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M C I FMGE Question Papers 2002 2008

M C I FMGE Question Papers 2002 2008

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Published by Nikhil Bharat
mci test papers
mci test papers

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Published by: Nikhil Bharat on Jan 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MCI Screening Test ( FMGE) Question Paper - 2002
Q 1. All the following are derivatives of the neural crest, except:A. MelanocyteB. Adrenal medullaC. Sympathetic gangliaD. Cauda equinaAns. DQ 2. Which of the following is true regarding gastrulation:A. Establishes all the three germ layersB. Occurs at the caudal end of the embryo prior toits cephalic endC. Involves the hypoblastic cells of inner cell massD. Usually occurs at 4 weeksAns. AQ 3. All the following features are seen in neurons from dorsal rootganglia, except:A. They have centrally located nucleiB. They are derived from neural crest cellsC. They are multipolarD. They contain lipofuscin granulesAns. CQ 4. Elastic cartilage is found in:A. Auditory tubeB. Nasal septumC. Articular cartilageD. Costal cartilageAns. AQ 5. The weight of the upper limb is transmitted to the axial skeleton by:A. Coracoclavicular ligament
B. Coracoacromial ligamentC. Costoclavicular ligamentD. Coracohumeral ligamentAns. AQ 6. The superficial external pudendal artery is a branch of:A. Femoral arteryB. External iliac arteryC. Internal iliac arteryD. AortaAns. AQ 7. Diaphragmatic hernia can occur through all the following, except:A. Esophageal openingB. Costovertebral triangleC. Costal and sternal attachment of diaphragmD. Inferior vena cava openingAns. DQ 8. Ureteric constriction is seen at all the following positions, except:A. Ureteropelvic junctionB. Ureterovesicle junctionC. Crossing of iliac arteryD. Ischial spineAns. DQ 9. All the following are true regarding blood supply to the kidney ,except:A. Stellate veins drain superficial zoneB. It is site of portosystemic anastomosisC. The renal artery divides into five segmental arteries before enteringthe hilumD. Its segmental arteries are end-arteriesAns. BQ 10. A patient with external hemorrhoids develops pain while passing
stools. The nerve mediating this pain is:A. Hypogastric nerveB. Pudendal nerveC. Splachnic visceral nerveD. Sympathetic plexusAns. BQ 11. Which of the following muscles is supplied by mandibular nerve:A. MasseterB. BuccinatorC. Tensor veli palatiD. Posterior belly of digastricAns. CQ 12. The sensoy supply of the palate is through all of the following,except:A. Facial nerveB. Hypoglossal nerveC. Glossopharyngeal nerveD. Maxillary division of trigeminal nerveAns. BQ 13. All of the following are features of large intestine, except:A. Large intestine secretes acidic mucus which helps in formation ofstoolsB. It is a site of mucocutaneous junctionC. Its epithelium contains globlets cells in large numbersD. Absorbs salt and waterAns. AQ 14. In flexion and abduction of shoulder all of the following structuresare compressed except:A. Subacromial bursaB. Long head of bicepsC. Suprascapular nerveD. Supraspinatus tendonAns. C

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