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Speeches of IV- Galileo S.Y. : 2010-2011

Speeches of IV- Galileo S.Y. : 2010-2011

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Published by Frauline Tadle
this is incomplete..
this is incomplete..

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Frauline Tadle on Jan 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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100..99..98..97..96..95..94..93..92..91..90.. and so on and so forth This was how we did our countdowns for Christmas and New Year.Now, timers should then be reset; we are beginning the countdown again,but, this time, it’s not for Christmas nor for New Year but for the mostawaited, most prestigious, and most emotional day of our high school life,graduation.With only a few months left before that day, here we are, giving ourlast sentiments and perhaps our parting words to each other in the form of this speech. Here it is that lies the partial story of IV-Galileo Batch 2010-2011. It is in here that lies the feelings and emotions of each one of ustowards each other. Here we will hear words we could not even have hadimagined another saying.Last January 10, 2011, during our Physics class, Mr. Sena asked us tobring 7 yellow stars, 5 red stars, 3 blue stars and a special star. The sevenyellow stars are meant to be given to seven people whom you owe anapology. The five red stars for those people whom you should thank. Thethree blue stars for those people whom you should utter the words “I loveyou” to. And the last star, the most special star is for the person who is/wasvery special to you in each and every way imaginable.Sorry. Thank you. I love you.
 Three sentences. Six words. A handful of reasons to say. A ton of meaning to express.SORRY. The sentence with the least number of words. Sorry as definedby Webster (1913) as grieved for the loss of some good; pained for someevil; feeling of regret; -- now generally used to express light grief or affliction,but formerly used to express deeper feeling. If we follow the definition, it issomething formerly used to express DEEPER feeling. It is intended for thosepeople to whom you have done something inevitably wrong. Perhaps it issomething about love, studies or friendship. This word I say to all of you. Sorry. I really am. I regret all decisions Imade in the past that just made my present harder to cope up with. Sorry.Words may just be words. But this, I seriously mean. Sorry for all the wrongdeeds I have done. Sorry. THANK YOU. The sentence with two words. It is defined by Webster(1913) as an expression of gratitude; an acknowledgment expressive of asense of favor or kindness receieved. It is intended for those people to whomhave done something good for you. This sentence I speak to all of you. Thank you. I am really reallythankful for the favor of letting me be a part of this class, of letting me be apart of you. To all these thirty-four uniformed students in front of me, thankyou. I am deeply honoured to have all of you as my classmates in highschool, by far, the best years in my life.I LOVE YOU. The sentence with the most number of words among thethree sentences. Love is defined by Webster (1913) as a feeling of strongattachment induced by that which delights or commands admiration; astrong liking or desire. It is intended for those people whom you look up on

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