YouTube and The Google Display Network
Understanding the Effectiveness of YouTube Ads
Measuring User Engagement with YouTube Videos Watch a video
Optimization Strategies & Best Practices for Ads on YouTube
Optimization Strategies & Best Practices for Video Content on YouTube
Overview of AdWords Tools
Value Proposition for AdWords Tools
Overview of Account Management Tools
Try it Now: Use the My Change History Tool
Change History Tool Best Practices
About the Keyword Tool Watch a video
Keyword Tool Best Practices
Try it Now: Use the Keyword Tool to Generate Potential Negative Keywords
About the Search-based Keyword Tool
Search-based Keyword Tool Best Practices
About Campaign Negative Keywords
Campaign Negative Keywords Best Practices
Overview of Placement Refinement Tools
About the IP Address Exclusion Tool
IP Address Exclusion Best Practices
Try it Now!: IP Address Exclusion Tool
About the Site and Category Exclusion Tool Watch a video
Site and Category Exclusion Tool Best Practices
Try it Now: Site Category Exclusion
Overview of Bidding and Budgets Tools
About Conversion Optimizer
Conversion Optimizer Best Practices
About the Ad Preview Tool
Ad Preview Tool Best Practices
Try it Now: Ad Preview Tool
About keyword diagnosis
Filtering for Disapproved Ads
Disapproved Ads Best Practices
Overview of AdWords Editor
AdWords Editor Features
Installing AdWords Editor
Navigating AdWords Editor
Ad Words Editor Settings
Downloading Accounts or Campaigns
AdWords Editor: Add Individual Items
AdWords Editor: Add Multiple Items
AdWords Editor: Edit Individual Items
AdWords Editor: Keyword Tools
AdWords Editor: Export and Import Account Information
Try it Now: AdWords Editor
AdWords Editor: Review an Imported File
AdWords Editor: Accept or Reject Changes
AdWords Editor: Check Changes
AdWords Editor: Errors and Warnings
AdWords Editor: Post Changes
Best Practices
Key Concepts of Performance Monitoring
How Google Measures Performance
How Advertisers Can Monitor Performance
AdWords Tools for Monitoring Performance Watch a demo
Overview of Common Performance Issues
Identifying and Correcting Common Problems
Understanding AdWords Reports
Overview of AdWords Report Sources
About Report Center Report Types
About Integrated Account Report Types Review an elearning
Try it Now: View Search Query and Automatic Placement Reports
Creating and Saving Reports in Report Center Watch a video
Try it Now: Create a Report and Automate
Accessing and Using Integrated Account Reports
Sharing Reports with Other Users
Interpreting Account Performance Reports
Interpreting Keyword Reports
Interpreting Placement Performance Reports
Interpreting Search Query Performance Reports
Interpreting Impression Share Reports
Interpreting Reach and Frequency Reports
Interpreting Demographic Reports
Interpreting Geographic Performance Reports
Interpreting Invalid Clicks Reports
Overview of Best Practices for AdWords Reports Review an elearning
Understanding and Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) Review an elearning
Defining a Conversion
The Two Types of Conversions
Installing Conversion Tracking Code
Disabling Conversion Tracking
Define Conversion Data Columns in your Report
About AdWords Reports Conversion Data
About Google Analytics Data
Overview of Conversion Tracking Action
Conversion Tracking Action Types
Static Variables in Advanced Conversion Tracking
Using Non-Static (Dynamic) Variables in Advanced Conversion Tracking
Key Concepts of Google Analytics Review an elearning
Google Analytics Value Proposition
Who Should Use Google Analytics
Creating a Google Analytics Account
Sharing Access to a Google Analytics Account
About Installing Google Analytics Review an elearning
Setting Up the Tracking Code
Setting Up Cross-Domain Tracking
Linking AdWords to Google Analytics
Try it Now: Linking AdWords and Analytics Accounts
Using AdWords Autotagging
Using Manual Tagging
Using the Analytics URL Builder
Importing Cost Data from AdWords
Finding Campaign Data in Reports
