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Table Of Contents

Plate 1. Network
Plate 2. Band Motives, in Straight lines
Plate 4. Band Moti\'es, Mixed
Plate 6. Diaper Patterns, with Arcs
Plate 7. Diaper Patterns, with Mixed lin-es
Plate 8. Radiating Figures, &c
Plate 9. The Square
Plate 10. The Square
Plate 11. The Octagon
Plate 13. The Oblong
Plate 14. The Oblong
Plate 15. The Oblong
Plate 16. The Oblong
Plate 18. The Circle
Plate 19. Tracery
Plate 28. The Laurel, &c
Plate 29. The Vine
Plate 30. The Vlve
Plate 32. The Ivy
Plate 33. The Corn, &c
Plate 34. The Hop, &c
Plate 36. Various Flowees
Plate 37. Various Flowers
Plate 38. The Fruit Festoon
Plate 39. The Fruit Festoox
Plate 40. The Leaf Festoox, &c
Plate 41. The Lion
Plate 42. The Lion
Plate 43. The Lion
Plate 44. The Lion
Plate 45. The Griffin
Plate 47. TnE Lion Head
Plate 48. The Lion Head
Plate 49. The Panther Head, &c
Plate 50. The Ram Head, &c
Plate 51. The Horse Head, &c
Plate 52. The Eagle
Plate 53. The Heraldic Eagle
Plate 54. The Eagle
Plate 55. The Wing
Plate 56. The Dolphin
Plate 57. The Doij'hin
Plate 58. The Dolphin
Plate 59. The Sheix
Plate 60. The Serpent
Plate 61. The Mask
Plate 62. The Grottesque Mask
Plate 63. The Grottesque Mask
Plate 64. The Grottesque Mask
Plate 65. The Medusa Head
Plate 66. The Grottesque
Plate 67. The Half-Figure
Plate 68. The Half-Figure
Plate 69. The Sphinx, and the Centaue
Plate 70. The Cherub Head, &c
Plate 71. The Teophy
Plate 72. The Teophy
Plate 73. The Symbol
Plate 74. The Sytnibol
Plate 75. The Symbol
Plate 76. The Symbol
Plate 77. The Symbol
Plate 78. The Eibbon, akd the Label
Plate 79. The Kibbon
Plate 80. Miscellaneous objects
Plate 81. Unsymmetrical ob Current frets: Greek vase
Plate 83. Intersecting Frets, &c
Plate 85. 'The Chain Band
Plate 86. The Interlacement Band
Plate 87. The Interlacement Band
Plate 88. The Interlacement Band
Plate 89. The Interlacement, Band
Plate 90. The Interi.acement Band
Plate 91. The Kosette Band
Plate 92. The Palmette Band
Plate 93. The Vertebrate Band, &c
Plate 94. The Undulate Band
Plate 95. The Undulate Band, &c
Plate 96. The Undulate Band, &c
Plate 98. The Enrichment of the Bead ^Moulding
Plate 99. The Enrichment of the Torus Moulding
Plate 100. The Enrichment of the C-i-MA and Ovolo Mouldings
Plate 101. The Link Border
Plate 102. The Link Border
Plate 103. The Link-border Enrichment of ]\IouLDmQ3
Plate 104. The Crestdjg Border
Plate 106. The Akroter, &c
Plate 107. The Stele-crest
Plate 108. The Peeforated Cresting
Plate 109. The Cross: in Stone
Plate 110. The Cross: in Metal
Plate 111. The Finial: in Stone
Plate 112. The Finial: in Metal
Plate 113. The Finial. Knob, and Vase
Plate 114. The Pendant Knob
Plate 115. The Rosette
Plate 117. The Decorated Hinge, &c
Plate 118. The Tassel
Plate 119- The Valence
Plate 120. The Lace Bordee
Plate 121. The Foliated Shaft
Plate 122. The Fluted Shaft
Plate 123. The Base: Roman
Plate 125. The Decorated Shaft
Plate 126. The Profiled Shaft
Plate 127. The Capital
Plate 128. The Capital
Plate 129. The Capital
Plate 130. The CAPiTAii
Plate 131. The Pilaster Panel
Plate 133. The Pilaster Capital
Plate 134. The Pilaster Capital
Plate 135. The Candelabrum Base
Plate 136. The Candelabrum Shaft
Plate 139. The Terminus
Plate 140. The Parapet
Plate 141. The Railinq Post
Plate 142. Tire FuiiNncniE Leo
Plate 143. The Trapezophoron
Plate 147 The Console
Plate 148. The Bracket
