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Femalefront.com - Minor Notes 6

Femalefront.com - Minor Notes 6

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Published by Gregg D'Albert
"Minor Notes" was the original companion blog of the internet radio station FEMALE FRONT from 2003-2005. The website that hosted Minor Notes was taken down in 2007; these pages were retrieved from archive.org. Minor Notes was replaced by "FFB", which is still available at http://femalefront.blogspot.com.
"Minor Notes" was the original companion blog of the internet radio station FEMALE FRONT from 2003-2005. The website that hosted Minor Notes was taken down in 2007; these pages were retrieved from archive.org. Minor Notes was replaced by "FFB", which is still available at http://femalefront.blogspot.com.

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Music
Published by: Gregg D'Albert on Jan 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LinksHomeContact MeAbout This Weblogestrogenius dot netEstrogenius Live365 Station PageThe NEW Minor Notes blogLoginArchives«June 2005»
Most RecentBrynne Johnson
Thursday, January 19, 2006, 21:05hey!! My name is brynne too!!
David Lech
Monday, January 16, 2006, 02:11Your not Kidding Jenae is Great ,and...
Monday, October 17, 2005, 15:06Awwwwwww! That was so sappyand sweet,...
Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 16:03...while it may seem to the dedicated...
Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 12:42
Asylum Seekers
Monday, June 27, 2005, 16:50
Here’s a cool project I came across a while back, and then inexplicably forgot to write about. (After allof my complaints on the subject, it turns out that
the reason good bands don’t get the success theydeserve! Go figure...)The band is
Smith Island
, and they’ve gone and created a rock opera.Yes, a
 Once a curious relic of the “Yes, there’s such a thing as
creative” 1970’s, the concept of rockopera was once again thrust into the public consciousness by the success and acclaim of Green Day’s
 American Idiot.
So much so, in fact, that you probably never want to hear another rock opera ever again. Normally, I’d be with you on that – hell, I never wanted to hear one
-- but we will all haveto make an exception for Smith Island.The story of this rock opera is the now-classic tale of a young woman whose dreams of Hollywoodare shattered by the reality of drug use and casting-couch abuse, which quite literally drives her insane. “Smith Island” is the fantasy asylum in which the heroine, Zelda Zardoz, takes shelter. By theend of it all, Zelda’s adventures make Jenny from
Forrest Gump
look like Marie Osmond.A couple of things, really quick: I live in Hollywood, and while it is now inhabited almost entirely byelderly Ukranians, in the 70’s you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a Zelda Zardoz-type (don’t try tostart doing the math; this was the
70’s, and I was
young). So the material is thematically true tothe period. In fact, Smith Island gets major points for the direct reference to
, one of thosecompletely messed-up 70’s movies that my dad insisted on taking me to.
 A Boy and His Dog, The Magic Christian, Putney Swope
-- for some reason, he loved that weird shit. It was like a freaking miraclewhenever my dad actually took me to a normal, major-studio release in the 70’s. Maybe it wasn’t himmaybe the movies just sucked overall.Erback to Smith Island. Sorry about that.A I said, the material is thematically true to the period. But more importantly, it’s pretty damn true to theperiod aurally as well.
Smith Island 
sounds like a cross between Blondie and Iron Maiden, or any of thecountless rock bands that Spinal Tap was sending-up. But Smith Island isn’t necessarily a spoof project – or if it is, then it’s a very loving one, as
This Is Spinal Tap
was. There may be only five tracks, but thequality is too high – from Gabrielle Stubbert’s vocals to the spot-on arrangements – for this to be athrowaway project.Would you like to find out for yourself? Well, here’s the best part: You can download the tracks in their entirety from Smith Island’s website! But I linked to the CDBaby page above, because that’s where youwill BUY the album once you’ve decided you like it. Right?
Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUS internet radio [Archive]
2005200620075 captures
29 Apr 05 - 6 Feb 06
1/26/2011Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUreplay.waybackmachine.org//index.ph1/5
I haven't been avoiding...
Most RecentThe Minor Notes ArchiveVERY New Artist: Sara OliveiraNew to the Playlist: SarahCracknellSqueaky F-word Gets the GreaseHere's A Cogent Thought: Fuck!New Pick!Plus & MinusHandling ShippingDown With IronyJenae: Flower in the Frost
Or you can listen to ESTROGENIUS, where I've added the Smith Island tracks "Asylum" and "StarfuckingYour Way to Nowhere" to the playlist.
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permalinkGroovy Quebecoise
Thursday, June 23, 2005, 13:37
So I finally broke down and bought a CD that I've been wanting for, oh, about a year. The reason it'staken me that long is because it happens to be a band with a male vocalist. My music-purchasingbudget is very meager, so I can't justify buying anything that isn't in support of the station. Therefore, allof the guy-groups in which I'm interested fall by the wayside.Fortunately (at least in this
specific way), I just had a birthday. Thus, I was able to wrangle for free a couple of CD's that I couldn't justify paying for myself.Foremost among them is
the debut album by
Arcade Fire
