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Femalefront.com - Minor Notes 8

Femalefront.com - Minor Notes 8

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Published by Gregg D'Albert
"Minor Notes" was the original companion blog of the internet radio station FEMALE FRONT from 2003-2005. The website that hosted Minor Notes was taken down in 2007; these pages were retrieved from archive.org. Minor Notes was replaced by "FFB", which is still available at http://femalefront.blogspot.com.
"Minor Notes" was the original companion blog of the internet radio station FEMALE FRONT from 2003-2005. The website that hosted Minor Notes was taken down in 2007; these pages were retrieved from archive.org. Minor Notes was replaced by "FFB", which is still available at http://femalefront.blogspot.com.

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Music
Published by: Gregg D'Albert on Jan 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LinksHomeContact MeAbout This Weblogestrogenius dot netEstrogenius Live365 Station PageThe NEW Minor Notes blogLoginArchives«April 2005»
Most RecentBrynne Johnson
Thursday, January 19, 2006, 21:05hey!! My name is brynne too!!
David Lech
Monday, January 16, 2006, 02:11Your not Kidding Jenae is Great ,and...
Monday, October 17, 2005, 15:06Awwwwwww! That was so sappyand sweet,...
Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 16:03...while it may seem to the dedicated...
Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 12:42
Friday, April 22, 2005, 13:20
Damn, I didn't expect it to take a whole week to get to my next entry. Being busy does that to you.Aww, who am I kidding -- I'm such a slacker, I can't imagine what life must be like for people who are
busy.New artists on the playlist this week (click on the artist names to see their websites):
 The photo of Psychophile members Lucy Pointycat and Smogo pretty much says it all. How freakingcool is that? Thank [the rhetorical] god that some bands know how to present themselves. I truly missthose days.While their look is sorta Hayzee-Fantayzee-meets-Type-O-Negative, the sound is not. Here's howPsychophile describe their own track, "Naked": "It's industrial, it's metal, it's opera...it's indust-opera-metal!" When you hear the song, you'll recognize the accuracy of that statement.I don't know too much about the band members yet, except that Lucy Pointycat is a British diva who isprone to purring when she's in a good mood (firsthand experience). She's also got a nice set of pipes -- and her voice ain't too bad, either!
Thank you!
Michelle Albano
Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUS internet radio [Archive]
1/26/2011Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUreplay.waybackmachine.org//index.ph1/4
I haven't been avoiding...
Most RecentThe Minor Notes ArchiveVERY New Artist: Sara OliveiraNew to the Playlist: SarahCracknellSqueaky F-word Gets the GreaseHere's A Cogent Thought: Fuck!New Pick!Plus & MinusHandling ShippingDown With IronyJenae: Flower in the Frost
 Time once again for Whiplash Radio: On the infrared end of the spectrum from Psychophile's ultravioletis Michelle Albano. Michelle is a New York-based songwriter who is classically-trained, and just plainclassy. Her new album
Second Guesses
is timeless, piano-based personal music in the tradition of Carole King, but with a smoky, R&B-flavored spin. It's very New York, if that makes any sense.My favorite track is probably "Painting by Numbers", which is just piano and vocal; but making astripped-down track sound engaging is a testament to good songwriting. There is something about themelody in this song that is both whimsical and melancholy. It's got some Broadway-esque notes to it, or maybe something out of Billy Joel's
The Stranger.
Interestingly, the lyrics are about artistic compromises-- and the choice to not make them. It's obvious on which side of the line Michelle Albano stands.Was gonna mention
here, but they may very well be my next Pick of the Moment. ;)
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permalinkSongwriting and Dental Procedures
Tuesday, April 12, 2005, 17:09
Just to follow-up on the last entry, that estimate on my dental costs was just that; I had no prior knowledge of exactly what work would be needed, or what the cost would be. So, what did the actualcost turn out to be?$1200. Either I'm damn good, or they're damn predictable.At least it turned out to require
visits instead of one.
a minute -- that's not good either! And allof this must be making it sound like my teeth are in awful shape, but they're really not; like I said before,this is pretty routine work.
