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Xilinix Manual

Xilinix Manual

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Published by suarad

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Published by: suarad on Jan 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Global Glossarywww.xilinx.com1
Advanced Boolean Expression Lanaguage (ABEL) is a hardwaredescription language (HDL) and compilation system owned andmaintained by XILINX. Industry Standard Language (HDL Tool).
The ABEL-HDL (ABL) file is a file written in ABEL hardwaredescription language that contains logic expressed as equations, truthtables, and state machine descriptions.
ABL File
The ABL file is a file written in ABEL hardware description languagethat contains logic expressed as equations, truth tables, and statemachine descriptions.
A register for adding, subtracting, or both.
A combinatorial circuit that computes the sum of two or morenumbers.
The identification of a storage location, such as a register or a memorycell.
Adobe PostScript
A page description language (PDL) developed by Adobe SystemsIncorporated, and used on many high-end printers.
Adobe Type Manager (ATM)
A font management and rasterization program which converts AdobeType 1 and Type 3 fonts to bitmaps for printing or display on acomputer screen. ATM is available as a program to run in the
2www.xilinx.comGlobal Glossary
Windows environment to allow the display of PostScript fonts byWindows programs, and is built-in to some other graphical userinterfaces.
A measure of electrical flow or current.
Analog refers to a continuous numeric scale, as opposed to the digitalscale of discrete values.
The insertion of simulation values into the schematic.
A device in which connections are permanently programmed by burning out a fuse.
Applications Programming Interface. A set of software libraries,developed by a particular software vendor, that allows third partysoftware programs to interface with programs from that vendor.
The common logic structure of a family of programmable integratedcircuits. The same architecture can be realized in differentmanufacturing processes. Examples of Xilinx architectures are theVirtex, Spartan-II, and CoolRunner-II devices.
Architecture Wizard
A graphical application that allows you to customize Digital ClockManager (DCM) and Rocket I/O™ transceivers. It generates HDLfiles for all supported synthesis tools. It also allows jitter calculationfor DCMs and channel bonding for Rocket I/O transceivers. Thisapplication is available from the Project Navigator.
area constraints
Area constraints are created by the user or a process such as synthesisto direct the optimization process that takes place during designimplementation.
area-and-speed calculator
A process that provides information about the area versus speedtrade-offs for a design. The synthesis tools use this information toestimate the trade-offs accurately.
Global Glossarywww.xilinx.com3
arithmetic equations
Equations which specify the special arithmetic capabilities of theXilinx CPLDs.
Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
A logic function that performs arithmetic computations, such asaddition, multiplication, and comparison operations. The ALU is onecomponent of the central processing unit (CPU).
An application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is either a full-custom circuit in which every mask is defined by the user or a semi-custom circuit (gate array) where only a few masks are defined.
asynchronous debugging
A debugging mode in which you capture data without controllingyour system clock.
asynchronous logic
Logic which changes state independently of clock changes.A signal whose intended function is performed immediately when thesignal is asserted without regard to a clock.
asynchronous register
A register whose state changes independently from the clock.
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
A method of transmitting voice, data, and video in fixed-size packetsover high-speed telecommunications channels.
Instructions placed on symbols or nets in an FPGA or CPLD schematicto indicate their placement, implementation, naming, directionality, orother properties.
Translation of a routed or fitted design to a timing simulation netlist.
A measure of a circuit’s ability to carry or process information. Moreor greater bandwidth means more carrying capacity or greaterprocessing power, usually achieved at greater cost.

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