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Suffering for Others

Suffering for Others

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Published by Derek Talley

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Published by: Derek Talley on Jan 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Suffering for Others
Devotional Reading: II Corinthians 5:16-21Background Scripture: Isaiah 53rint: Isaiah 53:!-6" 1#-12
1$%od used the su&&ering o& 'is Servant to (ring healing and salvation to 'is people$2$)he Su&&ering Servant in Isaiah 53 represents *esus Christ" our +ord and Saviour$3$)he Su&&ering Servant ,as in&licted ,ith pain and death (ecause o& the sins and diso(edience o& all huan (eings$
John 15:12
)his is . coandent" )hat .e love one another" as I have loved .ou$
John 15:13
%reater love hath no an than this" that a an la. do,n his li&e &or his &riends$
Isaiah 53Isaiah 53:1
/ho hath (elieved our report0 and to ,ho is the ar o& the +RD revealed0
John 12:34
)he people ans,ered hi" /e have heard out o& the la, that Christ a(ideth &or ever: and ho, sa.est thou" )he Son o& an ust (e li&ted up0 ,ho is this Son o& an0
John 12:35
)hen *esus said unto the" et a little ,hile is the light ,ith .ou$ /alk ,hile .e have the light" lest darkness coe upon .ou: &or he that ,alketh in darkness kno,eth not ,hither he goeth$
John 12:36
/hile .e have light" (elieve in the light" that .e a. (e the children o& light$ )hese things spake *esus" and departed" and did hide hisel& &ro the$
John 12:37
But though he had done so an. iracles (e&ore the" .et the. (elieved not on hi:
John 12:38
)hat the sa.ing o& saias the prophet ight (e &ul&illed" ,hich he spake" +ord" ,ho hath (elieved our report0 and to ,ho hath the ar o& the +ord (een revealed0
John 12:39
)here&ore the. could not (elieve" (ecause that saias said again"
John 12:40
'e hath (linded their e.es" and hardened their heart4 that the. should not see ,ith their e.es" nor understand ,ith their heart" and (e converted" and I should heal the$
John 12:41
)hese things said saias" ,hen he sa, his glor." and spake o& hi$
John 12:42
 evertheless aong the chie& rulers also an. (elieved on hi4 (ut (ecause o& the harisees the. did not con&ess hi" lest the. should (e put out o& the s.nagogue:
John 12:43
or the. loved the praise o& en ore than the praise o& %od$
Romans 10:15
7nd ho, shall the. preach" e8cept the. (e sent0 as it is ,ritten" 'o,  (eauti&ul are the &eet o& the that preach the gospel o& peace" and (ring glad tidings o& good things9
Romans 10:16
But the. have not all o(e.ed the gospel$ or saias saith" +ord" ,ho hath  (elieved our report0
Romans 10:17
So then &aith coeth (. hearing" and hearing (. the ,ord o& %od$
Isaiah 53:2
or he shall gro, up (e&ore hi as a tender plant" and as a root out o& a dr. ground: he hath no &or nor coeliness4 and ,hen ,e shall see hi" there is no (eaut. that ,e should desire hi$
This addresses Jesus’ humanity
Isaiah 11:1
7nd there shall coe &orth a rod out o& the ste o& *esse" and a Branch shall gro, out o& his roots:
Isaiah 11:2
7nd the spirit o& the +RD shall rest upon hi" the spirit o& ,isdo and understanding" the spirit o& counsel and ight" the spirit o& kno,ledge and o& the &ear o& the +RD4
Isaiah 11:3
7nd shall ake hi o& uick understanding in the &ear o& the +RD: and he shall not ;udge a&ter the sight o& his e.es" neither reprove a&ter the hearing o& his ears:
Isaiah 11:4
But ,ith righteousness shall he ;udge the poor" and reprove ,ith euit. &or the eek o& the earth: and he shall site the earth ,ith the rod o& his outh" and ,ith the (reath o& his lips shall he sla. the ,icked$
The Pharisees weren’t able to recall Isaiah chapter 11 or chapter 53:
Matthew 22:41
/hile the harisees ,ere gathered together" *esus asked the"
Matthew 22:42
Sa.ing" /hat think .e o& Christ0 ,hose son is he0 )he. sa. unto hi" )he son o& David$
Matthew 22:43
'e saith unto the" 'o, then doth David in spirit call hi +ord" sa.ing"
