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Blog - January 2011

Blog - January 2011

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Published by Cheri McFarland
January 2011 excerpt from my blog http://chermcfarland.wordpress.com/.
January 2011 excerpt from my blog http://chermcfarland.wordpress.com/.

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Published by: Cheri McFarland on Jan 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cheri McFarland - January Blog
Page 1
 After Zofran wears off«
Posted on January 3, 2011 by cherimcfarland
Zofran is the anti-nausea drug you get for thefirst three days after chemo, and when it¶sdone and wears off, you know it, and for me,that was Saturday afternoon. I sent Chip off to the grocery store for anything thatresembled baby food « applesauce, split peasoup, apple juice, plus oranges and grapes. A little at a time, several times a day. Some of itmanaged to touchdown after a six to eighthour stay, the rest was rejected via projectilehurling, then I¶d begin again. Sucks when water and anything else gives youheartburn. That phase seems to be over, so we¶re off to the next adventure, and moved upto oatmeal this morning. Leaves one¶s energy resources absolutely spent, I must say! We¶re planning to go see True Grit thisafternoon. Looks like a great flick and I¶ve got
Cheri McFarland - January Blog
Page 2
a bit of cabin fever! Looking forward to anafternoon out before my immune system goesdownhill mid-week, starting my week of living in a bubble. I do have good company inmy bubble, though, so all in all, things aregoing very well.My New Year¶s resolution? ³Whip it, whip itgood!´ (Devo)Back from the movie « went to lunch firstand ordered soup. Ate a little bread, half my soup, excused myself to lose it all, thenreturned to the table to finish lunch. Then, we went to the movie ± yes, worth seeing! Lessonlearned: find the restroom whenever we goout and sit close by.
Posted on January 6, 2011 by cherimcfarland
KA-BAM! Yes, we¶ve called in the capedcrusaders and the Marines to rage chemical
Cheri McFarland - January Blog
Page 3
 warfare « and it¶s working! Their efforts,combined with all the prayers and positive words are beating this tumor intosubmission. After only one week, the doc says the tumorhas shrunk noticeably, so that is very goodnews. We reviewed the battery of tests, mostof which didn¶t tell any more than we already knew, except for the biopsies. As a result of the tissue samples, it was determined that amore ³friendly´ chemo regimen will be evenmore effective in treating this type of tumor,so more good news there! The revisedtreatment involves five more treatments three weeks apart, and does not require theadditional weekly series. Treatment fromthere depends on progress at that point.Many thanks to everyone who has offeredsuggestions, websites, and helpful hints. Afterreading through them, I pulled my head outof the chemo fog and set about putting

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