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Eve Drone Guide V

Eve Drone Guide V



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Published by Scudd

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Published by: Scudd on Aug 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Drone User 
These principles apply to all drones, and can help you become a better DroneCommander. Ahhh, the joys of commanding your own personal fleet of A.I. fighters!First off, you must get your drone skills up to be an effective Drone Commander. Train:(At least!!!!!)-Drones: level 5-Drone Interfacing: level 4-Scout Drone Operation: level 4-Heavy Drone Operation: level 4(Now you can do some damage!)Secondly, you must remember that your drones are Artificial Intelligences that requireyour guidance to be most deadly to your enemies. Drones are stupid by themselves.Remember that. Keep track of your targets and pick them off one at a time by commandingyour drone minions to attack. ATTACK!!!!! Its vitally essential to boss your drones around!!!Do not be nice to them in this respect, otherwise, they will misbehave and go off attackingthings at random. Go after each target individually, and command those drones to attackthem!!! When you enter into a combat situation, your goal should be to do as much damageas quickly as possible, while avoiding damage to yourself and your drone legion. From herewe must digress into PVE and PVP strategies, because they are different.PVE – Player Versus Environment (some say Player Versus Enemy)It does not matter what you call it, its still you versus some NPCs (Non-Player Characters for all the MMO n00bs :P). And remember those NPCs deserve to die!!! Its your  job to kill them! So, why not use your drone armada to annihilate them? Good. This is whatwe trained for, to command our drone hordes to do our bidding :P Ok, lets get down totactics. When you first warp in to your NPC enemies, do not immediately release your dronearmy. Target your enemies first, and let them target you. When your enemies have you“Agro'd” and are shooting you with no remorse, then now is the time to release the dronegladiators!!! Your enemies with continue to attack you, and leave your drones alone. Startpicking off your enemies one by one. Keep commanding your drone legion to do your biddingafter each and every kill, you must guide your army! Also remember that drones arevulnerable to NPC rockets, standard missiles, heavy missiles, and small turrets. Keep that inmind if you decide to launch your drones at long range, or before your enemies have you“Agro'd.” You need to find a suitable armor tank configuration to be an effective DroneCommander. You can sacrifice some other things, like trying to fit on the biggest guns, for aGREAT tank setup. Remember, your drones are very effective once your drone skills arehigh.PVP – Player Versus Player This changes things a bit. AT ALL COSTS STAY AWAY FROM SMARTBOMBUSERS. I cannot emphasize this point enough. The good thing, is that smartbombs are
relatively rare in most PVP situations, although they can appear in fleet battles with moreregularity. This section will help you primarily in smaller engagements and 1 versus 1 battles.The drone user has a major advantage over non-drone users at this point. With 13-15 dronesat your command, you have the advantage of multiple targets. Your enemy has to decideeither to go after your drones, or just outright ignore the drones and try to kill you. Either option for your opponent is not very good. If he starts killing your drones he is probably better off, especially if he can kill them quickly. But remember it takes time to kill 13-15 differenttargets, time that you must use to your advantage. Nosferatu your opponent, get in close,web him, disrupt his tracking, and do whatever you can to make his job harder. If you noticehe is having success at killing off your drones and your right up on him, call your drones backinto your dronebay briefly. Keep scrambling him and killing him. Launch your drones again,and attack!!!! This will completely annoy your