Matthew 22:44
)he +ord said unto . +ord" Sit thou on . right hand" till I ake thine eneies th. &ootstool0
Matthew 22:45
I& David then call hi +ord" ho, is he his son0
Matthew 22:46
7nd no an ,as a(le to ans,er hi a ,ord" neither durst an. an &ro that da. &orth ask hi an. ore uestions$
Jesus is the root and the offspring of Daid
Revelation 22:16
I *esus have sent ine angel to testi&. unto .ou these things in the churches$ I a the root and the o&&spring o& David" and the (right and orning star$
Isaiah 53:3
'e is despised and re;ected o& en4 a an o& sorro,s" and acuainted ,ith grie&: and ,e hid as it ,ere our &aces &ro hi4 he ,as despised" and ,e esteeed hi not$
Isaiah 53:4
Surel. he hath (orne our grie&s" and carried our sorro,s: .et ,e did estee hi stricken" sitten o& %od" and a&&licted$
Prophecy !ulfilled
Matthew 8:14
7nd ,hen *esus ,as coe into eter<s house" he sa, his ,i&e<s other laid" and sick o& a &ever$
Matthew 8:15
7nd he touched her hand" and the &ever le&t her: and she arose" and inistered unto the$
/hen the even ,as coe" the. (rought unto hi an. that ,ere possessed
,ith devils: and he cast out the spirits ,ith his ,ord" and healed all that ,ere sick:
Matthew 8:17
)hat it ight (e &ul&illed ,hich ,as spoken (. saias the prophet" sa.ing" 'isel& took our in&irities" and (are our sicknesses$
Isaiah 53:5
But he ,as ,ounded &or our transgressions" he ,as (ruised &or our iniuities: the chastiseent o& our peace ,as upon hi4 and ,ith his stripes ,e are healed$
I Peter 2:21
or even hereunto ,ere .e called: (ecause Christ also su&&ered &or us" leaving us an e8aple" that .e should &ollo, his steps:
I Peter 2:22
/ho did no sin" neither ,as guile &ound in his outh:
I Peter 2:23
/ho" ,hen he ,as reviled" reviled not again4 ,hen he su&&ered" he threatened not4 (ut coitted hisel& to hi that ;udgeth righteousl.:
I Peter 2:24
/ho his o,n sel& (are our sins in his o,n (od. on the tree" that ,e" (eing dead to sins" should live unto righteousness: (. ,hose stripes .e ,ere healed$
Isaiah 53:6
7ll ,e like sheep have gone astra.4 ,e have turned ever. one to his o,n ,a.4 and the +RD hath laid on hi the iniuit. o& us all$
Ju!es 17:6
In those da.s there ,as no king in Israel" (ut ever. an did that ,hich ,as right in his o,n e.es$
Isaiah 53:7
'e ,as oppressed" and he ,as a&&licted" .et he opened not his outh: he is (rought as a la( to the slaughter" and as a sheep (e&ore her shearers is du(" so he openeth not his outh$
Isaiah 53:8
'e ,as taken &ro prison and &ro ;udgent: and ,ho shall declare his generation0 &or he ,as cut o&& out o& the land o& the living: &or the transgression o& . people ,as he stricken$
"#ts 8:26
7nd the angel o& the +ord spake unto hilip" sa.ing" 7rise" and go to,ard the south unto the ,a. that goeth do,n &ro *erusale unto %a=a" ,hich is desert$
"#ts 8:27
7nd he arose and ,ent: and" (ehold" a an o& thiopia" an eunuch o& great authorit. under Candace ueen o& the thiopians" ,ho had the charge o& all her treasure" and had coe to *erusale &or to ,orship"
"#ts 8:28
/as returning" and sitting in his chariot read saias the prophet$
"#ts 8:29
)hen the Spirit said unto hilip" %o near" and ;oin th.sel& to this chariot$
"#ts 8:30
7nd hilip ran thither to hi" and heard hi read the prophet saias" and said" >nderstandest thou ,hat thou readest0
"#ts 8:31
7nd he said" 'o, can I" e8cept soe an should guide e0 7nd he desired hilip that he ,ould coe up and sit ,ith hi$
"#ts 8:32
)he place o& the scripture ,hich he read ,as this" 'e ,as led as a sheep to the slaughter4 and like a la( du( (e&ore his shearer" so opened he not his outh:
"#ts 8:33
In his huiliation his ;udgent ,as taken a,a.: and ,ho shall declare his generation0 &or his li&e is taken &ro the earth$
"#ts 8:34
7nd the eunuch ans,ered hilip" and said" I pra. thee" o& ,ho speaketh the  prophet this0 o& hisel&" or o& soe other an0

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