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Evidence Against the Supernatural

Evidence Against the Supernatural



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Published by AAMAN00
This is my thesis in which I attempt to show that the many examples of "supernatural" occurrences are false. Prayer, psychic powers, and NDE's are a few of the subjects I debunk.
This is my thesis in which I attempt to show that the many examples of "supernatural" occurrences are false. Prayer, psychic powers, and NDE's are a few of the subjects I debunk.

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Published by: AAMAN00 on Aug 15, 2008
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Evidence Against the Supernatural
There are millions of people in the world who have claimed to experience a paranormal, or supernaturalevent. These range from out of body experiences, claims of psychic powers, near death experiences, ghostsightings, answered prayers, miraculous healings, etc.I've stated many times throughout my writings that from my research, there is no evidence at all of anythingsupernatural in this world, and I decided to write this piece to answer the most common objections about thepossibility of some supernatural realm. Many religious people claim that there is a supernatural realm, andpoint to some of the above examples as "proof", yet as I will show, these "proofs" are fraudulent because of these peoples' lack of knowledge about such events.From my research over the years, from reading articles online, and reading scientific research about thesethings, I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a supernatural event. I will now presentthis evidence, though I'd also like to restate something I've said before. No religious person can make a claimthat their god exists without invoking the supernatural. It's just not possible, and so I present this evidence notonly to debunk these individual claims of miraculous events, but also to debunk the idea of a god, because if itcan be shown that there is nothing supernatural in this world; nothing immaterial, then the evidence in favorof a simply material world sky rockets, and their god has no where to hide.
 People must prove that this is animmaterial world before their claims of god, and miracles can hold up.
They have been unable to do this...atleast not yet.I've written about these things before, but they are so spread out among my many writings that I doubtanyone has read all this information, so I decided to combine it all into one paper, that way it's organized in aneasier to read format, and is easier to find. With the history of such phenomenon as lighting storms, hurricane like winds, droughts, etc. I have no doubtthat the people of the past felt these things were miraculous signs of their creator, yet in our more enlightenedtime now (depending on how you look at it), we don't see anyone claiming these natural occurrences have asupernatural cause. The problem is, just as in the past, we have many unexplained things which we experience,or hear about, and we just don't have a lot of answers about them at this moment in time. Or we have noinformation at the current time whatsoever. With such a history of human kind, I find it hard to believe that we are still using the old "god of the gaps"argument; using god (or whatever deity you believe in) as the explanation for something we know nothingabout. This solves nothing, because you haven't even proven any god exists to begin with.I have no doubt that science will discover more about our world in the future, just as it has in the past, and fillin our "gaps" in understanding our world, so that we don't need to use some imaginary thing to explain it away.The first phenomenon I will address is psychic ability. Two noted "psychics" are John Edward (he has a show called
Crossing Over with John Edward 
) and Sylvia Brown, who I've seen on the
 Montel Williams Show
and Iaddressed her phoniness in a previous article I found online (see the postSylvia Browne’s Biggest Blunder, By Benjamin Radfordfor more information). There is even a show on Animal Planet called
 Pet Psychic
and this women goes around and "helps" pet owners figure out what's wrong with their animals.So many people believe in these so called psychics' supposed powers to contact the dead, and predict the
"It is the responsibility of intellectuals tospeak the truth and expose lies." 
- NoamChomsky 
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future, but it's nothing but a big, elaborate magic show.First, I'll cover Sonya Fitzpatrick, who is the "psychic" for the show 
 Pet Psychic
and I found a good articlecalledStupid "Pet Psychic" Tricks, by Bryan Farha. Here is the article:
Stupid "Pet Psychic" Tricks, by Bryan Farha, from The New England Journal of Skepticism, Volume 6 Issue 15/1/2003
If David Letterman wants to expand his "Stupid Pet Tricks" segment on the Late Show to include stupid petpsychic tricks, I believe we have a winner. Move over James Van Praagh and John Edward, there's a new television show in town. The Animal Planet cable network has launched, "Pet Psychic," which is hosted by England?born Sonya Fitzpatrick. During Sonya's introductory bio on each telecast, she claims to be ableto "hear the thoughts" of all animals in her vicinity. On the show, Sonya "reads" the thoughts of a variety of animals?asking questions to the pets, and claiming to get answers from the critters. She then communicatesthe answer to the pet owner, who feels comforted after the alleged telepathic communication. Sometimesquestions are requested by animal owners, who are often interested in finding out reasons for peculiar pet behaviors. And she's multi?talented, also crossing over to communicate with pets that have died.Further, Sonya also professes ability to function as a pet psychic detective. For example, there is a $4,000reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons who abused a cat named “TLC.” Theabused cat “told” Sonya that the guilty person was a thin male with dark hair who didn't like cats. One memberof the veterinary staff who treated TLC said of Sonya's psychic detective work that the staff was “shocked” ather accuracy and that “any kind of skepticism fades away.” Excuse me, but this is where skepticism enters.Let’s look at some “Stupid Pet Psychic Tricks” used by Sonya Fitzpatrick to make her appear psychic. All aretaken from a single program, which aired on July 1, 2002.
Prediction Based on Prior Knowledge
