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Records of the Drought Famines of GUJARAT Since Last 616 Years Earliest Since 1396

Records of the Drought Famines of GUJARAT Since Last 616 Years Earliest Since 1396

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Published by kachchhmitra
Records of the Drought /Famines of GUJARAT since last 616 years !(Earliest since 1396).
Records of the Drought /Famines of GUJARAT since last 616 years !(Earliest since 1396).

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: kachchhmitra on Jan 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Records of the Drought /Famines of GUJARAT since last 616 years !(Earliest since 1396).
1396 ADWest India &GujaratSouth of Narmada depopulated1482 Surat1559SaurashtraJagadusha During Moguls1577 KUTCH1631-32Whole of the GujaratSatyasyo lasted till 1640ADSatyasyo = VS1687 -56 = 1631 AD1647 Saurashtra1681-97Throughout GujaratReoccurring droughts Severe famine in the Gujarat1708 -1800During the Mogul Periods1757-58KUTCHFamines of KutchMany famines during the periods1774-75KUTCHFamines of KutchMany famines during the periods1782- 83KUTCHFamines of KutchMany famines during the periods1784KUTCHFamines of KutchMany famines during the periods1791-92Whole of the GujaratSADTALO means VS 1847SADTALO=VS 1847-56= AD 17911801-03KUTCH & SURAT TILOTRA=3 famines3 FAMINES in KUTCH - TILOTRO1812-13KUTCH AGNOTRO VS 1869AGNOTRO VS 1869-56= AD 18131815Whole of the Gujarat1824-251833-34, 24-35, 39-40KUTCH Saurashtra1845-461856, 1861, 1864, 1876Many Parts of the Gujarat1800-1947During the British Periods1897-98Gujarat Famine1899-1900KUTCH & GujaratCHAPANO lasted 1901-02CHAPANO=VS1956-56=AD19001911, 21, 26Gujarat Saurashtra1935, 1938Gujarat1939-40Gujarat, Saurashtra1940-41KUTCH & GujaratCHANANO=VS1996CHANANO=VS1996-56=AD19401946-47KUTCH&Panchmahal1947-1960POST INDEPENDENCE1947-48Parts Of Gujarat (PACHHOTARO)Due to LATE RAINS1948-49Kheda, SabarKantha1951-53Parts of the Gujarat Saurashtra1957-58KUTCH & Gujarat1960LatestPOST INDEPENDENCE1960, 65, 68 Most Parts of Gujarat1971, 73, 74And 1979-80Parts of the Gujarat1885, 87,88Most Parts of Gujarat
LAST year 2010 is the record rain year in last 50 to 100 years BUT Some one published that there wouldnot be a drought in Kutch for at least one century AND ALL THAT published in news papers without anyscientific evidence and without any support of knowledge.
There has been records of two cycles of weather in KUTCH. though a mini cycle of 3 years of good and bad rainis known as short term periods as we are aware of in our regular life time.But a major cycle of droughts and very Good Rain cycle are different e.g. 40 years of cycles of major droughts(e.g. 1,CHHAPANOVikram Sanvant 1956= 1900AD and 2
VikramSanvant 1996= 1940AD)
affecting most parts of western Monsoon system and also has Good Monsoon of 30years cycle. both of those weather cycles falls in 120 years world weather cycle studied scientifically with rings intree trunks. as good rain makes a ring wider expanding growth and narrows in famines. (30x4 cycle=120years=3x40 cycle)CHHAPANO 1956 VS= 1900/01 famine has been recorded in major parts of the world tree records. and if cycleis repeating after 120 years Major world dropout is possible in next few years after next decade!Year 1901 Population dropped to 4 88 000(12%)due to FAMINE of CHHAPANO(Vikram sanvant 1956= 1900AD)1940 KUTCH FAMINE( CHHANAVO )(Vikram sanvant 1996= 1940AD) IN THE YEAR 1941Population
dropped TO 4 98 000 WW2 and fight of Independence1959
Population there after increased and VERY VERY GOOD RAIN recorded to 60" in KUTCH1979 Flooding in KUTCH and BANNI plains of Kutch, which was overshadowed by Destruction of MACHU DAM of MORVI in Saurashtra.MALE/FEMALE ratio in KUTCH before 1971: Before India Pakistan war of 1971 population in Kutchhas more FEMALE than MANYEAR 1951 CENSUS *1079F/1000M (POPULATION 294629 F/272977 M)YEAR 1961 CENSUS *1041F/1000M (POPULATION 355216 F/341224 M)MALE/FEMALE ratio in KUTCH during 71/81: After India Pakistan war of 1971 population in Kutchequals FEMALE /MAN.YEAR 1971 CENSUS *1012F/1000M (POPULATION 427512F/422257M)MALE/FEMALE ratio in KUTCH after 1981: After1981 population in Kutch has first time decreased toLESS FEMALE than MANYEAR 1981 CENSUS *999F/1000M (POPULATION 524737 F/525431 M)YEAR 1991 CENSUS *973 F/1000M (POPULATION 619684 F/642823 M) After1991 since population inKutch has further decreased to LESS and LESS FEMALE than MAN
Medical and Government services failed in flooded BANNI region as area was seperated from the rest of area.BUT with the Help of merchant relief committee we organised along with help of MUKESH ZAVERI and Shrilate TULSI GAJARA, By daily touring to provide a medical services in flooded BANNI plains of KUTCH andrest of areas affected by flood in KUTCH.

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