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Holograph Future Map

Holograph Future Map

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Published by ShadowsWorld
Inspired by Alex Collier but written soley by me and by my thoughts, to bring a whole new better world.
Inspired by Alex Collier but written soley by me and by my thoughts, to bring a whole new better world.

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Published by: ShadowsWorld on Jan 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The PlanBringing a change to a New way of living forall in the World.. to help by giving a chanceto progress without limitations of monetization.. having a more Eco friendlysociety for Earth. A new Balance for rawmaterials. All Humans advancing in all levelsof scholastic through mentorship..
Holograph Future map:IntroThe Quick summary
This book will describe plausible scenarios of a successful continuing generating life fulfillment.. Learning, Teaching,Mentorship, Survival..non monetary system..better eco system. Free energy technology and solar electricity use and windpower solutions to balance needs. Equalization of all..I had been doing my own research along with thousands of others like me in the world..as we near the legendary 2012mark..you hear conspiracies ..its all over the media supported net pages..Some are very detailed ..some are fear mongering..and as I have mention to the people on a site I am head adminon..that never fear..fear is a handicap from progression..not just with your physical being..but with your spirit..when youstop or hold back your physical..you in turn are holding back your spirit..when you die your spirit lives on yoursoul..moves on..fear is a major hold back..fear of dyeing..and those that want to control humanity know this and use it againstpeople..thus put it out there..so these viewers become alert to dangerous possibilities..and the reaction usually is staywithin conformity..violation of this ..would be dire. or consequential..so they hesitate..fear to make a right when theyshould make a left..Get beyond the fear .and they have nothing on you ..nothing at all..build your confidence..that you are a great being onthis one planet out of thousands of galaxies..you have been giving a gift to experience what that life was about..althoughtrivial in time..nothing is ever or can be perfect..most will say things are perfect as they are no matter the situation..orcrisis..due to living and experience..and trust and know once your experience here is over by whatever means..you moveto another experience...they never end..People have to get their concentration on the right things..stop watching all the news and fear mongering videos and
s who out there corrupt or not..concentrate on what you would do or want for your perfect society..give your energies
to these thoughts..don’t stop progress or possibilities with worries or concerns that you have seen to be horrific in most
cases..Try to concentrate on an advancement that would help you and others..to build a common society of same needs andwants..and no matter who you are..where you are..we all basically want the same..good jobs, goodpay..family..house..bills paid..good proper schooling or mentorship..some of these here can be eliminated..with free electricity..or doing away with the monetary system..I once saw ..by Alex collier ..who said although the government owns all the technology now..that was all fixing tochange..and one of the biggest questions was..if we the people acquired this equipment and technology..what would wedo with it..how would we use it to help all. and is also stated that this was very possible..but before we attain any of thattechnology we had to know ..all these answers..Another question I saw along the same lines was if we had control of our own government like system..how would wechange it to make better for all. we would have to know all this before acquiring but is a chance we will..if we get beyondthe corrupt and fear mongering.So you would sit and lay all the cards on table:1.natural untainted..un commercialized Food production2.free electricity..for homes..electric cars..bikes..use of more Solar power3.non monetary system4.mentorship ..to teach all the truths of life and planet history and all the subjects5.multi job placement..as individual could work different areas ..and trade when they wished ..whether was help with food production..building..mentoring...all could be involvedThis is just a few things to think about..
We all have to decide what we really want out of life. and how we would go about getting it..allot of our answers would be
the same I’m sure..allot of our answers have been there but unexpected by the government. or con
trolled by andmanipulated by..thus we are not allowed to set forth our own methods that would greatly help all..so you just have to findcommon ways to achieve these..not go by what you know of the government ways..some may be similar but like withvegetables we would have control of not having chemicals being put on them..or stuck paying for high gas and oil pricesby using free electric..and having cleaner air from that as well..
Above in achieving would eliminate the necessity of monetary system..when you work you are helping others and inreturn your trading for the goods you need ..or share in the work to build houses for another..we have some communityprojects with volunteers like this today..but would be good if all utilize this process more and more..
think about what you need money for?.. bills..fuel..food..or just items ..like TV’s..stereos..
 all this is there already and with teams with the capability to continue build and anyone can train to have these jobs ..morethe merrier..and this leads o the multi job talent..
Multi job placement and training::
where individuals can choose what they want to learn and work and help..then 6 months later if they choose go dosomething else..and keep going till they find what they like or just move when they get bored..you would not be pushedfor production quotas..and not having all the weight on any one individual..
All age mentorship and training::
Enable everyone the same opportunity to learn any trade they wish ..even those in school under mentorship..give themthe knowledge so they can grow up and advance in the learning and knowledge of.
Irrigation and water::
Hydro is another ..it is mention to build our own hydro generators to pump water that would cover for the use of theworld..irrigation of dry wasteland would be promising for new neighborhoods..hence giving new homes for families ..ismuch land out there that is not utilized..and thus would grow Vegetation,, Trees,, Animals would come..would be likebuilding and oasis in middle of desert giving new home to all means of life..This book will discuss and display the lay out plan for the "Holographic Future Map" for a self dependantsociety..ungoverned by tyranny..This map will be your guide in leading up to society advancement for all mentorship for young and old..
Modern system
We as a civilization are to progress have we have..although has been enforced in an unfairness to most of the World byGiant Corporations who receive most of the funds ..and thus is booked and later find millions even billions are missing..that could have been turned back into the company or benefits of workers..the money that could have supportedmillions of needs for the people supplementary, Insurance, benefits.But was never recycled to be used as
such ..Only filtered away to other ventures that weren’t benefitting anyone but
themselves and those in control of the finance business world..We can have all we have now..providing we switch to Free energy, Wind power, Solar. To help with the pollution andEarths Eco factor and Life itself . and at the same time monitor and regulate supply and demand ,which also can beeasily done , will explain further into this through the book..We are to grow and advance as a society , as a whole..with the World and all the people on it..for all to help improve lifeand make sure every human on this planet can have and get what they need to advance ..it only helps humankind in thewhole..

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