. I know! Isn't it sad that it took meTHIS long to finally own this gem?!If you're not familiar with Arcade Fire, it's a group of about 15 Canadians who got together and made aweird, brilliant album. I really don't know how to describe them, but to me,
seemed like thePartridge Family meets the Addams Family. No, the band members are not related (apart from the twowho got married during the course of production), but they've created a sort of mythos that harkensback to those legendary family units. To me, Arcade Fire are like the crazy neighbors that you actually
Their home may smell a little odd and the yard may be overgrown, but they’re artistic andfreewheeling, and they throw amazing Halloween parties.I won’t go into a blow-by-blow review of the album; just buy it if you haven’t already. Arcade Fire use just about every musical instrument ever invented, including many that were not invented for thepurpose of being musical instruments. I'm pretty sure you'll find someone credited for playing the"stapler" somewhere in the liner notes.One nitpick is that Arcade Fire are a little too enamored of tempo-changes. It’s fine if the whole song isa tempo mishmash, like the crazy “Our Song” by Yes, but Arcade Fire too often throw in a tempochange right when you’re getting into the track’s initial groove. The worst offense is turning theoutstanding anthem “Wake Up” into a doo-wop song about 2/3 of the way through. It’s not enough tomake it a bad song, though – in fact, it may be my favorite song of the year.Oh, and nobody told me that two of the tracks feature female vocals by Régine Chassagne, taking over for lead vocalist Win Butler (they're the two who got married, by the way). So in fact, I
have justified purchasing this album earlier, seeing as how I added the tracks "Haiti" and "In the Backseat" tothe playlist. Sigh.You know, something kept rattling around in my mind after I made the comment about combining thePartridge Family with the Addams Familyand then it came to me: There already
a group that wasexactly that.I am, of course, referring to the venerable
Groovy Ghoulies
-- that’s the original, cartoon band, not therecent live act with the same name -- and if you can find any dedicated websites or images of them,then you’re better at this than I am.
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permalinkQueen of Dreamers
Monday, June 13, 2005, 12:35
The thing about writing music reviews is that you usually want to compare the artist you're reviewing tosome other, well-known artists. It's an easy way of describing the style of music without actuallydescribing the style of music, which would require far more creativity than most reviewers (includingYours Truly) can muster.But you also want to make readers aware of how the artist differs from those other artists, so as notto turn-off people who don't like them. As a result, music reviews may seem a little cookie-cutter; but trynot to blame the writer for that. It's usually out of necessity.Well, I won't have that problem with
Natalie London
. Her music has defied my efforts to findcomparable artists. And that makes me very happy.
1/26/2011Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUreplay.waybackmachine.org//index.ph2/5
Natalie London
 This twentysomething native of London, Ontario (no relation) cites NIN, Tool and Radiohead as major influences, and her music is the closest thing to those styles that an acoustic band with a femalevocalist can get. If that sounds strange, just listen to the tracks at
her Myspace site
and you willinstantly Get It. But since Natalie London is clearly doing her own thing, I can't very well use thosebands for comparison. This is some of the most original-sounding music I've heard in a long time, and Ithink that's pretty exciting.Ms London is on-point lyrically as well. I especially like this passage from "Cried Wolf":
selective memory is frightening me its frustrating so i get screamed at for kicking sand at the bully that just buried me in it i believe in heaven, but i would never bet my life on it.
 "Morning" is about a woman who is looking for something deeper than sex with her partner, but has runout of patience:
guess i shouldn't expect, anything truly intimatewhen you can't even make me laugh
 This is strong material, and I'm very pleased to be giving it some of the exposure that it deserves. If I'veturned you on to Natalie London (and you
like her, because you're smart), then do your part for thisoriginal artist, and spread the word.
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permalinkOut of Florida
Friday, June 10, 2005, 17:00
I am an idiot.This is not a new thing. But in writing the review below, I completed about 90% before accidentally deleting it. This IS a new thing. As a result, I have promoted myself from “Idiot” to “Incomprehensibly Stupid, Dim-Witted Obtuse Moron”, and I now despise myself even more than I did before thisridiculous stunt.So here’s a re-creation of what I’d written up to that point – strictly from memory:
 So, I spent last week at a conference in Middle-of-Nowhere, Florida. If you think that Middle-of-Nowhere, Florida is a bad place for a major business conference, then you’re right! Strangely,however, the event organizers never had that thought. Anyway, this week was spent doing all thework that piled up
week while I was away. So that’s what-the-hell-I’ve-been-doing, since youwere about to ask. Say it with me: Stupid day job!Well, I’m back – and over the next few days I’ll highlight some great new artists that I’ve come across(as usual, click on the name to visit the artist’s site):
Brynne Calleran
1/26/2011Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUreplay.waybackmachine.org//index.ph3/5

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