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Published by: FAROK3781 on Jan 30, 2011
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BasicsIntermediateMalaysia InfoFancy Malay
Sejarah KemerdekaanMalaysia
"Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!"
To me, " Sejarah Kemerdekaan Malaysia" was the annual replay of  
 proclamation of " Merdeka" on TV.I was not conceived when Malaya became an independent nation on 31 August 1957 and subsequently Malaysia on 16 September,1963. So it is a remote past that I cannot relate to but obliged to study as a history subject in school...(yawn)
31-8-1957, Tunku Abdul Rahman announced independence of Malaya from British at theStadium Merdeka
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It is such press reports that arouse mycuriosity to look at the overall story of sejarah kemerdekaan Malaysia when politicians debate that individuals branded as leftistsalso contributed to Malaysia's independence
The Early Voices in Sejarah Kemerdekaan Malaysia
So I read several references and trace the seeds of independence back in 1906 to moslem reformists, wishing to end colonial ruleto establish an Islamic state, began publishing magazines and newspapers to promote their cause. They also formed politicalparties such as:1. The first Malay political party,
Kesatuan Melayu Muda
in 1937 led by Ibrahim Haji Yaakob. Japanese occupation ended it.2.
Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya
after the war in 1945 backed by the Malayan Communist Party with Mokhtaruddin Lasso, Dr.Burhanuddin al-Helmi( who later also led PAS, the Islamic Party of Malaysia in 1956 ) and Ahmad Boestamam as key figures. TheBritish banned it 5 months later.3.
Hizbul Muslimin
led by Uztaz Abdul Bakar al-Baqir in 1948, was a faction of PKMM above. The British banned it in the same year.These folks are pioneers of kemerdekaan in terms of time chronology but their political parties did not last long. Now, how abouttheir associate the...
COMMUNISTS? - A Chapter of Bloodshed in Sejarah Kemerdekaan Malaysia
Their political ideology is the opposite of the capitalist British. However, they were useful allies during Japanese occupation,forming the most effective resistance force against the Japanese in Asia. The British supplied them arms and training and legalisedtheir political party, Malayan Communist Party after the war.The communists, mostly Chinese, also wanted independence for Malaya...in favour of a communist state, meaning equal rights forall races ( naturally ). So it was no surprise things turned sour when the Federation of Malaya established in 1948, whichguarantees the special rights of Malays turned the communists to 12 years violent opposition, causing death of thousands. Nowonder the government called them " pengganas komunis"!Even after communist threat was declared over in 1960, it was only until 1989 they signed a peace treaty with the governments of Malaysia and Thailand to end their war of 'independence'.
The moslem reformists disagreed with the British policies and having communist ties certainly did not endear themselves to theBritish.Then entered Cambridge educated anglophile Tunku Abdul Rahman into a political arena at a time when the British were seeking
to hand over Malaya into hands of prospective leaders who would continue to be on friendly terms with them. Aha!Apart from winning landslide victories in polling booths, Tunku Abdul Rahman with his Chinese and Indian political allies managedto reach a settlement on issues pertaining to economy, education and citizenship while the Malays retain their special rights to ruleMalaya.That paved way for Malaya ( West Malaysia today ) to become independent on 31 August 1957 amidst communist threat.
Birth of a New Nation
In 1961 Tunku proposed the formation of Malaysia with British colonies Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. Initially all thefour colonies agreed to join the federation. Brunei then pulled out due to an armed revolt staged to oppose its entry to Malaysia.Singapore was part of the newly formed Malaysia in 1963 but withdrew in 1965.So this is briefly, sejarah kemerdekaan Malaysia and the rise of  
which becomes
Bahasa Malaysia as introduced by the National Language Act 1967 and reverted to Bahasa Melayu since 1990's. ( If that gives youa little headache, let me apologize...for the Merdeka spirit )
The Big Picture of Sejarah Kemerdekaan Malaysia
In the first place, why did Malaysia need kemerdekaan? I think it's time to look at Malaysia in the big picture of world history. Ifind this excerpt from
The Columbia History of the World 
on the influence of Western civilization on the world most enlightening:" After Columbus and Cortes had awakened the people of Western Europe to the possibilities, their appetite for converts, profits,and fame was thoroughly aroused and Western civilization was introduced, mainly by force, over nearly all the globe. Equippedwith an unappeasable urge to expand and with superior weapons, conquerors made the rest of the world into an unwillingappendage of the Great European powers...The peoples of these continents [ Africa, Asia, and the Americas] were, in short, thevictims of a ruthless, unrelenting exploitation."
Malaysia HotelsThe Lesson
Says Malay proverb:" Kalau baik buat teladan, kalau tak baik buat sempadan." In the context of history: Make the good portionsyour role model and if not good, discard them ( to make barriers ).I like to compare notes on sejarah kemerdekaan Malaysia, it is a pleasure to find another Malaysian website with an article thatmentions a bit on Sejarah Kemerdekaan Malaysia from a different angle- beginning with the assasination of J.W.W.Birch. Thewebsite is in English, so I translate the excerpt in Bahasa Malaysia.

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