opponent to no end, because now he must re-acquire his drone targets. A warp scrambler on your opponent is a must, if you wish to bevictorious. If, on the other hand, your enemy decides to ignore your drones, and go after you,you must quickly analyze his strengths and weaknesses, and exploit them!!!! And keep trackof your armor tank. Nosferatu him constantly, and disrupt his targeting or tracking if possible.Your drones, going unchallenged will make quick work of your opponent if your 'nos' isdraining him and making shield boosting/ armor repairing difficult. Exploit, Exploit Exploit!!!!KILL HIM FAST!!! This is the aggressive mentality you must acquire should you want to besuccessful at PVP.Lastly, get to know your drones' statistics well, and experiment often with new dronedamage types. Once you feel you have a good mix of drones, ORGANIZE THEM WITHINYOUR DRONEBAY. Yes, you can create folders inside your dronebay to organize your different types. For example, if you use 'hammerheads' and 'valkyries,' separate them intofolders titled 'hammerheads' and 'valkyries' to keep them neat and orderly. To makedronebay folders, you must first put your drones in your dronebay and launch into space, youcannot do this inside a station. In your overview section to the righthand side of your screen,find “drones in bay” and “drones in space” at the bottom. Expand the “drones in bay” tab.You will know see your drones. Right click on a drone or drone group, and choose “movedrone.” Create a new group and name it (Valkyrie for example). Repeat for as many foldersas you want. Now your drones will stay orderly, and you can launch each folder individually,or just launch all drones by right clicking on the “drones in bay” tab and selecting “launchdrones.” Believe me this is very useful.Now get out there and start commanding your personal drone armada!!!Below, you will find some useful drone charts, calculations, and ships comparisons,enjoy! You may want to print this out to use a a handy reference :P-AA
NameBase DMGDMG MultiplierDMG TypeShield/ArmorOrbit VelocityMax VelocityDMG
Light Scout Drones
Hobgoblin 141.6Thermal35/75550 m/s2800 m/s6.4Hornet 141.45Kinetic65/55600 m/s3200 m/s5.8Warrior 141.3Explosive40/60750 m/s4200 m/s5.2Acolyte 141.15EM25/75650 m/s3800 m/s4.6Hobgoblin 241.92Thermal42/90660 m/s3360 m/s7.68Hornet 241.74Kinetic78/66720 m/s3820 m/s6.96Warrior 241.56Explosive48/72900 m/s5040 m/s6.24Acolyte 241.38EM30/90780 m/s4560 m/s5.52
Medium Drones
Hammerhead 191.6Thermal70/150400 m/s1400 m/s14.4Vespa 191.45Kinetic130/110425 m/s1600 m/s13.05Valkyrie 191.3Explosive80/120500 m/s2100 m/s11.7Infiltrator 191.15EM50/150450 m/s1900 m/s10.35Hammerhead 291.92Thermal84/180480 m/s1680 m/s17.28Vespa 291.74Kinetic156/132510 m/s1920 m/s15.66Valkyrie 291.56Explosive96/144600 m/s2520 m/s14.04Infiltrator 291.38EM60/180450 m/s2280 m/s12.42
Heavy Drones
Ogre 1221.6Thermal140/300250 m/s700 m/s35.2Wasp 1221.45Kinetic260/220275 m/s800 m/s31.9Berserker 1221.3Explosive160/240350 m/s1050 m/s28.6Praetor 1221.15EM100/300300 m/s950 m/s25.3Ogre 2221.92Thermal168/360300 m/s840 m/s42.24Wasp 2221.74Kinetic312/264330 m/s960 m/s38.28Berserker 2221.56Explosive192/288420 m/s1260 m/s34.32Praetor 2221.38EM120/360360 m/s1140 m/s30.36 
Drone Similarities
a. Shield Resistances are: [0% EM] [60% Explosive] [40% Kinetic] [20% Thermal]b. Armor Resistances are: [60% EM] [10% Explosive] [25% Kinetic] [45% Thermal]2. All Drones have a 2 second rate of fire.3. All Drones have a max of eight locked targets.4. All Drones have a 1000m optimal range.5. All Drones have a 25m signature radius.
Unique Drone Characteristics
1. Light Scout Drones have an accuracy falloff of 2000m.2. Medium Scout Drones have an accuracy falloff of 3000m.3. Heavy Drones have an accuracy falloff of 4000m.4. Light Scout Drones have an activation proximity of 1000m.5. Medium Scout Drones have an activation proximity of 2000m.6. Heavy Drones have an activation proximity of 4000m.1. All Drones have identical shield and armor resistances regardless of tech level or size.

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