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Femalefront.com - Minor Notes 1

Femalefront.com - Minor Notes 1

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Published by Gregg D'Albert
"Minor Notes" was the original companion blog of the internet radio station FEMALE FRONT from 2003-2005. The website that hosted Minor Notes was taken down in 2007; these pages were retrieved from archive.org. Minor Notes was replaced by "FFB", which is still available at http://femalefront.blogspot.com.
"Minor Notes" was the original companion blog of the internet radio station FEMALE FRONT from 2003-2005. The website that hosted Minor Notes was taken down in 2007; these pages were retrieved from archive.org. Minor Notes was replaced by "FFB", which is still available at http://femalefront.blogspot.com.

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Music
Published by: Gregg D'Albert on Jan 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wednesday, May 30, 2007, 15:54Monday, May 28, 2007, 22:33Sunday, May 27, 2007, 21:58Sunday, May 27, 2007, 18:08Sunday, May 27, 2007, 12:30
Most RecentThe Minor Notes ArchiveThe Minor Notes Archive
Wednesday, October 26, 2005, 10:39
Welcome to
the Minor Notes archive!
 Because of persistent technical problems with the host of this site,
Minor Notes has moved to anew location.
 Be sure to visit the NEW Minor Notes at
.I will be keeping this page up as the Minor Notes archive for as long as the host remains in business,which, judging from their past performance, may not be much longer. Feel free to peruse these entriesfor glimpses into my past mindset (which admittedly isn't much different from my present or probablefuture mindsets).Thanks to all who continue to inspire me to produce this blog.Regards,Arhythmius
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VERY New Artist: Sara Oliveira
Wednesday, October 19, 2005, 13:31
Sara Oliveira and fan
 I recently received a submission from
Sara Oliveira
, a young artist from central California. Thanks tothe wonders of the internet, it is now possible to follow an artist's career from nascency tosuperstardom, and Ms Oliveira's Myspace page (click on her name above) gives us a glimpse of a girl atthe beginning of what will hopefully be a long and successful career.Because I am fascinated by the creative process (having no such processes myself), and becauseone of the missions of ESTROGENIUS is to provide exposure for independent female artists, I could notresist giving Sara Oliveira a moment in the spotlight.I added her song "When it Comes to Living" to the playlist, and while it does have a bare-bones musicalarrangement (including drum machine), the vocal arrangement is impressive. Ms Oliveira's voice issurprisingly low, which immediately distances her from the typical pop princess (okay, so Britney 'svoice is about three octaves lower than before she hit puberty, but it's also a question of 
.) Theharmonies are well done, and stand out with their professional sound. Plus, they're pretty.I can see "When it Comes to Living" having a lot of appeal with the teenage and young-adult
Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUS internet radio [Archive]
2006200720081 captures
6 Jul 07 - 6 Jul 07
1/26/2011Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUreplay.waybackmachine.org//pblog/1/4
VERY New Artist: Sara OliveiraNew to the Playlist: SarahCracknellSqueaky F-word Gets the GreaseHere's A Cogent Thought: Fuck!New Pick!Plus & MinusHandling ShippingDown With IronyJenae: Flower in the Frost
demographic; but unlike the Hillary Duffs of the world, it has the advantage of being REAL. It wasn'twritten by a collective of professional songwriters, it was written by the 17-year-old who'sperforming it.In that respect, Sara Oliveira has more in common with
Emm Gryner 
, or perhaps one of the Emobands that she cites as influences. In any case, it's unlikely that you would mistake her music for that of a typical teenage pop artist, and she will only get more mature from here.But never mind what *I* think; Sara Oliveira has invited commentary on her Myspace page, so give thesongs a listen and let her know what YOU think (and I don't have to remind you to keep it constructive).Her site says that a full-length CD is coming soon, and I'm guessing that it will be more polished than thethree preview tracks on Myspace. I look forward to it.Good luck, Sara!
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New to the Playlist: Sarah Cracknell
Monday, October 10, 2005, 15:03
 While new to the ESTROGENIUS playlist,
Kelly's Locker,
the solo EP by Saint Etienne vocalist
Sarah Cracknell,
is not a new release. It actually came out in 2000, the same year as her full-lengthalbum
But sadly, Amoeba Music didn't have
in stock when I went there, so I picked up
Kelly's Locker 
as a lovely consolation prize. I DID also get a Saint Etienne album, but I'll write about thatat a later date.Enough scintillating backstory, here's the skinny on this EP.I've been a fan of Saint Etienne since they singlehandedly invented their genre, British Retro Trip-Pop(that's not what it's actually called, but that's the nearest description I can come up with), with therelease of their first full-length album, 1992's
Foxbase Alpha.
