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Enlarge Your Wallet

Enlarge Your Wallet



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Published by Scudd

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Published by: Scudd on Aug 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Written by \u2013 Fedjakeen
Published in PDF format by [aaeo].net
Tech II trading (50 to 300M profit each day)

It's quite easy, you need a transport ship or even better a freighter alt, and a trading alt
(list of the trading alt with starter characters skills are available on my mineral trading
First you need to put the transport character in Jita, and the trade alt in any secondary
hub you'll find fitting (Rens being the best in my opinion, Oursulaert, Amarr, and Agil
are nice too, but you can find your own little trading heaven by yourself, I never went
out of Rens the money was good here, around 200M each day)

Then, open the market with both characters (you need two accounts if you don't want
to kill yourself for the next step), and search for " II". It will bring up a list of all tech
II modules, after that you need to compare the prices of every popular tech II module,
to ensure steady income the module you're buying in Jita need to have a volume of
trading higher than 3 or 4 each day in the TARGETED REGION, this is not really
necessary but it will help avoiding modules that won't sell, the longer it takes to sell,
the longer your money is immobilized.

If you've got enough orders, buy anything which has a 10% margin or 200k margin at
least between two regions, this may not sound a lot, but when you're selling 50
modules selling 20 times a day with 200k margin, you end up with 200M profit at the
end of the day.
Be careful with high value modules, try to make at least 3 or 4% profit as the
transaction tax + broker fees will be quite high, this won\u2019t be a 10% margin, but it
will probably be 500k rough isk benefit.

Don\u2019t use industrial ships to transport your goods from Jita to the trade hub you\u2019re
selling in, you\u2019ll be eaten alive by evil pirate using suicide ravens. You can use a
hardened cruiser or battle cruiser at the beginning if you don\u2019t have a transport ship,
tech II goods fit well even if you don\u2019t have that much cargo.
If you\u2019ve got a freighter, you can also trade tech II ships, feel free to explore other
kind of items.

Mission hubs trading.

I used to do this to begin making money, basically find any mission hub by checking
which agents are in fighting divisions with level 4 quality 10+, and check the map to
see if there are more than 50 or 100 people here.
You can make a lot of money by selling ammos, by buying mineral to sell it in Jita
(you need a freighter for this if you start buying trit/pyerite/mexa, you can handle it
without it if you\u2019re only buying rare minerals)
Use these systems to sell a few tech II modules too, armour and shield hardeners, tech
II drones.

A nice gold mine is the Kernite, people need it for a level 4 storyline which give a
+4 implant and will buy the 8000 units needed as long as they can make a decent
profit on the implant without having to mine or haul anything.
0.0 Mission Hub trading (Easy money!)
The Kernite trick works in some of the 0.0 missions hubs pretty well, but you\u2019ll need
a carrier with a fully expanded impel + fully expanded prorator (or any other

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