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CGPA Calculation

CGPA Calculation

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Published by tamilsky

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Published by: tamilsky on Jan 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CGPA Calculation Example |How to calculate CGPA |what is CGPA? 
under Online video what is this guide about?this guide is written to assist university or college students to understand more about thegrading system at tertiery education level. students are often trapped under the pretense thatonce they¶ve failed, their grades can never go up again. this is fairly untrue in most of thecases. however it is important to note that not all tertiery education system follows the sameCGPA system. what i¶ve tabled out below are applicable to local IPTAs, several IPTSs andmost UK based universities.what is CGPA?ultimately, CGPA is where everything boils down to in ur studies. it stands for CummulativeGrade Point Average, hence CGPA, which is an accumulation of all ur grade points dividedto every single credit u take. CGPA is also the determining factor of whether u get tograduate with 1st class, 2nd class upper, 2nd class lower or 3rd class. however, the minimum point for each class differs from university to university. UTM for example classifies 1stclass as 3.70 and above and 2nd class upper from 3.00 to 3.69. MMU on the other handclassifies 2nd class upper from 3.30 to 3.69.what is calculated?CGPA is calculated based on all subjects that u take. each subjects usually comes with acredit value. some less important subjects carry between 1 to 2 credits, more important onescarry 3 to 4, and the core subjects can carry between 5 to 8 credits each. also, there aresubjects categorized as ³compulsory attendance only´ (hadir wajib sahaja) which usuallycarry 0 credits. these subjects hold no value, but failing it (due to poor attendance or whatever) will still hold u down from graduating successfully.how is it calculated?for each subject that u¶ve successfully taken, a grade will be issued after the final exam. thesegrades each carry a specific point value. typically, A carries 4.00, B carries 3.00 and C carries2.00. each of these points will be calculated based on the credit rating of each subject, andlater summed up to give u ur GPA for that particular semester. for example:semester 1subject M (6 credits): B = 3.00subject N (2 credits): A = 4.00subject O (3 credits): C = 2.00
(6 x 3.00) + (2 x 4.00) + (3 x 2.00) = 32 total grade point for 11 credits. hence, your GPA for semester 1 is:32 / 11 = 2.91 GPA for sem 1. since this is ur first semester, ur GPA is also ur CGPA.semester 2subject P (6 credits): A = 4.00subject Q (3 credits): B = 3.00subject R (3 credits): E = 0.00 (FAIL)subject S (2 credits): B = 3.00(6 x 4.00) + (3 x 3.00) + (3 x 0.00) + (2 x 3.00) = 39 total grade point for 14 credits. henceyour GPA for semester 2 is:39 / 14 = 2.79 GPA for sem 2now that this is ur second semester, ur CGPA will be calculated by combining the two.however, a direct average is wrong. CGPA is calculated NOT based on the average of GPAs per semester, but based on grade points per credit that u take. to calculate ur CGPA based onthe two semesters above:[(total grade point for sem 1) + (total grade point for sem 2)] / total credit taken in allsemesters[(32) + (39)] / (11 + 14) = 2.84 CGPAcompare this if u simply average the two semesters:(2.91 + 2.79) / 2 = 2.85 CGPAnot much difference? it will make a HUGE difference when u start retaking ur failed subject.now, let¶s try the next semester where u retake the failed subject:semester 3subject R (3 credits): A = 4.00 (REPEATED SUBJECT)subject T (3 credits): B = 3.00subject U (3 credits): B = 3.00subject V (3 credits): B = 3.00(3 x 4.00) + (3 x 3.00) + (3 x 3.00) + (3 x 3.00) = 39 total grade point for 12 credits. henceyour GPA for semester 3 is:39 / 12 = 3.25 GPA.now, how do u calculate ur CGPA when u have a repeated subject? here¶s the main rule: urecalculate the repeated subject by replacing the old grade with the new one. it means, in ur CGPA calculation, u never failed ur subject R, u actually scored A! lets see what it looks like:

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