enough about that; I only bring it up in the first place to illustrate how The Man is tryin' to keepme down, or something. And now, on to another rehashed subject:Red's recent comment to my entry about the band Bright Eyes reminded me that I had a minor update onthat topic: Since posting that, I have heard two more Bright Eyes songs. One was (I think) "Hit theSwitch", which was a pretty cool, almost Cure-esque song with an actual beat. The other was "Roadto Joy", which was utterly insipid pap. See, it's called "Road to Joy", but it uses the ubiquitous melodyfrom Beethoven's "Ode to Joy"; it rhymes AND it's a play on words, get it? See, and the lyrics all haveto do with how bleak the world is, which is sorta the opposite of joy, you know?Holy Cleopatra, what a waste of precious minutes of my life! Was this song written by Conor Oberst, avery young musician, or by a 55-year-old screenwriter who needed a good song for his stereotypical"tortured artist" character to perform in a boilerplate revealing-how-deep-he-really-is scene (whichwould then draw unintended laughter from test audiences, but they'd leave the song in anyway,because who really cares about the songwriter-appreciation demographic) in the latest teen soapopera on The WB?Yeah, I thought it was the latter also.I really, really hate to bash any songwriter that hard, but since Beethoven was the
songwriter,that just gives more cause to bash Conor Oberst. That song is the musical equivalent of multiple trips tothe dentist.
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1/26/2011Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUreplay.waybackmachine.org//index.ph2/4
I'm back. OK, gotta go!
Thursday, April 7, 2005, 19:41
Just got back from a business trip to Phoenix, and boy, does heat stroke make me tired! OK, so theweather was perfect, and it's a nice enough city, but there are only three months out of the year whenyou can stand outside and not get killed by the sun. They've got to do something about that.On a personal note, I'd like to thank a certain off-duty FEMA employee for giving me the fucking thirddegree when I suggested that he might enjoy listening to my station. Of course, like everyone elsepresent (except me), he did have a sizable amount of alcohol in him, so maybe that explains it. Still, I'venever had more trouble giving someone a free magnet.Anyway, I just wanted to pop in to explain where the hell I've been. I don't have any music-relatedmaterial, except for this: In case you didn't know already, Maynard from Tool/APC did
find Jesus.Well, at least not
Jesus. The wonderful details are in the "News" section on the
Tool website
.Tomorrow: A dentist will charge me $1100 (
insurance) for a relatively simple treatment, and thenask me why I wait so long between visits!
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permalinkRecent Additions
Tuesday, March 29, 2005, 13:18
Wow, I've suddenly been swamped with Things To Do from all directions, and being a methodical,automaton-like drone, I had to finish each Thing in turn before I could come back here and take care of some important business.I promised Chastity from
that I'd give her band a well-deserved plug. Outlett is a Hard Rockband out of L.A. that has infused the genre with some much-needed originality. The most obviouscontributing factor is that they have a female vocalist.
 I don't know why, but I think that people have convinced themselves that there are far more female-fronted rock bands than actually exist, and thus there is nothing inherently special about them. Or conversely, many rock fans still have the dated, chauvanistic view that a female rock vocalist is a"novelty", in the worst sense of the word (in other words, nothing to be taken seriously). Both points of view are hopelessly wrong, of course.Anyway, not only does Outlett have a female vocalist, but
a vocalist. Tonally, she reminds me of Cher, a comparison she has admittedly "come to grips with" after having heard it a few times. Of course, I mean it as a compliment, but I understand why Chastity may not want to be pigeonholed in anyway (and no, she is not Cher's daughter Chastity Bono; the names are just a crazy coincidence). So letme make another comparison: Chastity can wail like Chris Cornell, but unlike theSoundgarden/Audioslave singer, she keeps firm control of her vocals even when they're dialed back. Inother words, she doesn't get all shaky during the quieter bits. If I had any vocal experience, I couldexplain that better, but you get the picture.Finally, she plays the djembe, which is just freaking cool.Check out Outlett -- or check Outlett out -- at their website, www.outlett.net, and look for their CDcoming soon.While I'm on the subject of female rockers, you might have heard a Hard Rock/Goth band called
Of Infinity
played on ESTROGENIUS. They were the first band of their type that I added to the playlist,and the very positive response to their music was one of the factors that made my decision to addOutlett an easy one. Yes, it looks like people are digging the rocker chicks. Well, good for them! If you'reone of those people, then do your part to support these bands by purchasing their CD's when theybecome available!There are a lot more Recent Additions to talk about, but I'll have to continue that in a later post...
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9 Mar 05 - 12 Feb 06
1/26/2011Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUreplay.waybackmachine.org//index.ph3/4

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