Other bands and projects have sincemade their own contributions to this style of music, many of them quite successfully, but I'll alwayshave a soft spot for Saint Etienne.Sadly, I lost track of Saint Etienne for a while, and let a couple of their more recent albums fly under myradar -- as did this solo effort from their lead vocalist. (Interestingly, Saint Etienne's breakout first singleand biggest US hit, a cover of Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", featured guest vocalistMoira Lambert; but since then, it's been all Sarah Cracknell, all the time, and I'm fine with that.)
Kelly's Locker 
has most of the familiar hallmarks of Saint Etienne, obviously including Cracknell'sdelicate, high-pitched pop phrasing; but without the contribution of her usual bandmates Bob Stanleyand Pete Wiggs, we are able to get a glimpse of just what she brings to the table as an artist.Interestingly, the most mellow and wistful tracks are the two that were written solely by Cracknell. So,now I know who's primarily responsible for the similar-sounding tracks on all the Saint Etienne albums!However, those two tracks -- "Judy, Don't You Worry" and "Sea Shells" -- were probably my leastfavorite on the EP. Sorry, Sarah, but I just dig those uptempo arrangements for which Saint Etienne arefamous. Still, I do love the narrative style of her songwriting, complete with its casts of colorfulcharacters."Taking off for France" is probably the closest thing to a pure Saint Etienne song on
Kelly's Locker,
given its retro (yet still synthesized) arrangement and "make the best of a bad situation" subject matter.If you like anything from Saint Etienne's first few albums, then this will put a smile on your face."How Far" is the most upbeat track on
Kelly's Locker,
although it has a bit more of a conventionaltechno beat to it, as opposed to something that Wiggs and Stanley would have created. I enjoyed itenough to put it on the playlist."Penthouse Girl, Basement Boy" is the other track I added, and it's another upbeat song with a slightlymore modern sensibility than a standard Saint Etienne song.
1/26/2011Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUreplay.waybackmachine.org//pblog/2/4
You're probably getting the picture here: If you like Saint Etienne, then you'll certainly like this confectionfrom Sarah Cracknell. Stay tuned for more updates on new music being added! (Don't worry, the musicis being added much more rapidly than this blog is being updated.)
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Squeaky F-word Gets the Grease
Monday, October 10, 2005, 08:49
Apparently my last post spurred the right people into action. Or something.My tech support email to Cogent, sent last Wednesday from my work email account, was finally repliedto on Friday afternoon -- after I'd left for the weekend. So I didn't get it until Monday morning. The emailhad a link to Cogent's status page, which explained what the hell's been going on.Apparently it wasn't all Cogent's fault.
This story at ZDnet
puts the whole saga into layman's terms,but I'm left wondering where the hell these news items were when I was searching for them lastweek. Not that it would have fixed anything.Cogent states that they do not know if this situation -- everything working properly -- will be"permanent". But I'll carry on under the assumption that it is, and hopefully things will get back to normalaround here.
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Here's A Cogent Thought: Fuck!
Sunday, October 9, 2005, 20:28
Proving that seven or eight bad turns deserve another, this site is experiencing more technicalproblems. But this time, the difference is that it's someone ELSE'S technical snafu that's causing theproblem.For some reason,
Cogent Communications
-- operators of one of the world's largest IP networks --has blocked access to all domains controlled by my web hosting company,
.In other words, the people who control a big chunk of the internet have blocked their users from seeingmy websites. I don't know why, Aplus.net doesn't know why, and I strongly suspect that Cogentdoesn't know why, either.I found out about it the easy way: Starting last Wednesday, I was no longer able to access my ownwebsites from my own PC at work. Yep, it turns out our building is on the Cogent network. That maygive my boss some pleasure (and no, it wasn't my boss who blocked the access), but it's REALLYinconvenient for me. And for of the thousands of internet users who are suddenly blocked fromviewing my websites, without knowing why. Not that I HAVE thousands of visitors, but some of mycurrent visitors may be Cogent users, too. Aww, you know what I mean.Obviously, if you're reading this, then you're not affected. And the Live365.com domain was notblocked by Cogent, which means I can go on adding all of this new music I've acquired, and you cankeep enjoying it.However, until I get more of an idea how long Cogent will be unilaterally denying my sites of visitors, Idon't think I will be posting reviews, pictures, or anything else that takes a lot of work, on the main siteor this blog. If you hate the idea of that, then (1) Thank you! and (2) Blame the idiots at Cogent.You see, this isn't the first time they've done this. A few weeks ago, Cogent blocked another modestlittle site that nobody ever goes to: Yahoo.com.
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| ( 3.1 / 565 )Minor Notes - Page Generated in 0.2926 seconds
1/26/2011Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUreplay.waybackmachine.org//pblog/3/4

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