Understanding Data Discrepancies Between AdWords and Google Analytics
Overview of E-commerce Tracking
Enabling E-commerce Reporting in the Profile Watch a video
About the Receipt Page Format
Overview of Managing Multiple Google Analytics Accounts
Creating and Deleting Multiple Accounts
Accessing Multiple Google Analytics Accounts
Overview of Troubleshooting Tracking Code Problems
Entering the Tracking Code Correctly
Mismatching Numbers in AdWords and Analytics
Overview of Analytics Goals and Funnels
Setting Up Analytics Goals and Funnels
Overview of Analytics Goals
Analytics Goal Sets and their Uses
Overview of Troubleshooting Google Analytics Goals and Funnels
Troubleshooting Goals That Aren't Being Tracked
Troubleshooting Funnel Drop-Offs
Best Practices for Google Analytics Goals and Funnels
Try it Now: Confirm Google Analytics Goals are Tracked
Overview of Analytics Filters
Creating Predefined Filters Watch a video
Predefined and Custom Analytics Filters
Regular Expressions for Analytics Filters
Creating Custom Analytics Filters Watch a video
Overview of Troubleshooting Analytics Filters
Troubleshooting Analytics Include Filters
Overview of Best Practices for Analytics Filters
Overview of Analytics Reports
About Analytics Report Categories Watch a video
Creating and Running Analytics Reports
Interpreting Google Analytics Reports
Overview of Analytics Visitors Reports
Interpreting Visitors Reports
Overview of Analytics Traffic Sources Reports
Interpreting Analytics Traffic Sources Reports
Overview of Analytics Content Reports
Interpreting Analytics Content Reports
Overview of Analytics E-commerce Reports
Interpreting Analytics E-commerce Reports
Overview of Custom Reports in Analytics
Designing a Custom Report in Analytics Watch a video
Building a Custom Report in Analytics
Viewing a Custom Report in Analytics
Overview of Troubleshooting Analytics Reports Data
Best Practices for Analytics Reports
Overview of Google Analytics Related Tools and Services
Overview of Analytics Benchmarking Service
Data Sharing Settings in Analytics Benchmarking Service
Enabling the Analytics Benchmarking Service
Overview of Analytics and Website Optimizer
Using Website Optimizer with Google Analytics
Troubleshooting and Best Practices for Analytics and Website Optimizer
Optimizing Overall Revenue with Google Analytics Review an elearning
Optimizing Revenue-driving Keywords with Google Analytics
Optimizing the Performance of Specific Products with Google Analytics
Optimizing Site Interest with Google Analytics
Optimizing Landing Page Effectiveness with Google Analytics
Optimizing Product Advertising with Google Analytics
Optimizing Marketing Initiatives with Google Analytics
Optimizing Regional Marketing for Products with Google Analytics
Overview of Optimization Review an elearning
Benefits and Goals of Optimization
Types of Optimization Tools Review an elearning
Optimization Tool Use Cases
Overview of Optimizing Campaigns and Ad Groups Review an elearning
Tools and Strategies for Optimizing Campaigns and Ad Groups
Overview of Optimizing Keywords Review an elearning
Tools and Strategies for Optimizing Display Network Placements
Overview of Optimizing Bids and Budgets
Tools and Strategies for Optimizing Bids and Budgets
Best Practices for Optimizing Campaigns and Ad Groups
Overview of Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages
Benefits of Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages
Overview of Tools for Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages
Basic Strategies for Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages
Overview of Website Optimizer Watch a video
Benefits and Goals of Using Website Optimizer Watch a video
Overview of Website Optimizer Reports
About Website Optimizer Combinations and Variations Reports
Try it Now: Review a Variations Report for an A/B Test
About Website Optimizer Page Section Reports
Try it Now: Running a Page Section Report
Overview of Experiments with Website Optimizer
