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1.13 A Monday Morning in 2292

1.13 A Monday Morning in 2292

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Published by DWFSPromo
by Captain Carousel
by Captain Carousel

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Published by: DWFSPromo on Jan 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Monday morning in 2292, in the city of Carrag, planet Danlamon, agreat military ship has appeared suddenly in the sky. Intrigued andsurprised, the people below look on as the ship sits unmoving for abrief while. However, their peace is soon broken as, from a cannon onits hull, the ship fires a great blast of energy, destroying askyscraper nearby it. Chaos erupts among the inhabitants of the city.They race through the rubble and smoke, to shelter, terrified, as theship soars gracefully through the air destroying everything in sight.Aboard the ship, the Doctor struggles with those who hold him, butremains captive. The mysterious man who appears to be in charge laughs.Doctor(desperate): Stop! Why are you doing this?The Man: (casually) Who are we Doctor?Doctor: What? What are you talking about?Man: Who are we? My people. Remember who we are and we will halt thisdestruction.Doctor: But I don't know-Man:(frustrated) Who are we?! Remember us! People are dying, you'dbetter be quick.Doctor: I- I don't know.Man(amused): What's that?Doctor:(heartbreak, shouts): I don't know!Alicia(realisation, whispers, almost to herself): I do...Doctor: (surprise) What?Alicia: The engine... Doctor, you didn't see the engine... A greatblack mass, a great hole in the fabric of the ship... They're- Doctor,the hole in the sky.Doctor: The... The hole in the sky! The monster... You're the monsterfrom Surlamon! The monster from the garden!The ship halts in its destruction, ad the man loses his cheerfuldemeanour.Man: We asked you to leave. We offered you everything you ever wanted.But you went against our wishes.Doctor: Yes... I do that.
Man: No. Not to us.Doctor: You know, you still haven't told me who I've crossed.Man: The most powerful people in the universe.Doctor: Well that can't be good news. Oh, I've another question! What,exactly is the engine? I'm confused, on Surlamon the hole was basicallydesigned to wipe out humanity so that you people could invade, it was aproduct of crossed timelines, but now it powers space ships?Man: That's not the point! We have a plan and-Doctor: It's chaos!Man: Y- What?Doctor: The holes, the dark suns, they're pure chaos. Chaos energy...That's dangerous, but then, you ARE the bad guys. You rip holes,paradoxes and you control the chaos... How?Man: I'm trying to explain what is about to-Doctor: Life. Life goes hand in hand with chaos, you fuel chaos withlife! That's very philosophical. Then... Then you, the leaders of yourorganization, those who created the concept, control how it works. Youbecome part of the chaos, that's how you control it.Man:(enraged) Doctor! (calming) Are you quite done?Doctor: I think so. Unless there's something you'd like to add?Man: Doctor. I'm growing impatient. You act as if you understand myorganization, but if that was the case you would be very scared. Youcrossed us on Surlamon, and so we have decided to punish you.Master: That's where I come in.Man: The Master was arrested on Danlamon ten years ago. After a time he'lost his temper' with his fellow inmates and there was a massacre. Hewas left alone for years, until we showed up. We offered him revenge.We offered him a world to rule. This world.Doctor: And my punishment is that I have to let that happen?Man: You underestimate us. The Master will rule this planet, but hewill rule from the shadows. Yours will be the face of these people'ssuffering. You will do whatever the master tells you. And you'll knowthat it was you that set him free.
Doctor: And why would I do that?Man: If you don't, the girl dies. The girl who chose your worst enemyover you.Alicia: Doctor, don't listen to them don't-Doctor:(ignores her, interrupts) You've got one ship, how do you expectto invade a planet?Man: You've already seen that the dark suns can generate the shape ofpeople. The people are either my kind, the upper circle, or replicas ofthe others they have swallowed. As we speak, these replicas areflooding the planet below. We're not invading, Doctor, we've alreadyinvaded. We usually enjoy less violent methods, as you well know, butthis is what happens when you betray us.Suddenly, a voice crackles on a transmitter in the cockpit.President of Danlamon: This is Anthony Desmond, president of Danlamon.I wish to speak to the man or woman that is in charge of this suddeninvasion. Our weapons have been destroyed and our armies have beendefeated. We offer our unconditional surrender and pray that you havemercy. Please, have mercy.Man: This is it, Doctor. Time to meet your subjects and to tell themwhy you're here.Doctor: I- I can't...Man: No problem at all.The man claps his hands and suddenly Alicia begins to cough and chokeviolently. Clutching at her neck, she falls to her knees, stillbreathless.Doctor:(weak) Stop. Okay, I'll do it.The choking stops and Alicia gasps for air.Man: We thought as much. Now, you're to wear this earpiece so that youcan hear what the Master wants you to say. I'll be off so, remember, beconvincing or we kill the girl.The man hands The Doctor an earpiece and suddenly disappears, leavingAlicia, the Doctor and the Master with the two silent henchman.Master: I'm going to enjoy this.On the streets below, the people watch as the great shop above them

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