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Recovering the Lost Tongue

Recovering the Lost Tongue

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Published by rahul banerjee
A history of the anarchist and environmentalist mass movements in Central India with special focus on the political mobilisation of the the Bhil Tribals of Western Madhya Pradesh
A history of the anarchist and environmentalist mass movements in Central India with special focus on the political mobilisation of the the Bhil Tribals of Western Madhya Pradesh

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Published by: rahul banerjee on Jan 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Anarcho-Environmentalist Manifesto
A part autobiographical, part epic and part academic account of theGlobally Significant Mass Environmental Movements under way over thepast two decades in Central India written by an activist of these movements.
 AUTHOR : Rahul Banerjee74, Krishnodayanagar, Khandwa Naka,Indore - 452001, Madhya Pradesh, Indiacell : 91-94259-43023, fixed line: 91-7316541286email id : aarohini@yahoo.comrahul.indauri@gmail.com
Recovering the Lost Tongue - A Manifesto of Anarcho-Environmentalism
Rahul Banerjee, 74 Krishnodayanagar, Indore, India - 452001, cell no: +919425943023email:rahul.indauri@gmail.comhomepage:www.rahulbanerjee.notlong.com 
Chapter 1 - Putting Black on White 1Chapter 2 - A Mission Found 11Chapter 3 - Nature's Children Unarmed 19Chapter 4 - Nature's Children's Revival 29Chapter 5 - A Paradise Lost 43Chapter 6 - New Temples for Old 50Chapter 7 - Gandhism as the last resort of the Hapless 61Chapter 8 - Mother Chhattisgarh is Calling 70Chapter 9 - Once Turbulent Flowed the Narmada 77Chapter 10 - Following the Heart 87Chapter 11 - Grand Old Men of the Environmental Fringe 95Chapter 12 - Things Fall Apart 104Chapter 13 - Love is all you need 115Chapter 14 - The Neglected of the Earth 123Chapter 15 - Gynaecology in the Wilderness 132Chapter 16 - From Reproductive Health to Reproductive Rights 140Chapter 17 - The Evil Empire Strikes Back 148Chapter 18 - Reliving the Myth of Sisyphus 158Chapter 19 - The Exasperating Anarchist Catch 22 169Chapter 20 - Casting Pearls Before Swine 181Chapter 21 - Jailhouse Rock 194Chapter 22 - The Elusive Holy Grail of Justice 205Chapter 23 - The Interest on the Kohinoor Diamond 217Chapter 24 - The Spring Thunder Rolls On 228Chapter 25 - Time for a Sabbatical 240Chapter 26 - The Aging and feuding Young Turks 252Chapter 27 - Cry, My Beloved Mehendikhera 262Chapter 28 - The Treasure of Terra Madre 275Chapter 29 - Obsolescence of the Art of Daydreaming 290
Recovering the Lost Tongue - A Manifesto of Anarcho-Environmentalism
Rahul Banerjee, 74 Krishnodayanagar, Indore, India - 452001, cell no: +919425943023email:rahul.indauri@gmail.comhomepage:www.rahulbanerjee.notlong.com  Chapter 1: Putting Black on White – Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Anarcho-Environmentalism in Central India.1
Chapter 1 - Putting Black on White
 An eloquent new star began rising in the sagging firmament over the struggles of theNarmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) in the summer of 1999. The NBA had been fightingvaliantly to save the Narmada river valley from submergence arising from the constructionof the Sardar Sarovar Dam at Navagam in the state of Gujarat for a decade and a half butwith less and less success at that time. Then, all on a sudden, the Booker Prize winningnovelist Arundhati Roy renounced the pleasures of reading James Joyce and VladimirNabokov in the air-conditioned comfort of her Delhi home and decided to take on thesearing dry heat of the central Indian summer and the antipathy of the Indian ruling classes.She worked her way on foot through the hilly fastnesses adjoining the river to meet the Bhiladivasi indigenous people who were to be ousted from their lands. On her return she choseto give literary pursuits a go by. Instead she poured through books on irrigation and damsand came abreast with the terms of reference of the attritive battle for survival that wasbeing fought by the adivasis and began wielding her formidable pen in their defence.This was hot news for the media. A mainstream celebrity, one able to write withpassion and style, deciding to pitch in for Medha Patkar and her band of mostly adivasipassive resisters against the nexus of powerful interests building the dam, made good copy.On the whole media persons, like the punters at Ascot, love only winners. The NBA hadbegun going down hill from the mid nineteen nineties onwards in its efforts to inculcatesome respect for Mother Nature in the minds of those who monopolised the running of theaffairs of the Indian state and so by 1999 apart from some committed reporters and editorsits actions were not getting the kind of attention that it used to. Arundhati Roy changed allthat as she first wrote a long and detailed monograph making a factual and at the same timeimpassioned plea for stopping the dam and the kind of destructive modern development of which it was a manifestation, which was widely published and read (Roy, 1999). Then sheled a few hundred people from cities both in India and abroad to undertake a "Rally for theValley" during the monsoons in the Narmada valley in support of Medha Patkar and theNBA activists who had declared their intention to drown in the rising river waters in protestagainst the building of the dam. The press went gaga over a dramatic picturisation of thetwo Amazons, one wielding the pen and the other the moral strength of satyagraha -Gandhian passive resistance, rendezvousing amidst the swirling waters of the Narmada.This shot in the arm provided then by Arundhati Roy to the NBA's flagging fortuneslater proved to be like all such shots only a temporary relief. However, over the years sheherself has emerged as a major champion of environmental and human rights on thenational and international stage and won quite a few awards, the proceeds of which, to hereternal glory, she has then distributed among the chronically fund hungry environmentaland human rights activists of this country. This meteoric transformation wrought by themedia of a mainstream celebrity into an international star of the anarcho-environmentalist(as will be detailed later this term describes most succinctly the decentralised nature friendlyoutlook of the modern mass movements against centralised and destructive moderndevelopment) fringe had initially amused me but then a photograph in a local newspapermade me start thinking in new directions. The photograph showed Arundhati Roy comingout of the airport in Indore on her way to the Narmada valley in support of an action of theNBA and there was an old friend of mine, a senior activist of the NBA, along with her in thebackground. The caption read "Arundhati Roy, leader of the NBA, passing through Indoreon her mission to save the Narmada ".

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