Plate 150. The Cabyattd, &c
Plate 151. The Square Panel
Plate 152. The Square Panel
Plate 153. The Square Panel
Plate 154. The Square Panel
Plate 155. The Squaee Panel,
Plate 156. The Stae-shape Panel
Plate 157. The Cieculaii Panel
Plate 158 The Cfrcul/VK Pa^-ei,
Plate 159 The Circular Panel
Plate 161. Tile Obloxg Panel
Plate 162. The Obloxo Panel
Plate 163. The Oblong Pantil
Plate 164. The Oblong Panel
Plate 165. The Elliptic Panel
Plate 166. The Lunette, and the Spanrail Panels
Plate 167. The Lunette, and the Spanrah. Panel
Plate 168. The Lozenge Panel
Plate 169. Various Panels
Plate 170. Various Panels
Plate 171. The Squaee Diaper, &c
Plate 172. The Circle Dl^er, &c
Plate 179. Various Diapers
Plate 180. Vaeious Grill DiApees
Plate 182. The Ajsiphora
Plate 183. The Urn
Plate 184. The Krater
Plate 187. The Flo\ver-Vase, &c
Plate 188. Vase-forms for Various Purposes
Plate 190
Plate 192. The Bucket, &c
Plate 193. Tiie Spoon, and the Ladle
Plate 196. The Lip- spout Pitcher
Plate 197. The Lip-spout Pitcher
Plate 200. The Bottle
Plate 202
Plate 204. The Chalice, and the Goblet
Plate 205. The. Haitap
Plate 206. The Rummek
Plate 207. Various Drinking Vessels
Plate 208. The Mug
Plate 209. The Tankard
Plate 211. The Antique Candelabrum
Plate 212. The Renascence CANDELABRmi.^
Plate 213. The Antique Lajiip
Plate 215. The Candlestick
Plate 217. The Candle-bracket
Plate 221. The Axtar
Plate 222. The Tripod
Plate 223. The Censer
Plate 224. The Ceucifix
Plate 225. The Crozier, and the Monstrance
Plate 226. The Suield
Plate 228. The Sword, and its Scabbard.
Plate 229. The Dagger, and its Scabbakd
Plate 230. The Halberd, &c
Plate 231. The Spoon
Plate 232. The Knife, and the Fork
Plate 233. The Paper-Knife
Plate 234. The Scissors
Plate 235. The Hand-Bell
Plate 236. The Door-Ivnocker
Plate 237. The Key
Plate 238. The Hand-Mieror
Plate 239. The Fan
Plate 240. Various Tools
Plate 241. The Chair
Plate 242. The Chair
Plate 243. The Chair
Plate 244. The Throne, and the Arm-chair
Plate 245. The Throne, and the Aem-chaik
Plate 246. The Stall
Plate 247. The Stool
Plate 248. Tiee Folding-chair
Plate 249. The Bench
Plate 250. The Sofa, and the Couch
Plate 251. The Table
Plate 252. The Writing-table
Plate 253. The Cabinet
Plate 254. The Sideboard
Plate 255. Tfte Hanging-cabinet
Plate 256. The Chest
Plate 257. The Desk, <fcc
Plate 259. The Bedstead, &c
Plate 260. The Bedsteajd, &c
Plate 261. The Architectural FRAsm
Plate 262. The Archttecturai. Frame
Plate 263. The Mirror-frame, &c
Plate 265. The Strap-work Frame
Plate 266. The Str^p-work Frame
Plate 267. The Typographical Frame
Plate 268. The Typographical Frame
Plate 269. The Strap-work Tablet
Plate 270. The Strap-work Border, and Margin
Plate 271. The Pin
Plate 273. The Ring
Plate 274. The Chain
Plate 275. The Necklace
Plate 276. The Bracelet
Plate 278. The Pendant
Plate 279. The Ear-ring
Plate 280. Miscellaxeous Jewelry
Plate 282. The Shape op the Shield
Plate 283. The Ordinaries
Plate 284
Plate 289. Crowns, Coronets, &c. [according to German Heraldry]
Plate 290. Heraldic Accessories
Plate 291. Romanesque Letters
Plate 292. Gothic Uncial Letters
Plate 294. Old English Letters, &c
Plate 295. Old German Letters
Plate 296. Modern Text
Plate 297. Renascence Letters
Plate 298. Roman Inttiai^
Plate 299. Roman Letters
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A Handbook Of Ornament - 1849

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