Identifying Webpages and Site Content for Experiments
Try it Now: Using Google Analytics to Determine Webpage and Site Content
Overview of Experiment Goals with Website Optimizer
Preparing Site Content and Webpages for Experiments
Overview of A/B Experiments Watch a video
Installing Tags for A/B Experiments
Previewing and Starting A/B Experiments
Running and Revising A/B Experiments
Interpreting and Responding to A/B Report Data
Overview of Multivariate Experiments Watch a video
Installing Tags for Multivariate Experiments
Adding or Changing Multivariate Variations
Previewing and Starting Multivariate Experiments
Running and Revising Multivariate Experiments
Interpreting and Responding to Multivariate Report Data
Benefits of Using Website Optimizer and Google Analytics Together
Combining Website Optimizer and Google Analytics Scripts
Interpreting Data from Website Optimizer and Google Analytics
Troubleshooting Website Optimizer and Google Analytics Together
Best Practices for Using Website Optimizer and Google Analytics Together
Try it Now: Using Google Analytics to Identify Test Content
Accessing Experiments for Managed Accounts
Finding a Third Party Provider to Optimize Your Website
Identifying Problems with Website Optimizer
Common issues before launching an experiment
Common issues after launching an experiment
Resolving Problems with Website Optimizer
Resolving previewing issues
Resolving validation issues
Resolving reporting issues
Best Practices for Running Experiments
Best Practices for Improving Sites Based on Website Optimizer Results
Overview of Conversions and their Impact
Key Metrics for Tracking and Improving Conversions
Overview of Conversion Optimizer Review an elearning
Enabling Conversion Optimizer
Responding to Conversion Optimizer Data to Improve Conversions
Try it Now: View Conversion Optimizer Data and Select Improvement Strategy
Best Practices for Conversion Optimizer
Key Concepts of Managing Multiple Accounts
Tools and Techniques for Managing Multiple Accounts
Benefits of using MCC
Signing up for an MCC
Navigating MCC pages
Overview of MCC Manager Levels and Roles Review an elearning
Assigning Managers and MCC Levels
Changing Client Managers
About MCC Alerts
Using MCC alerts
Overview of Manager Defined Spend (MDS)
Setting up and Managing MDS for Client Accounts
Troubleshooting Problems in MCC
Introduction to the AdWords API
AdWords API Benefits
About AdWords API Versioning
Signing Up for the AdWords API
About AdWords API Web Services
AdWords API User Requirements
Overview of AdWords API Tools and Resources
AdWords API Information Sources
About the AdWords API Sandbox
About AdWords API Code Resources
Troubleshooting Problems with the AdWords API
Best Practices for the AdWords API
Try it Now: Match Features with Marketing Goals
Why Relevance Is Important to Us
Precisely Controlling Ad Campaigns to Meet Advertiser Goals
Reporting and Metrics
How Brand Building with AdWords Aligns with Advertiser Goals
Overview of Value Proposition for Metrics
Most Commonly Used Reports
How AdWords Aligns with Direct Response Advertiser Goals
Overview of Understanding Client Needs
Conducting a Client Needs Analysis
Aligning Client Needs with Goals and Opportunities
The Value of Hiring a Qualified Third Party for Account Management
AdWords and Google Marketing Reach
AdWords Relevance
AdWords Return on Investment (ROI)
AdWords Impact on Conversions
AdWords Costs and Flexibility
Overview of Common Questions and Concerns
Explaining Paid Search vs.Organic Search
Explaining Google AdWords Policies and Invalid Clicks Issues
Explaining the Search and Display Networks
Connecting with Your Customer
Value of Hiring a Third-party Professional
Services and Operations
What to Share on Reports
How Often You Should Share
Explaining the Performance of a New Account
Account Ownership
Considerations on Segmenting Your Market
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Adwords Learning

Adwords Learning

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