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Published by kethavarapuramji

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Published by: kethavarapuramji on Jan 29, 2011
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In delineation of the houses the bhava chakra is used, the erection of which has beenexplained in the Introduction to Part Two. Briefly, the cusp of each house in this trisectedhoroscope occupies the middle and strongest point of the house, whose limits extend half way to the preceding cusp, and midway to the following cusp. Thus a planet which may be inthe lst house in either the sayana or nirayana horoscope, might very possibly be in the 2ndhouse of the bhava chakra, etc. Consequently, in applying the following rules, a bhavachakra for the nativity should be erected. Despite the variance in the house cusps betweenthis and the Western system, the meaning of the houses is generally the same, although theHindu system involves greater refinement and exactitude of interpretation.
 The Ascendant always marks the time when the individual arrived in this world, which, if accurate, is the time when the first breath was drawn, "and he became a living soul." IheAscendant, together with the nature of the entire first house, is therefore of primaryimportance in revealing the personal characteristics which the individual has brought withhim from previous incarnations into the present one. The world knows him accordingly--byhis physical appearance, his temperament, his preferences and prejudices, and his reactionsto his environment. The 1st house is also the primary indicator of the health and ailments of the individual, although other houses, particularly the 6th, contribute in such matters.
No single planet can entirely take control of a function or part of man's constitution, butmust be combined with other influences in the chart. Nevertheless, a planet may becomedominant at times, and express its inherent nature apart from that of other planets. Thus aplanet on or near the Ascendant tends to modify the structure and quality of the physicalbody. The more powerful the planet, the greater its manifested influence. A planet occupyingits own rasi, or a varga which it rules, or in which it is exalted, would be most apt todemonstrate the effects described in the following rules.
bestows a square body with large, strong bonal structure. The face is broad, the hairlimited and tends to stand out from the head. Sun in this position frequently indicates aperson of a bilious or irritable temperament who demands attention even when he does notcommand it. Sun in the 1st house often marks a person who avoids physical work or whoworks at occupations which are not strenuous. He is prone to anger easily and is proud,valiant and somewhat coldhearted. When afflicted in the 1st, Sun denotes poor eyesight, orvision impaired by disease. When very weak in Shad Bala (less than 300 virupas), or in therasi of its fall, it may bring poverty, lack of public recognition, and sorrow through children.
on or near the Ascendant gives a soft, round body with a large chest development.Although usually stout, Moon in this position may also denote a thin body with much delicacyof formation. The eyes are lustrous, the speech soft. Moon is a traditional mark of discrimination. If it is waxing in the 1st house the native will have a strong constitution and along life, marked by fearlessness, power and wealth. However, if Moon is waning theopposite is likely to be the case.
MARS gives a youthful body, with broad shoulders, narrow waist and vigorous movements. The disposition is generous but passionate, and a temperament inclined
to be fickle. Mars in the 1st house indicates a person of a daring or impulsive nature, leadingto situations which can shorten the life. Even when well aspected it tends to bring danger orinjury to the limbs.MERCURY gives a body of medium build characterized by quick, nervous movements. Thereis apt to be a speech impediment, but also ability to talk, great curiosity, and a fun-lovingdisposition. With Mercury in the 1st house, the native will be sharp-witted, skillful in.the artof communication, and learned in whatever occupation he follows. It tends to give excellencein all pursuits in which the tongue is the main instrument. If well associated it can bring along life. JUPITER gives a large body and a phlegmatic temperament which causes the native to moveslowly and deliberately. Often it bestows a high, broad forehead and a fair complexion, whiletraditionally it indicates intelligence and understanding. Jupiter in the 1st gives a handsomeappearance, good fortune, a long life and fortunate progeny.VENUS gives a beautifully proportioned body, with a great love of ease. Traditionally itbestows eyes that are soft or quite striking, and fine or wavy hair. Venus in the 1st housedenotes not only a beautiful but a healthy body which can enjoy a long life. The life is apt tobe happy, even though the disposition tends to be selfish.SATURN is disposed to inactivity. When strong, it gives a tall, muscular body inclined to beawkward in gait or movement. The tecth are generally large and the hair straight and usuallydark. Saturn powerful in the 1st house makes for leadership in government or civil affairs. If weak, his presence denotes melancholia or sorrow arising from restrictions which frustratethe drive to achieve recognition. Because of its self-preserving drives it can denoteindolence, and when afflicted, depravity.RAHU in the 1st house, the native will be successful in possessing wcalth, but is apt to beshortlived. Often there are diseases of the head, face or neck.KETU in the 1st house, the native is inclined to be morose, sullen, unappreciative of favorsfrom others, and a gossip monger. Traditionally it marks the outcast, or one fallen from ahigh position, and associa-Constellational Astrologytion with the wicked. Physically it is said to cause the body to be deformed or crippled insome manner.(Note: These are extremes of delineation and would occur only if there are other supportingindications in the horoscope. )EFFECTS OF MOIST AND DRY ELEMENTSWater rasis and moist planets on the Ascendant tend to make the body stout. The three fullwater rasis are Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn. Half-water rasis are Aquarius, Taurus andSagittarius. One-fourth water rasis are Aries, Libra and Scorpio. Full dry rasis are Leo, Gemini

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