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US Army Course - Computer Security (1997)

US Army Course - Computer Security (1997)

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Published by wa4gvt5044

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Published by: wa4gvt5044 on Jan 30, 2011
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Computer SecuritySubcourse Number IT0772EDITION DUnited States Army Intelligence CenterFort Huachuca, Arizona 85613-6007 Credit HoursEdition Date: May 1998SUBCOURSE OVERVIEWThis subcourse is designed to teach you the basic procedures for protecting computers and theinformation processed on them. Instructions are contained within this subcourse on the fundamentaltheory underlying computer security, the threats to computer, the accreditation process, and theimplementation of computer security countermeasures.There are no prerequisites for this subcourse.This subcourse reflects the doctrine which was current at the time the subcourse was prepared. Inyour own work situation, always refer to the latest publications.Unless this publication states otherwise, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively tomen.TERMINAL LEARNING OBJECTIVESACTION:You will identify procedures for: protecting computer and the informationprocessed, recognizing the threats to computers, determining sensitivity levels,accomplishing system accreditation, and selecting and applying computer securitycountermeasures.CONDITIONS:You will be given narrative information and extracts from AR 380-19.STANDARDS:You will protect Army computers and the information processed on them inaccordance with AR 380-19 and related security publications.iIT0772
SECTIONPageSubcourse OverviewiLESSON 1:COMPUTER SECURITY OVERVIEW1-1Introduction1-1Part A:What is Computer Security1-3Part B: How Does Computer Security Involve You1-3Part C:Computer Security1-3Part D: The U.S. Army Computer Security Program1-3Part E: Information Systems Security1-4Part F: Major Security Objectives1-5Part G: Sensitive Defense Information1-6Part H: Responsibilities and Appointments1-7Part I: The Commander1-7Part J: Security officers1-8Practice Exercise1-10Answer Key and Feedback1-12LESSON 2:THE THREATS TO ARMY COMPUTERS ANDSENSITIVITY DESIGNATIONS2-1Part A: The Threats to Army Computers2-1Part B: Methods of Attack2-3Part C: Sensitivity Designations2-4Practice Exercise2-6Answer Key and Feedback2-8LESSON 3:SECURITY PROCESSING MODES AND ACCREDITATION3-1Part A: Security Processing Modes3-1Part B: Explanation of Terms3-1Part C: The Four Security Processing Modes3-2Part D: The Accreditation Document/Security Plan3-2Part E: Accreditation3-3Part F: Initial Accreditation3-3Part G: Accreditation Level3-3Part H: Designated Accreditation Authorities3-4Part I: Explanation of Terms3-4Part J: Classified Sensitive One (CS1) 3-5Part K: Classified Sensitive Two (CS2) 3-5IT0772ii

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