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Published by Robert Timsah
American Star is a story about a hot, young actor who comes of age on a public stage.
American Star is a story about a hot, young actor who comes of age on a public stage.

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Published by: Robert Timsah on Jan 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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American StarbyRobert TimsahRobert Timsah405-745-2191405-761-6233Borobbie2@gmail.com Registered With Writers Guild West
FADE IN:EXT. JENNINGS ESTATE, THE POOL - DAYThere’s a party in the back of a sprawling mansion. Peoplescattered about talking and drinking.MERRICK JENNINGS (17), strikingly handsome, stares into thepool while his reflection ripples across the surface of the water. His father and publicist, RICHARD JENNINGS (40) comesup from behind with a drink in his hand.RICHARDGod, Merrick. Could you
 look anymore miserable?Richard sits next to Merrick and sticks his legs in the pool.MERRICKI dunno, I guess we’ll see.Richard gets in the water. GRACE MARTIN (50) comes up behindMerrick. Grace is Richard’s live-in girlfriend that he stillhasn't married. She yells at Richard.GRACERichard, is the water too cold?RICHARDDefine too cold.GRACE(whispers to Merrick)Is there shrinkage?Merrick laughs. Grace circles around and sits next toMerrick, placing her feet in the pool.GRACE (CONT'D)(to Merrick)Not too bad. You gettin’ indarlin’?MERRICKMaybe later, Grace.GRACESo, have you decided on the script?Your father is bugging me about it.MERRICK(annoyed)I’m sure he is.
GRACEWell, Nevermind. Forget I mentioned it. Let’s try not tohave one of those arguments today,okay?She gets in while Merrick just watches. At the other end ofthe pool is an athletic young man who catches Merrick’s eye.The young man jumps in the pool. Water glistens off hisbody. Merrick angrily shifts his focus away and is quicklystartled when SUSAN ANDERSON (19) sneaks up on him and putsher hands over his eyes. She is gorgeous and Merrick’sgirlfriend/co-star.SUSAN (O.S.)(Sarcastically)Merrick Jennings can I
haveyour autograph!?She shrieks and Merrick laughs as he pulls her into the water with him. Richard and Grace see this.RICHARD(to Grace)Oh now he comes to life.INT. CHURCH - MORNINGA large church is packed. Everyone is dressed in theirSunday best. Merrick looks uncomfortable between Richard andGrace. He is sweating and pulling at his collar.The PREACHER is getting worked up in his sermon. Thepreacher is a black man. He’s sweating and raising up thebible in his hands.PREACHERGod says it in here. Homosexualityis sin. Simple as that. We can’tchange what’s in here.The congregation agrees. Grace notices Merrick isn't feeling well.GRACE(whispers to Merrick)Merrick, you alright?MERRICKI’ll be back.Merrick exits. Richard looks at Grace. Grace shrugs hershoulders as they go back to listening to the service.2.

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