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Awakening the Spirit: Chapter 1

Awakening the Spirit: Chapter 1

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Published by Andrew N. Smith

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Published by: Andrew N. Smith on Jan 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Awakening the Spirit
byAndrew N. SmithPreface
This work is a collection of meditations and exercises to increase the readers spiritualawareness. Where possible, the teachings here are presented from a religiously neutral position:They can be practiced by anyone of any religious or spiritual background. They are intended forpracticality and simplicity. Their intent is not to force a spiritual perspective nor do they require
that the reader be a practitioner of “New Age” beliefs. The spiritual path represented in this
work is not dogmatic, nor is it intended to be followed so. The reader is encouraged to alter themeditations to suit his or her individual spiritual beliefs or perspectives. Opening the mind is just that; opening the mind. Opening the mind removes constraints, dogma and patterns of thought that limit it.The work is written to educate those with minimal or no spiritual practice in meditationand visualization. A certain amount of participation on the part of the reader is required to gainunderstanding from these practices. Ideally, the reader should practice each of the exercises inorder rather than picking and choosing from them. They are designed and written to graduallyincrease the readers understanding and spiritual ability. More developed spiritual practitionersmay feel that some of the exercises are simplistic and below their current spiritual practice. Thiscannot be avoided since there are infinite levels of spiritual understanding. However , the authorrecommends practicing the basic exercises at least once before moving on to the more complexmeditations and visualizations. Black belts still learn the basics of a new style before they startwith advanced techniques and spiritual practices require no less respect.
 Within each of use resides a powerful spirit. It is a spirit of love, a spirit of power andcan allow us to achieve our true desires and destinies. Our spiritual side often goes unnoticed oreven ignored in our high tech age where things are so easy and accessible. With so muchtechnology it is hard to focus on that which cannot be seen or easily perceived. But many of us
desire for more than the “normal” life allows. Most human beings rarely get a glimpse of the
power their spirit has to offer. Some use its power unknowingly without being able to cultivate itor benefit from it fully. Yet still there are others that can access their spiritual power and use toits fullest extent to achieve what life really has to offer for them.The spirit that resides in each of us yearns for knowledge. It calls to us with a still smallvoice and drives us toward what our hearts desire. Often we are led down paths that seem to hurtor hinder us, but the spirit always finds a way to persevere. We often do not understand our owndesires and fears and are instead subject to them like the strings of a puppet. We feel as though
there is always something more and are never quite satisfied with our achievements no matterhow lucrative they are. But why do we have this struggle? Why do we seek what is seems wenever find? Is our purpose in life to earn more money, raise a family and eventually die? Or isthere much more to our lives here on earth?The spiritual world is part of us. It surrounds us and binds us and permeates all things. Itguides us, sometimes seems to betray us, yet is always around us if we choose to look. Thephysical world and that which is spirit are interwoven like different colored threads in a fabric.What affects one affects the other. Problems in our physical lives affect our spiritual lives andvice versa. To understand our lives we must understand our spirit. To live our lives properly wemust cultivate our spirit properly and the benefits will be two-fold. If we understand our spiritand the entities that guide or hinder it we will better be able to live our lives in peace andharmony with all things. This is the way it was intended, and some of us are called to re-newthis, not only in ourselves, but in the world around us.The knowledge of the spirit is easy for some. Some of us are born with a connection tothat which cannot be seen, while others must strive and work hard to develop it. But the factremains that knowledge and power of the spirit is accessible to anyone that seeks it out. Thespiritual world around us calls to us and to those that listen, the benefits are indescribable. Mostchoose to ignore their spiritual side and live their lives without much thought or consideration tomatters that they cannot physically touch. Which is fine for some, but there are others thatcannot deny the existence of so much more around them and yearn for this connection.Yet how do we achieve the connection to our spirit? If we are meant to live a spirituallife why is it so difficult for us all to attain? The answers to these questions are not easily found.Every persons spirit is different and seeks different paths to attain its development.There is no spiritual path that is correct for everyone. Each spirit is vastly uniquecompared to the spirit of another. What works for one person may be completely alien toanother, and a path that presents nothing but confusion, may speak with crystal clarity tosomeone else.As spiritual beings we must look deep within ourselves. We must find what our spirittruly desires and find a path that can allow us to attain it. When we understand our spiritual side
and “what makes it tick” we can better live our physical lives and find the true happiness that we
deserve. Not everyone is ready for this. Some spirits are perfectly content to live their lives asis. The knowledge of the spirit comes with great burdens as truths of the self are revealed.Much must be cleansed away and some are not ready or willing for this cleansing. This is not tosay they are less spiritually developed, it simply means their spirit is taking them down adifferent path.No one can tell another how to live. We cannot spiritually or physically force another toexperience anything. The most important thing on our spiritual agenda should be to betterourselves and attain our own enlightenment. Those that choose will follow. Those that do notchoose to follow will come to their spiritual understanding in their own time, and in their ownway. We must walk the path for ourselves. By becoming a powerful spirit you will benefit all
those around you, whether they perceive it or not. By using the spiritual power inside you theworld around you will open to a plethora of possibilities. You must ask yourself if you areready. Are you ready to understand that which was lost? Are you ready to open the doors insideyourself and d
iscover who you truly are? Are you ready to find the answers that you’ve beenlooking for in a place you never thought to look…Yourself?
The spiritual world around us is every bit as real and as vast as the physical world.Everything physical is reflected in the spirit world and everything spiritual is reflected in thephysical. What is above is also below, and what is below is also above. As mentionedpreviously the spiritual world intertwines with the physical and in some places is stronger thanothers. The layers of the fabric overlap and produce a whole that is our universe. All things thatexist, both living and inanimate have a spiritual counterpart, just as detailed and complicated.Understanding this relationship is key to understanding our spiritual side.The spiritual side is affected by the physical. Physical things that occur in our lives havean impact on the spiritual just as they do in real life. The spirit learns from the physical and inturn, reflects on the physical. Everything that we do physically affects us spiritually. So itlogically follows that work we do spiritually will reflect on our physical lives. The imprinting of the physical world on our spirit can often lead to many problems if we are not aware of itseffects. If we allow the physical world to overcome our spirit, as many of us do, we eventuallyfind ourselves feeling lost, and we yearn to correct these things even if we do not know how.We must learn to listen to our spirit. We must physically live our lives so that our spiritcan benefit us. In turn, we must spiritually live our lives so that our physical lives can benefit.The spirit houses all of your dreams, desires, fears, loves, hates, etc. and it is by understandingthese spiritual parts of ourselves that we can truly live at one with our spirit.As you grow to know your spiritual side you will discover things about yourself that
you’ve always known, yet never been able to place your finger on. You will discover why things
scare you, why you yearn for certain things, and why you are living your life the way that youare now. Your spiritual side has many levels. It is by examining and understanding these levelsthat you will grow to understand your physical life and make changes accordingly. You willdiscover things about yourself that you do not like. You will discover things about yourself thatyou will greatly fear. But you will also discover the things that provide your greatest happiness.You will learn what is required to become the person you always wanted or dreamed of being.You will discover how to love and how to live without fear.
What many of us don’t want to admit is that all things in our lives both positive and
negative are there because WE have put them there. Without knowing it we surround ourselvesphysically with persons or things that we feel define us. The things that hurt us hurt us becausewe let them. Our spirit unchecked strives for things that re-define the elements that currentlymake it up. From living our lives we have impregnated our spiritual side with stimulus from theday we were born. All of our lives problems and goals have stemmed from the things we haveimprinted on our spirit. The more negativity we live in life the more negative our spirit becomes.

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