“Tony” the LlamaSonya made a house call to a ranch outside her current residence of Houston for this alleged telepathicexperience. She accurately pointed out that Tony had some behavioral issues. He’s been a problem llama.Confirmation from the owner made this seem very impressive.Stupid Pet Psychic Trick: Immediately before her psychic vision of behavioral problems, Tony jerked andflailed noticeably while being observed by Sonya and the owner. After watching this unruly behavior, just how psychic is it to predict disciplinary problems in the llama? Before being told of their problem anyone couldhave the same psychic vision of a child who misbehaved like this. Yet the owner seemed convinced. Much of the television audience likely was as well.Percy & BogieIt was never established which one was which, but referring to one of the dogs, this dialog took place betweenSonya and the pet’s owner:Sonya: When did he have some medication?Owner: He’s had an ear infection.Sonya: Yah?he [dog] says that was bad. He says he’s had that on and off.Stupid Pet Psychic Trick: Notice Sonya only makes this last comment after already hearing the owner say thedog had an ear infection. If Sonya can communicate with animals, why didn’t she just ask the dog initially whatthe medication was for and report the answer to us before the owner did? But she asked a general questionabout medication and got a specific answer from the pet’s owner, and wants us to believe that the dog told herthe experience was bad? Please, Sonya.“Bonnie” the DomThis dog kept growling and snarling before Sonya said anything. Therefore, Sonya’s first comment on the dog’s behavior was, “she’s a talker.”Stupid Pet Psychic Trick: How hard is it to convince an owner of this given the free prior knowledge of snarlingand growling? Please, Sonya.
Making the Obvious Seem Telepathic
Two CatsSonya asked the owner if one of the cats crawls under things. The owner confirmed with amazement by saying
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they both go under the covers with her.Stupid Pet Psychic Trick: What’s amazing about this? What cat doesn’t crawl under things? And it didn’t have to be the covers. Don’t most cats crawl under desks, tables, sofas, beds, crawl spaces, etc.? The owner wasimpressed enough to believe one of the cats told Sonya she’d prefer it if the owner would buy a second litter box-?one for each cat. Please, Sonya.“Bonnie” AgainSonya states, “she’s [Bonnie] asking me why is it that you [owner] don’t want her on you sometimes?”Stupid Pet Psychic Trick: The owner’s answer is the same that most of us would give ?because sometimes we’vegot other things we need to do like cook, work on the computer, etc. Maybe this category should have beenlabeled, “Duh.” Please, Sonya.Crossing Over Willie Willie was a Golden Retriever whom the owner arranged to have put to sleep by a veterinarian. Sonya had a vision?with owner confirmation??that Willie used to scratch behind his ears. Really? A dog scratch behind hisears? Need I even comment on this one? Please, Sonya.Miatok Miatok (unsure of the spelling) was a living dog whose companion, Wendy, had died. Sonya said Miatok toldher that he really missed Wendy. Amazing? Who wouldn’t miss their companion? Please, Sonya.Making it Fit & Gullibility “Joy” Who Crossed OverJoy is a cat who ran away without apparent cause and supposedly died. In an effort to find out why Joy ranaway, this dialog ensued:Sonya: When did you [owner] change a floor in your house? [no response]. Or a carpet?Owner: We just cleaned our carpet.Sonya goes on to say that Joy ran away because they cleaned the carpet. But if Sonya can communicate withdead animals, why didn’t she just ask the departed cat the question and provide the answer before asking theowner about changing the floor? More importantly, wasn’t Sonya’s question really implying that a differentfloor was installed? When people are asked if they’ve changed a floor, aren’t they assuming a new floor wasinstalled? Yet the owner had no problem believing in Sonya’s accuracy. People who already strongly believeare going to make it fit.“Tony” the LlamaSonya reports that Tony wanted to know why he didn’t have a scarf around his neck like the one she [Sonya]had on, and why he didn’t have a hat. Why would a llama want a scarf or a hat? According to Sonya, Tony saidhe wants to be an actor. Please, Sonya.The following dialog (excerpt) took place at the ranch with Tony’s owner, Bob:Sonya: Have you been planning to go somewhere?in your thoughts?Bob: Yes [horse show trip].Sonya: He [llama] says you’re thinking of going somewhere [and doesn’t want him to].Stupid Pet Psychic Trick: A “nolose” situation for Sonya if Bob answers the question “no,” Sonya doesn’t getcounted for a miss because she can claim it was only a question rather than a prediction or a comment fromthe llama. If Bob answers “yes,” only then does Sonya say it was a concern of the llama. It’s also “no lose” because what constitutes “going somewhere?” Rather, what doesn’t constitute going somewhere? If Bob didn’thave a horse show trip planned, wouldn't a grocery store trip constitute “going somewhere?” The use of sufficiently open-ended criteria means that Sonya cannot be incorrect in that exchange? She couldn’t. Duringthe owner’s reflection on her reading, Bob said, “I was truly surprised to find out he [llama] really wanted to bea movie star.” So the owner feels confirmation even though there’s no way to verify that Tony expressed desireto be an actor. Gullibility. Willie the DogThis is the same Golden Retriever from before that crossed over. Felicia, the owner, emotionally told Sonyashe’s been considering adopting another dog. Sonya immediately said, “he wants you to. He says `do it'.”Stupid Pet Psychic Trick: Not even a second elapsed between the owner communicating her consideration of  buying another dog and Sonya’s reply. Sonya didn’t even pause (as she had on every other occasion)to “telepathically” communicate the question or thought to the pet, then allow time to get the animal’s
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I'd like to remind everyone that Itry to make this a visitor- friendly  blog because in the past I've goneto websites and a video the posterhad put up was no longer availablefrom the source website, or a website that was referenced was nolonger there. I found thatfrustrating because if I wasinterested in what the author hadto say I wouldn't be able to fully understand what was being talkedabout. So, with my blog I try my  best to save all referenced websites with a screenshot, or at least copy the information directly into my post. I also try to keep backups of all videos I post. So, if anyone everfinds that a video isn't working, ora website I linked to is no longerthere, please contact me and I'llsee if I saved it, and I can send youthe information.I'd also appreciate it if anyone whois browsing the site finds a link, or video, that isn't working to pleasetell me about it even if you're notinterested in getting theinformation. That's just so I can gofix it, and repost the informationfor future visitors.Thanks.

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